Worms. Treatment and Symptoms

Worms are quite dangerous parasites. They are tenacious and prolific, adapt easily to any habitat. Even the most unfavorable places are not an obstacle to the life of such a parasite as worms. Treatment should always be urgent. Once a person has noticed the signs of helminths, it is necessary to immediately get rid of them.

It is generally believed that they live in the intestine, but this is not so, just this is their most common habitat in the human body. Parasites can settle in absolutely any organ.

What are dangerous worms and other parasites?

  1. Immunity decreases. They, in the literal sense of the word, eat what the person uses, as a result, he gets much less nutrients, which adversely affects the condition and well-being.
  2. The process of digestion is disturbed. Getting into the digestive tract, so as not to be digested, the worms begin to release a special substance - anti-enzymes. This saves them from death, but causes toxic-allergic reactions in humans: urticaria, dermatitis, eczema.
  3. Suppress the vital activity of useful microorganisms and contribute to the development and reproduction of putrefactive.
  4. Larvae, moving around the human body, "hole" organs, tissues and blood vessels. It is this ability that allows parasites to settle in all human organs.
  5. If worms (pinworms) are found, treatment can not bepostponed and for the reason that they are attached to organs and tissues by their suckers, hooks and spines, thereby damaging. As a result, it causes pain and there is a possibility of bleeding.

Worms in humans - symptoms

Treatment and prevention should be done in all of the following cases:

  • if a person has an early loss of body weight. At the same time, there is a constant feeling of hunger. The fact is that the worms eat nutrients consumed by the carrier.
  • constipation is observed if the parasites are large;
  • Diarrhea due to impaired intestinal function;
  • skin problems: dermatitis, eczema, the appearance of various rashes;
  • anemia;
  • anxiety, sleep disturbance, constant fatigue;
  • the appearance of pain in the intestine. It is due to mechanical damage that worms cause.

Treatment and disposal of parasites

If symptoms of infection appear,it is necessary to consult a doctor and take an analysis that will show whether the body has worms. Treatment is appointed after a positive result. Fortunately, there is a huge assortment of a wide variety of antiparasitic drugs. For example, "Metovit", "Artoromax" and many others. There are no special conditions for taking medications. These are usual tablets or capsules, the reception of which does not cause difficulties, but the ease of use does not make them ineffective. After the course of treatment, a repeated analysis of the stool is submitted, which will most likely show that there are no worms in the human body. Treatment (a specific drug) should be prescribed by a doctor, since it is necessary to choose a drug effective against a particular parasite.

Treatment with folk methods

Since ancient times, they have got rid of parasites with the help of pumpkin seeds.

The first way. Half a glass of toasted pumpkin seeds are crushed in a mortar or passed through a meat grinder, poured into a glass of honey with the addition of a teaspoon of soda. The mass is mixed and insisted for ten days. Take in the morning on a teaspoon, after that breakfast only after three hours.

The second way. Every morning on an empty stomach to eat two tablespoons of seeds, after an hour to take a laxative.

Onion infusion. The middle bulb is cleaned and finely chopped. Placed in a glass and poured boiled water at room temperature, but not cold. It is night. In the morning the mass is filtered, the infusion is drunk on an empty stomach.

After applying folk methods, it is necessary to pass tests of feces to the eggs of worms.

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Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms Worms. Treatment and Symptoms