Wood chopper with their own hands (drawings)

Usually, people come to the country house not to rest, but to work. But even such work does not seem so difficult away from the bustle of the city. Especially if you thought about everything and got the necessary dacha technique. If not, this article is for you. Let's talk about how to assemble a wood chopper and what you need for it. Difficult, in fact, nothing, you need a little tool, material and, of course, patience.wood chopper

General information and information

It is safe to say that such a chopper is a double benefit for the owner. Why? - you ask. Firstly, there is no need to kindle large fires and carry branches to them. Secondly, the resulting chips can be used in the future. For what purpose? Heating, poultry flooring and more. As for how to make a wood chopper with your own hands, then there is no need to invent a bicycle.We just take the drawings of the factory product and try to repeat it in our workshop, using the materials available to us. It is worth noting that if you purchase factory equipment, it will be very expensive.wood chipper do it yourself

Beginning of work

The first step is to take care of the manufacture of the cutting disk. It should be durable and massive, installed in the machine body. In addition, the design provides for a powerful drive that will rotate the knives.

We take a metal circle with a diameter of about 30 cm and a thickness of 1.6 cm as the basis for the disk. It will be fixed on the knives, it will act as a flywheel in our car. If a suitable disk is not found, then we are looking for an old wheel, clutch, etc. In extreme cases, you will have to order the finished product. In the center of the wheel make a groove and hole. Cut the slits along the edges. Their number should correspond to the number of knives on the disk.wood chopper Price

Homemade wood shredder

The next important step is processing the place for the installation of knives. Regardless of their number, the holes are arranged symmetrically. Regarding fastening, it is best to use hexagon countersunk bolts.During fastening, they are easier to hold; as a result of long-term operation, the landing hole does not collapse, which is extremely important. Further it is necessary to mount the radial bar from the back side of the installed knives. It is needed to push the chips resulting from processing.

Now you can begin to manufacture the body of the unit. It should be made of steel with a thickness of at least 5-6 mm. From the sheet must be cut two identical parts. They are a circle whose diameter is 5 cm larger than the diameter of the flywheel. To make a narrow wall, you need to bend a sheet of metal so that it repeats the cross section of the side walls. It is important to ensure that the flywheel can rotate freely. In principle, we have almost done a wood chopper with our own hands, there are a few touches left.homemade wood shredder

Assembly of the housing unit

At this stage, we can not do without a welding machine. If you do not know how to use it, it is advisable to invite a specialist, friend or acquaintance. At the first stage, the side wall is welded to the back. After that, check whether the clearance between the flywheel and the walls is set correctly.In case of an error, you will have to do everything in a new way, which is quite laborious. If everything is done correctly, then weld the entire structure. This should be done carefully, because during operation the frame will perceive serious vibrations.

Now you need to take care of organizing the mounting of the upper plate. To do this, you can make threaded holes in the kegs or drill a through hole for long studs. In any case, a through hole is made under the drive shaft in the lid as well as the bottom plate. So we practically made a wood chopper. The price of such a product will not be very high. The aggregate unit will cost approximately 10,000 rubles, and the self-made unit will cost 3-4 thousand. All you need to buy is sheet metal, drive and, if necessary, a shaft with a disk. In any case comes out twice cheaper than the factory product.

Final stage of work

It is clear that the drive shaft will work in the bearing. To do this, in the bottom wall-plate, you must make the corresponding hole. The bearing is necessary in our case, resistant, if you choose any other, will collapse too quickly.Another detail that was not mentioned in this article is the manufacture of a branch receiver. To do this, in the upper plate cut a hole of a suitable diameter. It is important to make a small angle at which the branches will be fed to the knives. In this case, the flywheel itself will tighten the branches, and that should be achieved.

Before assembling and installing, you can paint the parts, and additionally treat metal surfaces against corrosion. Do not forget that the greatest load will fall on the bearing installed under the flywheel. Its height should be somewhat greater than the thickness of the slats. In general, the unit is fully operational.wood shredder drawings


It is recommended to use the wood shredder drawings given in this article for assembly. This will help to make the frame, the disk and other important components of the machine as accurately as possible. You can also sketch your own sketch, which will be guided in the process of assembly work.

The body of the product is completely ready. Install it on a previously prepared welded frame. It is desirable that it was on a wheeled chassis, which will allow you to comfortably move the unit from place to place.As for the engine, it is easy to pick it up. We do not need a powerful 3-phase motor. This, by the way, may be a gasoline engine. Its power should be enough to drive the flywheel through a belt drive. In general, the main task of the motor in our case is to unwind the flywheel, which in the future due to the inertia forces will grind the branches into chips. Well, that's all on this topic. Now you can take up the drawing and proceed to the practical part, that is, the immediate assembly of the unit.

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