World Population: State Rating

The population of the world is distributed very unevenly. In some states in the vast areas of the territory you will not meet a single living soul. In others, at least one thousand people "cram" on one square kilometer of space!

In this article you will find out which countries in the world are the most populated.

Population of the countries of the world and features of its distribution

All, perhaps, heard this phrase: "every fifth on Earth is Chinese." But not everyone knows that this is not a joke. The Chinese are indeed the most numerous nation in the world. In China alone, 19% of all people on the planet live!

The world's population is extremely unevenly distributed over the land surface of the Earth. So, only about 7% of the territory is home to about 80% of all its inhabitants. Striking fact!

Three factors play a key role in global population distribution:

  • climate;
  • relief;
  • proximity to the sea or the big river.

Most of the world's population is located in temperate and subtropical climatic zones.Of course, in the plains the number of inhabitants is also much more than in the mountains. In the modern world, there are two of the most densely populated regions - Southeast Asia and Western Europe (see the map below).

world population

Also worth mentioning is the phenomenon of urbanization. After all, at the moment almost half of all inhabitants of the Earth live in cities, while they occupy only one percent of its area.

The total population of the world today is approximately 7.5 billion people. Its average density is 40 people per square meter of land.

Rating of the most populated states of the world

It is worth noting that the population of the countries of the world is absolutely independent of the area of ​​their territories. So, for example, only 143 million people live within the largest power on the planet, Russia. Approximately the same number of people (even a little more) live in the tiny Asian country of Bangladesh, which occupies an area of ​​145 thousand square kilometers (which, by comparison, is 117 times smaller than in Russia).

world population

So, the most populated at this time are the following states of the world:

  1. China (1.37 billion people).
  2. India (1.27 billion).
  3. United States (319 million people).
  4. Indonesia (254).
  5. Brazil (203).
  6. Pakistan (190).
  7. Nigeria (178).
  8. Bangladesh (158).
  9. Russia (146).
  10. Japan (127).

Curiously, 6 out of ten of these countries are located in the Asian region, and five are developing countries with a very low standard of living.

The population of the largest countries in the world

Few people know that China is more than fifty different nationalities, each of which has its own customs, national costumes and often its own language. Today, about 1.37 billion people live in the PRC. However, the Chinese state pursues a tough demographic policy aimed at curbing the birth rate. “There is one child in one family” is the slogan of this policy. In particular, Chinese families who have decided to have a second child, in most cases, have to pay a substantial fine.

population of the largest countries in the world

But in India - the second country in the world in terms of population - the authorities are not very concerned about this problem. Today, 1.27 billion people live there. But by 2030, according to UN forecasts, India should catch up and overtake China in terms of population.

Third place in the ranking of countries in the world in terms of population is occupied by the USA Nearly 320 million people live here.The USA is the country of huge megacities and the largest urban agglomerations. According to statistics, over 80% of Americans live in cities.


Thus, the total population of the countries of the world (all) has about 7.5 billion people. At the same time, a radically different number of people can live in two states equal in size.

So, the most populated countries of the world today are: China, India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil.

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