Writer Arkady Strugatsky: biography and creativity. Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky

Arkady Strugatsky is a popular domestic prose writer and science fiction writer. Older brother with whom he worked in a pair. On their account a few dozen famous works. Their creative tandem belongs to the classic examples of Soviet social fiction.

Biography of the writer

Arkady Strugatsky

Arkady Strugatsky was born in Batumi. He was born in 1925. His father, whose name was Natan Zalmanovich, was at that time working in this Georgian city in the newspaper "Labor Ajaristan" as editor. Mom Alexandra Ivanovna taught literature at school. It was she who instilled Arkady's love of reading.

After moving to Leningrad, Alexandra Ivanovna worked in the same school where Arkady studied. Her work was appreciated. At the end of her career she was awarded the title of Honored Teacher of the RSFSR and was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.

When the fascists attacked the USSR, Arkady Strugatsky and his family found themselves in besieged Leningrad. In early 1942, he and his father were evacuated along the Road of Life. At this time, the mother with a seriously ill Boris remained in the city. In Vologda, his father died of exhaustion, and the young man was left alone.

Arkady Strugatsky donkey in the village of Tashla on the territory of the Orenburg region. A year later, mother and brother were able to go there. In Tashle, the hero of our article was in charge of the item on the purchase of milk products from the peasants. In 1943 he was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army.

Education Strugatsky

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky is a graduate of the Berdichev School of Infantry, which was evacuated to Aktyubinsk during the war. From there he was transferred to the Military Institute for the Study of Foreign Languages. In 1949, he received a diploma in translation from Japanese and English. This specialty will appear more than once in the pages of his novels.

After graduation, Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky remained to serve in the Soviet army. As a translator, he taught foreign languages ​​to officers at the Kansk school, served in Kamchatka, in the mid-50s received a transfer to a special part in Khabarovsk.

Participation in the Tokyo Process

As a translator, Arkady Strugatsky participated in the Tokyo Process. It was a famous trial of the Japanese war criminals. It took place from 1946 to 1948. In order to make an objective decision, a special international judicial body was also formed, which included representatives of eleven states, including the Soviet Union.

Strugatsky translated the testimony of Japanese officers, which they gave before the panel of judges. In total, 29 high-ranking officials accused of war crimes were among the defendants. These were mainly the military and civilian leaders of Japan. In two years, more than eight hundred open court sessions have been held.

It was the second most significant process (after Nuremberg), which was carried out after the end of the Second World War. As a result, seven prisoners were sentenced to death. Among them were two former prime ministers of this Asian country. They were hanged.

After being transferred to the reserve, Strugatsky began working as an editor at publishing houses, as well as at the Institute of Scientific Information.

Member of the Writers' Union

Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky

He was admitted to the Soviet writers' organization at the same time with his brother in 1964. At the same time, Arkady began writing before Boris. The first attempts were made in his youth before the war.

Arkady wrote a novel entitled “The Find of Major Kovalev,” which was lost during the Siege of Leningrad. The first surviving work - the story entitled "How Kang died." He finished it immediately after the war, in 1946.

In the center of the story is a deep-sea predator, which is a prehistoric reptile. His name is Kang. The author describes in detail his hunt for sprut. And then some kind of unexplored force causes the animal to surface and take part in the battle of the destroyer and the submarine. Kang drowns the submarine, but also dies from the shells fired from the destroyer.

The joint work of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky began in 1959, when the story “The Country of Crimson Clouds” was published.

Their works are considered classics of Soviet fiction:

  • "Road to Amalthea",
  • "Noon. XXII century",
  • "Interns",
  • "Attempt to escape",
  • "Distant Rainbow",
  • "It is hard to be a god",
  • "Monday begins on Saturday",
  • "Predatory things of the century",
  • "Snail on the slope",
  • "Ugly Swans",
  • "The second invasion of the Martians",
  • "The Tale of Troika",
  • "Inhabited Island",
  • "Hotel" At the Dead Climber ",
  • "Kid",
  • "Roadside Picnic",
  • "The city is doomed",
  • "One billion years before the end of the world,"
  • "Beetle in an anthill",
  • "Lame fate",
  • "The waves extinguish the wind",
  • "Burdened with evil, or forty years later."

Many of these works are still being read and filmed. Thanks to them, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky became the most famous pair of Soviet writers of the XX century.

Own creativity

Arcadia Strugatsky biography

In this case, Arkady often wrote separately from his brother. This mainly concerns his early works. In 1956, he released his first novel entitled Ashes Bikini. He, by the way, he also created in co-authorship, but not with Boris, but with Lev Petrov.

They wrote it when they were still serving in the army. In the center of the narrative is the tragedy associated with the testing of the atomic bomb on the Bikini Atoll. According to modern literary critics, the novel is a vivid example of anti-militarist prose.

The books of Arkady Strugatsky, which he wrote alone after the start of joint work with his brother, were published under the pseudonym S. Yaroslavtsev.

In 1974 he completed a fairy tale with elements of the burlesque "Expedition to the Underworld". She tells of three friends, whose name is the same as the famous French musketeers: Athos, Porthos and Aramis. They live in the XXIII century, in the golden age of humanity, but they encounter a team of a free pirate from another planet.

In 1984, A. Strugatsky completed the story with elements of fiction "Details of the life of Nikita Vorontsov." The main character of the work lived the same life several times, each time trying to change the story.

In 1990, the novel The Devil Among People was published. In it, Kim Voloshin, transferring flour, turns into a powerful villain.

Personal life

Arkady Strugatsky books

Writer Arkady Strugatsky was married twice. Inna Shershova, with whom he entered into marriage in 1948, became his first chosen one. In fact, the union collapsed when they lived in Kansk, but officially broke up only in 1954.

From the second wife Elena Oshanina the writer had a daughter, Maria. In addition, Elena had another daughter from her first marriage, who, like her own, was raised by Arkady Strugatsky. The biography of Maria was noticeable - she married Egor Gaidar.

Illness and death

writer Arkady Strugatsky

Arkady Natanovich died in Moscow in October 1991. For several years, he struggled with a serious illness - liver cancer. According to his deathbed will, his body was cremated.

Approximately two months after the death, the ashes were dispelled from a helicopter over the Ryazan highway of the capital. Later Boris Strugatsky did the same, he, like his brother, wished to be cremated after his death.

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