Zoya: the meaning of the name, origin, character and fate

Many parents are serious about choosing a name for their child, first studying its meaning and characteristics. Determined really difficult, because the list is very large. For example, the female name Zoe in recent years is quite rare in our country. It is about him, we will describe in detail in this article. We find out what features of the character it gives its owner.

The origin of the name Zoya

Zoya is the name of ancient Greek origin. The word "zoe" is translated as "life." Two other ancient names have the same meaning: the ancient Slavic Spive and the biblical Eve.

Name day

The birthday of Zoya on the church calendar is celebrated three times a year, all these dates are associated with any saints and martyrs:

  • February 26 is the day of Rev. Zoya of Bethlehem;
  • May 15 - the martyrs of Zoya Pamphylia;
  • December 31 is the day of the martyr Zoe of Rome.
    Zoe's Angel Day


Before you name the child, you need to carefully study the meaning of the name.Zoya will have a rather complicated, independent character, so parents should be prepared for this. In childhood, the child will be calm, shy, good-natured and reasonable. What is the meaning of the name Zoe, figured out. The name is able to give its owner prudence, moderation and planned.

The girl is endowed with talents. However, she cannot show them in front of others because of her laconicism and shyness. Finding friends can be difficult, as the child is silent and does not make contact well. However, in the circle of loved ones, she gets full communication, especially good relationships with her mother.

The girl does not like when she makes comments. In her aggression and emotionality can wake up if someone starts teaching her or making comments to her. Her inner world is unpredictable. Zoe can be kind, gentle, generous and attentive, but at the same time, she can manifest such qualities as emotionality, selfishness, stubbornness. Sometimes a girl becomes unbearably capricious.

The meaning of the name Zoe is reflected in the character of the child.The name endowed the child with integrity, to prove something to her is simply impossible. She shows perseverance and is not ready to make concessions. Zoya can argue with and without her parents.

The girl has a romantic kind, she believes in fairy tales and miracles. Therefore, if you tell her that Santa Claus is an unreal character, the child will be disappointed.

name Zoya

Teenage years

During puberty in a girl named Zoya, her character may change somewhat, although some features will remain the same. The main qualities of character will be:

  • honesty;
  • goodwill;
  • generosity;
  • shyness;
  • shyness;
  • demanding

At the same time Zoya is uncompromising, principled and somewhat naive. Talk and eloquence helps her to quickly find contact even with strangers. Excessive independence can lead to the fact that the child will prefer loneliness. Considering the characteristics of the name Zoya, it can be noted that the girl thus named, has creative potential and vigorous imagination. It is in solitude that it can be realized in this direction.

Sociability helps the girl to find good friends and like-minded people. She feels great in a large team, and in solitude. Zoya doesn’t trust people much, so she’s not expecting a frank, heart-to-heart talk, she’s not telling anyone her secrets.

origin of the name Zoya

How are things going to study?

Now you know the meaning of the name Zoe. The name gives the girl considerable talents. She is smart, so she is able to study new disciplines well. Difficulties with studies can arise if Zoya does not learn to focus her attention on one thing. The girl rarely brings any case to the end, which is a significant disadvantage in her character.

Zoya is prone to studying the natural sciences and humanities.

female name is Zoya

Zoe in adulthood

If during adolescence Zoya did not have problems in communicating with her peers, then in adult life things are more complicated. This does not mean that it will lose sociability. The fact is that over time, large changes will undergo her lifestyle, so the solitude will be closer to her soul. With age, such qualities as purposefulness will begin to appear much brighter than in childhood.

Zoya is a good friend. She will always come to the rescue, support in a difficult moment and be able to sacrifice the most valuable for her, for the sake of another person. However, her inner world is closed behind the "seven locks". Her experiences and problems are her personal burden that she will not entrust to anyone.

With age, Zoya may show selfishness, directness and rigidity. She almost never steps over her principles.

Zoya name compatibility

Relationship with the opposite sex

A great influence on the fate of Zoe - the value of the name. The girl is characterized by dreaminess and amorousness, so it is not surprising that she will get married quite early. Zoya does not conflict with her beloved man. She just made for a happy family life. Like many other girls, she wants to find the best and only.

Zoya is a very sensual and passionate woman. In most cases, her marriage is safe. She loves her husband very much, though she takes care of him as a child. Zoe will make a great wife and loving mother - a man will be comfortable with her.

Zoya name characteristic

Name Compatibility

Zoe should marry men who have names such as:

  • Boris;
  • Alexander;
  • Valery;
  • Ivan;
  • Stepan;
  • Zahar;
  • Victor;
  • Nikolay;
  • Zhdan;
  • Semyon.

Such a union will be successful and harmonious. It is necessary to be afraid of men who bear names:

  • Denis;
  • Novel;
  • Anton;
  • Vadim;
  • Kirill.

To build a strong family in this case will be almost impossible, since the names are not compatible with each other.

Positive and negative aspects of character

We looked at the meaning of the name Zoe. This name gives the girl a lot of positive characteristics. She is cheerful, soft, impressionable, dreamy and romantic. Possessing immense imagination, in her childhood years, the girl writes unrealistic stories, and she herself believes in what she did.

Zoya knows how to value friendship and appreciates a good relationship. Always help people in need, not expecting thanks in return. The girl has her own formed ideals to which she is devoted.

Negative qualities include timidity, vulnerability and fanaticism. Zoe prefers a measured life, so traveling and changing her place of residence is not for her. She is very impressionable, and a change of scenery can quickly tire a girl.

Since Zoya is distinguished by being in love, she can get married early.If the relationship with the spouse does not develop, the girl will be disappointed in men, because her ideals will be destroyed. Such events will play a big role in changing the worldview.

name meaning and fate

Professional field

Zoe is a great worker. She is disciplined and responsible in her work. The best results are achieved in the pedagogical sphere, veterinary medicine, medicine and agrarian economy. Zoe is difficult to become a leader or take a high position, moving up the career ladder.

Over the course of her life, Zoya will have favorable conditions for creating her own business and improving her financial well-being. But very often, a woman simply does not use these opportunities. Money is not the most important thing for Zoe. Most of all she appreciates the family and close people for whom she is ready for anything. Her life can not be called luxurious, but it is far from poverty.

professional field

Influence of the seasons

Zoya, born in spring, is very shy and reserved. Her positive traits are honesty, sincerity, and justice. She does not like scandals, so never the first to enter into an argument. Zoe is too mistrustful, even she can trust her husband after years of living together. Mysteriousness is a trait that draws male attention to her person.

Summer Zoya is reasonable, prudent, planned. She is full of seriousness and reverie. These features of character help her to make correct, well-considered decisions, guided by logic and common sense. Zoya, born in the summer, will strive to achieve heights in professional activities. Achieving wealth, one of the main goals in her life. Although she does not like to do housework, she will never give up the creation of a family and motherhood.

name Zoya character

Born in the fall, have kindness, decency, tact. Such girls are very eloquent and sociable. They are attractive and quickly adapt to any society. However, the fun, noisy parties they do not like. Zoya is distinguished by changeable mood and mysterious charm. It is these features that cause the interest of men to such a girl. Zoya loves when others emphasize her virtues, and she is not averse to listening to flattering words.

The winter months endow the girl with duplicity, but not in a bad way. In appearance, she will look like a calm, harmless, serious and balanced person. However, in her soul Zoe is receptive, sacrificial, sensitive and emotional.She is compassionate and cannot calmly respond to other people's problems and misfortunes. Zoya wants to help such a person at any cost. Girl strive to analyze their lives and actions. Every day she makes efforts for self-improvement.

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