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There are many writers who know about the Great Patriotic War firsthand. They themselves fought and have every right to write about that terrible time. These writers include Yuri Bondarev. His truthful and honest books carried the terrible truth about austere time. They were translated into different languages ​​of the world, films were made and plays were staged. What do we know about this person? In which city was born Yuri Bondarev? The biography and work of one of the iconic writers of the Soviet era will be presented in the article.

Yury Bondarev


He was born in the Orenburg region in 1924. When the Great Patriotic War began, Yuri finished the tenth grade. Carefree youth is over, dreams and plans had to be left in the happy past. Yesterday's schoolchildren had to literally mature overnight. Yuri Bondarev, like a huge number of his peers, sought to get to the front. But first of all it was necessary to get a military profession in order to bring real benefits.

Bondarev got to the front only a year after the start of the war, having graduated from the infantry school by that time. It gave him the right to become a mortar crew commander. War had a huge influence on the formation of his life and creative views. Many readers are probably interested to find out where he fought and in which battles he took part. The future writer got into the thick of it - Stalingrad.

Studying the memories of war veterans and materials about the war, we know that in 1942 there were many dead and wounded here. The battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in the war. Yuri Bondarev was also injured. He was sent to a hospital, and after his recovery, he liberated Kiev, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. The end of the war caught him in training at an artillery school. What else is known about this man and the future writer?

Yuri Bondarev books

Interesting facts about the life and work of the writer

  • In childhood, my favorite activities were hunting, fishing, nightly conversations by the fire.
  • After the war, he tried to do a very different job, but his inner restlessness did not allow him to make the final choice of profession.
  • Thanks to a friend who read his notebook with notes and stories about the war, he decided to become a writer.
  • Yuri Bondarev began to write books in the postwar years.I took my writing skills very seriously, graduated from a literary institute.
  • Great support to the novice writer had Konstantin Paustovsky. He always helped him with advice.
  • Among the books about the war, Yuri Bondarev highly appreciates the story of Victor Nekrasov "In the trenches of Stalingrad."
  • He created a new genre - miniatures with a philosophical bias. They are included in his book "Moments".
  • For the spirituality and high morality of his works he was awarded the Patriarchal Prize.
  • Favorite writers: Ivan Bunin, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky. From modern authors like Zakhar Prilepin.

Yuri Bondarev biography

"Hot Snow"

One of the most amazing and truthful books about the war. This novel was written twenty years after its end. It was impossible to find a person in the USSR who would not read this book, as later it was difficult to find someone who did not watch the film of the same name. A distinctive feature of this work is that there is no embellished reality. War is blood, dirt, torment and suffering. Yesterday’s schoolchildren, who had not yet found themselves, were forced to command companies and regiments in the war, to be responsible for the fragile lives of other people.

The time of the novel - 1942, Stalingrad. The book was written based on the personal memories of Yuri Bondarev, so there is no embellishment of reality. The main image in the novel is Lieutenant Yuri Kuznetsov, who is not yet twenty years old. The writer does not idealize his hero. Fear, doubt, indecision are not alien to him, but at the same time Bondarev shows the strength of the spirit and courage of a still very young youth. “Hot snow” is the true truth about the most tragic moment in the history of the war.

Yury Bondarev Stories

"The battalions are asking for fire"

Another work on the war that just needs to be read. The book was filmed and the film was received with great love by viewers and critics. This book can not be read without tears. During the storming of the Dnieper, a huge number of people died. Justified were these sacrifices? Was there another development possible? In his story, Bondarev raises a problem that has long been hushed up in the literature of the time, the responsibility of commanders-in-chief for the lives of ordinary, ordinary soldiers. Along with this, the feat of the Russian people who died defending their Motherland is described. They also wanted to live and love, but in another way they simply could not. The story is surprisingly lyrical, despite the brutal realism of what is happening.

Yuri Bondarev: stories

The first works of the writer praised Paustovsky. He especially liked the story "Late evening." What is he talking about? The plot is quite simple. Kolya and his friend Misha are waiting for their mother. Outside the window a bad storm. Kohl lets Misha go home and he gets scared. But gradually the fear of loneliness gives way to feelings for mom. The boy is worried no longer for himself, but for the closest person.

The writer has several dozen stories, reading which you can better understand his work. Their distinctive features: humanity, decency, humanity and justice.

Basic principles of life and work

  • The present is manifested in deeds. You can talk about patriotism as much as you like, and you can do something specific for your country.
  • The world rests on three things: culture, education, intelligence.
  • This literature should not engage in moralizing, it describes only real things.
  • Classical Russian literature - the main assistant in the fight against ignorance.
  • You can not indulge in despondency. More optimism!
  • Be sure to set high goals and strive to achieve them.
  • In every good piece there must be two things: intrigue and interest.

works of Yuri Bondarev

Reader Reviews

The works of Yuri Bondarev are included in the school curriculum and are read in one breath. They help to find the answer to one of the most difficult philosophical questions: what is the meaning of life. His books are filled with love for people, devotion to the Motherland, honesty and truthfulness. In life, every person has to make a choice: between good and evil, meanness and decency. Yuri Bondarev made his choice as a boy. And since that time I have never changed my decision.

Each new Bondarev novel is like knowing a certain secret. He is a realist and wants to believe that the writer still has enough strength to tell the truth about the difficult time that Russia is experiencing.

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