Do you like to fly in your sleep? What does this mean?

Probably, in childhood, every person dreamed of growing wings. So I wanted to wave my hands and fly to the clouds! Toddlers often ask moms about whether people can fly. And mothers answer that they can, but only in a dream. And what does the dream book say about this? Why dream of flying in a dream?

Flight to freedom

Fly in a dreamYou don't need a dream book to say what it means to fly in a dream. Flying is the desire to be free. When problems arise, I so want wings to grow to fly high into the sky! And there, from a bird's eye view, you can look down and see how all the troubles and hardships are solved on their own, without your participation. If you have a dream in which you are flying on board an aircraft, wait for the happy period in your life to come. But to soar in the sky in a state of weightlessness is a bad sign, meaning that in your life not everything is smooth. Most likely, for reasons beyond your control, problems will begin that will be difficult to solve without assistance.

Answer– in self-knowledge

What does it mean to fly in a dreamLet's not flip through the dream book, and turn to psychologists.What do they think about this? And they explain very simply what it means to fly in a dream: a sleeping person is unsure of himself, has psychological problems. Perhaps he did not realize his plans, suffered a collapse of ideas or did not take place in life. Also problems can be sexual in nature. A person who loves to fly in a dream, in the real world is afraid to answer for their actions, puts their problems on other people's shoulders. He is constantly sorry for himself, he believes that fate is unfavorable to him. Psychologists advise those who are looking for the answer to the question: “What does it mean to fly in a dream?” To look into their inner world. And not just to look, but to analyze their views on life. It is very important to increase self-esteem, to understand that you can cope with all adversities, if you make efforts to this.

What does the dream book say?

What does it mean to fly in a dreamDream interpretation says that flying in a dream is a sign that predicts both good and bad events. For example, you feel how your wings grow, and when you become an angel, you fly into the sky. Such a dream has an unpleasant interpretation. Most likely, you often think that old age will soon come, panicky fear death. Sleep means that all people in this world are guests, and one day the time comes when you should go to another world. You may get sick.The treatment will be long, but without positive results. If you dream that you, without losing your human appearance, know how to fly and soar above the ground - expect trouble and hard work. You will have to work hard in the near future. If you are flying in a dream down to the ground, be careful: there may be trouble and scandals at work. But to fly in a dream with the same people floating in the sky is a dream that has no prediction. It means that you have planned something big and are now in search of like-minded people who will support and help you realize your plans. Remember where you flew in your sleep. If over the raging sea - wait for unpleasant news. Over the blooming valley they made a flight - to a happy period, to wealth and glory. If you flew over the forest, be prepared for the fact that someone with your own hands decides to do harm to other people. It is especially bad if you, flying over the forest, have seen flocks of black birds. That enemies hurt you, weave intrigue and gossip.

Fly like a fairy tale

Well, if you had a dream in which you are riding on a fantastic animal. This foreshadows success in all endeavors, a happy life, a successful completion of some business, promotion.

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