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The name of the famous wine "Malvasia" according to one of the legends came from the name of the region of Malevizi, where grapes grew. From there, the sweetest variety of this grape is Malmsi. According to another version, the name of the vine and wine comes from the Byzantine fortress of Monemvasia, located in ancient times on the island of Crete. But there are those who find the origins of this wine in Spain.

The first mentions

In the Russian historical annals wine "Malvasia" was first mentioned in the X century. And for 200 long years it was the only grape wine drink in Russia. Initially, he replaced the Cahors in the Christian church rites.

Wine Malvasia Crete Description

Originally delivered this wine from the island of Crete (Greece). From vines grown on the Aegean coast, wine has spread throughout the world, which is still considered the oldest in the world.

Venetian merchants, the first to open this wonderful and extraordinary drink, and began his triumphal procession to European courtyards.

At the beginning of the 15th century, the vine was first exported to Madeira Island, where Madeira was made from its fruits with a wonderful sweet aftertaste.Then, both wine and vines spread rapidly in the Canary Islands, in the New and Old World countries.

Wine Malvasia

White wine "Malvasia", which fell on the continent, was appreciated not only by the merchant class, but also by the ruling persons, for example, Peter I and the Spanish king Charles III. Perhaps it is this fact that contributed to the spread of wine and a vine with such a name in Europe.


Since the wine quickly became popular and brought a lot of profit to merchants, the fakes were not long in coming. This is particularly true of “Malvasia” from the island of Madeira.

But in other regions and countries do not lag behind in the desire to enrich themselves at the expense of the already well-known brand of wine. “Malvasia” refers to all sweet wines supplied from Greece, and later from Bulgaria and Moldova. But only those who have ever tried this one, according to classics such as Walter Scott, Robert Lewis Stevenson, George Gordon Byron, William Shakespeare, “the nectar that the gods prefer” will be able to distinguish a fake.

White wine Malvasia


The most widespread this variety of grapes on the Mediterranean coast.Here, the climate has minimally affected the extraordinary taste of the berries, and hence the drink itself. It is this refinement and exoticism that are the subject of the desire of many connoisseurs. The geography of vineyards with the variety “malvasia” and its variations is very large: the USA, Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil.

Only under one name 4 grape varieties are combined: “burbulenk”, “kleret”, “malmsi”, “vermentino”. But already derived and well-proven themselves many subspecies - from pale green to dark red varieties. This is due to the spread of the popular wines throughout the world and in different countries, where specialists continue to work on the selection of the vine. And we can buy and taste the results of their work, having highly appreciated the quality of the drink.

Sparkling wine Malvasia


Over time, given the popularity of the drink, winemakers have learned how to make malvasia sparkling wine. The most famous such manufacturer was the company Cantine Quattro Valli ("Cantina Quatro Valli"). The land of the Emilia-Romagna region, owned by the wine-making company, was perfectly suited for the Malvasia variety - a dry climate and the same soil.And the vines themselves with berries and now harvested by hand. It was here that they began to produce sparkling wine "Mastro Binelli Malvasia Semidolche", which is produced in the traditional way for sparkling wines - champagneization occurs in tanks.

This delicate and sweet drink with fragrant hints of apricot and peach is perfect for a romantic date or for a fun party.

White wine Malvasia

Volcanic wine

Another and also a special variation is the Canarian Malvasia wine. It is considered the most popular on the islands of the archipelago, but since the process of its production has not changed much over many centuries and remains too laborious, the wine is quite expensive. It is worth noting that the alcoholic beverage is still produced without the addition of preservatives, with time it does not age, but oxidizes.

Here, Malvaziya is produced in limited quantities, so you can buy a bottle either at high prices in the exclusive European wine boutiques, or in Tenerife as a souvenir.

On the island of volcanic origin, the vine brought from Greece, perfectly caught on and brought to the taste of wine some "volcanic" notes.

It is not just to buy a treasured bottle, but also to see how the vine grows. For each vineyard is built something like a cradle of stone, which closes the bush from gusts of wind and retains moisture. The spectacle, according to eyewitnesses, is fascinating.

Canarian Malvasia

Sweet madeira

The vine caught on the island of Madeira. Made here "Malvasia" sent exclusively to the table of the rulers of Portugal

Wine "Malvasia", or sweet Madera, produced on the same island, is incredibly popular and valued over 500 years.

The berries were harvested by hand ripening in several stages, then the first easy pressing of grapes was made and the best Pigno wine was obtained. Then the grapes were pressed and bottled a few more times. The resulting wine (85% consisting of the Malvasia wine drink) was sent on a long journey. Its peculiarity lies not only in the taste characteristics, but also in the fact that the extract was approximately 5-6 years. Over the years, this alcoholic drink only gets better. The shelf life of the wine reached 30-40 years.

Wine Malvasia

Now enjoyment is more accessible.

The modern variety of wine beverages based on Malvasia wine is pleasantly pleasing.Production technologies have simplified, the volume has increased significantly due to the development of new subspecies of this amazing grape. Its special taste with a floral and fruity bouquet and a special aroma of almond nut, tinted with new notes, has become available to all social strata almost throughout the world. Wine is produced in wineries in Italy, South and North America, in Slovenia and Croatia, in the Canary Islands and, of course, in their historic homeland - in Greece.

Each manufacturer has its own secrets of skill and success, but all winemakers who have encountered in their practice grape and Malvasia wines are united in their desire to preserve the qualities of the drink that once captivated the first admirers and to improve new drinks by enriching their taste. bouquet.

Wine Mastro Binelli Malvasia

Wine prices are different around the world. From collection bottles with monosortovy wine, which are then stored in wine collections and enoteca as exhibits intended for any significant events in the life of the owner, to quite reasonable prices in boutiques and supermarkets for Malvasia wine.

How and with what to drink?

It should be noted that under the brand “Malvasia” the wine is mostly white. This may explain the reason why it stuck on the Mediterranean coast.It is there that the cuisine is replete with seafood, delicious cheeses with mold and light salads, which are perfectly combined with the taste of golden wine.

Taste characteristics of the drink evoke thoughts of the sea, warmth and pleasant midday languor. The wine tastes sweet, with delicate spicy, peach notes and a little citrus, as well as the characteristic tingling aroma of almonds. Previously, it was so extraordinarily sweet, tart drink, that it was classified as a liqueur.

Wine malvasia reviews


Description of wine "Malvasia" from Crete can not be given in two words. Its taste should be appreciated by all who prefer to enjoy quality wines. Experts advise at least once to try this wonderful drink in his homeland under the sound of rolling waves, under the caressing rays of the sun.

Sophisticated connoisseurs in the reviews of Malvasia wine are recommended to present it as a gift. If the drink is bought for yourself, then it will perfectly decorate any holiday table, will accentuate the taste of nut, fruit and biscuit desserts, and can also go as a digestif.

According to those who have tasted the wine from the oldest grape variety "malvasia", this is an excellent taste to drink. Many say that he has a delicious aroma.It contains sweet notes of vanilla, so the smell is associated with baking. Fruit notes are also felt. The taste is enveloping, soft, moderately sweet, harmonious. Fans of good alcoholic drinks recommend to buy this wine. It is not cloying, it is produced in a beautiful bottle, it is inexpensive - from 500 rubles.

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