Wood sander: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers

Grinding machine is called a special construction tool designed for abrasive cleaning of the surface of various materials. One of the varieties of such equipment is designed specifically for working with wood. Such grinding machines, in turn, are also divided into several main types.

What type of equipment to choose

Sanding machines for wood can be classified according to several criteria. In the market there are, for example, professional and household tools. Also grinder on wood can be:

  • angular;

  • straight;

  • tape, intended for rough surface treatment;

  • vibration, used for delicate grinding;

  • eccentric (orbital).

The last type of equipment can be used not only for final polishing, but also for polishing wooden surfaces.

wood sander

Professional or home?

When deciding which grinder to choose for the tree, first of all it is necessary to take into account how often it will be used in the economy in the future. Professional equipment of this type has a very large capacity and is designed for continuous use and continuous operation throughout the day. Such tools are made of the highest quality materials and usually have more power. But these machines are often very expensive.

If the tool will be used only from time to time, as needed, it is worth buying, of course, its low-cost household option. In most cases, these machines are designed for use within no more than 20 hours per month. On the day of work household tools for wood should be a maximum of 3 hours. At the same time when grinding you need to take short breaks for 15 minutes.

The power of household equipment is also relatively small. The advantages of such wood sanding machines are consumers, first of all, their low weight and low cost.

Corner models

This type of equipment in the domestic environment is used most often. In a different way, an angle grinder for wood is called a grinder.You can handle with it not only timber, plank and log, but also any other materials. Used grinders in the household, not only for grinding surfaces. Very often with their help they also cut metal or stone.

sander for wood

For grinding wood suitable grinder:

  • power of 600-1000 watts;

  • with a disk rotation speed of about 6000 rpm.

Experts recommend to purchase such cars with adjustment of turns. Tools equipped with a similar function can be used absolutely for all types of grinding.

Direct cars

Such equipment is usually used to perform all sorts of small works that require high accuracy. In most cases, direct models of wood grinders have a very small weight. Hold them while you work, including one-handed. The spindle in this type of equipment is parallel to the body. Such cars with nozzles of different types are used. Therefore, with their help, you can perform not only the actual grinding, but also engraving, as well as cutting materials of small thickness.

Tape equipment

The grinder for a tree of this design can be used both at home and in large workshops.Power and performance tape tools are high. But the processing of the material with their use can be performed only rather rough.

The main elements of the mechanism of tape equipment are:

  • driven and lead rollers;

  • support sole;

  • movable tape.

Power belt sander for wood can have a 500-1200 watts. The rollers in such equipment while moving at a speed of 75-500 meters per minute.

When choosing equipment of this variety, in addition to performance, you should pay attention to such a parameter as the width of the tape. You should also look at what the model has additional functionality. Very often, belt sanders are supplemented, for example, with such a convenient device as a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. Also, sometimes this type of equipment comes complete with a fixed installation and a frame for measuring the depth of grinding.

eccentric wood sander

Vibration Models

Belt sander for wood,thus used for rough surface treatment. For more delicate grinding, vibration equipment is usually used. Workingoutsolesuchmachines has a rectangular shape.Therefore, such a tool can be used, including for thoroughgrindingcorners of the blanks. In the process, the platform of the machine makes a reciprocating motion. Abrasives to the sole of the equipment can be attached with velcro or clips.

Thus, it is designed specifically for finishing vibrationsander on wood. How to chooseSuch a model is a relatively simple question.purchasing equipment of this typehome master should pay attention primarily to epower and amount of fluctuations in the sole per minute. Also varying grinding vibration machines can according to the amplitude of the displacement of the platform. The power of this type of equipment varies in the range of 110-600 watts. At home, typically used devices for 250-300 watts. The sole of a machine of this type can oscillate with a frequency of 6-25 thousand times per minute. The more this indicator, the, of course, the model is more productive.

The amplitude of oscillations for such equipment is usually in the range of 1.5-5 mm. For the most delicate processing, those machines are suitable for which this indicator is 1.5-2.5 mm. Equipment with a greater amplitude of movement of the platform is usually used for coarsergrinding.

Orbital models

Such a grinder works on a tree approximately on the same principle as the vibration one. The only difference is that with orbital equipment the platform moves along a more complex trajectory. That is why using eccentric machines, the surface is almost perfect. Proceed materials such devices better than vibration. But they are, of course, more expensive.

angle grinder for wood

Tips for choosing

Grinding machines of any design are often supplemented with dust removal systems. The cost of equipment, the presence of such a function is usually influenced not too seriously. But at the same time, the processing of material with a dust collector tool can be much better. In addition, the eccentric, belt, angular or vibrating wood sander itself, supplemented with such a system, can last much longer (due to cooling through ventilation holes during operation).

In addition to the design, when choosing such equipment should pay attention to:

  • its weight (the lighter the machine, the less tired the arm will be);
  • productivity (processing speed depends on this indicator);
  • power;
  • casing shape.

On how ergonomic the model's casing is, the convenience of working with it directly depends.


There is such equipment as the grinding machine, quite expensive. Therefore, when choosing it, among other things, of course, you should pay attention to its brand. Buy should only cars from the best manufacturers with a good reputation. The load on the equipment during operation is significant. Therefore, a tool of poor assembly will serve, most likely, very long.

 manual wood sanding machines

Many companies supply such products to the domestic market today. But the most popular among domestic consumers is the equipment of such manufacturers as:

  • "Bosch."

  • Interskol.

  • "Makita".

  • Hitachi.

Which grinder is better for wood: rating

Models of all these companies in Russia supply different. Some of them are more popular with consumers, others less. Top 5 grinding machines, according to domestic masters, looks like 2017 for the year 2017:

  • Makita 9558HN.

  • Interskol UshM-125/900.

  • Bosch GWS

  • Makita BO50

  • Hitachi G13SS2.

Today, according to most consumers, thisThe best wood grinders.

what grinder to choose for wood

Makita 9558HN: description and reviews

Makita "- equipment in Russia is really popular. Domestic consumers buy cars of this manufacturer most often.To the meritscorner modelMakita 9558HN,like most others produced by this companyconsumers primarilysmallweight, quiet operation and high power. Grinding wood using Makita 9558HN, according to home craftsmen, is very convenient.The engine when working on this machine is almost inaudible. Such equipment is relatively inexpensive - an average of about 4,000 rubles. Some disadvantageMakita 9558HNconsumers consider only a not very convenient power button. Starting and stopping this equipment during grinding is quite difficult.

Interskol UshM-125/900 tool

another very reliable, according to many consumers,angle grinder for woodIt is produced in Russia and the build quality is pretty good. The advantages of the equipment "Interskol UShM-125/900" consumers primarily include simplicity of design, reliability, low weight. Sometimes it happens that on the packaging of the grinder the power is indicated rather high.In fact, the equipment does not correspond to the stated indicator. BulgarianInterskol UshM-125/900this deficiency is completely devoid of. At a declared power of 900 watts, for example, ceramic tiles, it cuts like butter.

There are such models in the domestic market in the range of 2500-3000 p.Their only disadvantage is overheating during long-term work.

Bosch GWS 780 C: reviews

Are going tocornercars "also in Russia. Their main advantage is considered low weight. Although sizesmodelBosch GWS 780 C has a very small amount of work performed with its use, can be just huge. Also, the advantages of this model are smooth start and quick engine stop.

These machines cost about 3.5-5 thousand rubles, depending on the supplier. The disadvantages of the Bosch GWS 780 C are consumers who consider the cable to be bundled too short and the lack of a case.

best wood sanding machines

Consumer opinion about Makita BO5031

Luce thiseccentricmodels of the master consider small vibration,availability of speed control, quiet operation. Sand tree withMakita BO50can be very high quality and quite quickly. Also, this machine is practically not heated during prolonged use.The disadvantages of the model include low-quality dust collector kit. During the work to the machine it is necessary to connect in addition a vacuum cleaner. This model costs 5-6 thousand rubles from different suppliers.

Hitachi equipment

The Japanese company Hitachi also supplies very high-quality equipment to the Russian market.Manual wood sanding machinescornerHitachi G13SS2,like almost all other models from this manufacturer,deservedgood consumer reviews are primarily for reliability, rather high power and not too much weight. You can change a circle or a disk on this equipment without any problems. Also, the machine has overload protection.

The body of this equipment, most consumers consider it very convenient. Hand when working with him completely tired.DisadvantagesHitachi g13ss2Masters include a short cord in the kit and some noise. These machines are worth about 2000-2500 p.

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