Why is the phone quickly discharged? Phone battery

If you use a modern smartphone or tablet, you may experience problems with its battery life. Why is the phone quickly discharged if its battery has not yet become obsolete? This is due to the hardware properties of the device, and almost all such problems can be solved by referring to the operating system settings. The following are the reasons why a smartphone or tablet quickly exhausted battery resources.

why phone is quickly discharged

Applications to help

Before you start exploring the reasons why the battery on the phone discharges quickly, you need to familiarize yourself with some useful services.

Since the charge saving is associated with changing some of the options on your device, you may find that the Settings menu on each phone is slightly different. If you are unable to find any positions, it is recommended to visit the GooglePlay store and download some free services.

So, SmartQuickSettings is widely known - a free application that allows you to change the settings of your device without going into a complex menu.

You can also use SuperTaskKillerFree - this is a great program that allows you to quickly and easily close all your applications with one click. You can be sure that this is a huge saving of time and resources of your device.

phone battery

If you do not want to use any specialized services, it is enough just to go through the “Settings” menu and manually find all the necessary positions. So why can the phone battery run out very quickly?

Mobile data and 4G

The new generation of 4G network connection has a lot of advantages, first of all - high speed. However, such a network consumes device resources very much. What to do if the phone is quickly discharged? If:

  • Your carrier does not have 4G coverage in your area.
  • You travel a lot between 3G and 4G coverage areas.
  • You just do not need to use 4G (because you do not use streaming video on the go).

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, turn off 4G on your device. When the smartphone has support for this network and you are not in the zone with its coverage, your phone continuously asks if there is 4G coverage here.And this constant search uses a lot of resources, and, accordingly, greatly reduces the battery life of the device. This leads to the fact that the battery for the phone is discharged very quickly.

what to do if the phone is quickly discharged

Disable data transfer

If you are really struggling for a long battery life and are traveling in areas with intermittent network coverage, try to completely disable MobileData. You can still receive messages and make phone calls, but at the same time you will save a lot of battery power. Moreover, if you have a bad connection, you are unlikely to be able to use the Internet productively.

The worse the network coverage and signal, the faster the phone discharges in standby mode. This is because the antenna of your device needs to work a lot more to try and find and store the signal. The more connections and disconnects occur, the more your gadget consumes.

Do not use the Facebook app (use the mobile site instead)

What to do if the phone is quickly discharged? As you can say, not all applications are created the same, and some of them have a very large range of flaws.No matter how sad it may sound, but it is true: the Facebook application for Android is not of high quality. The only way to stop this service and avoid constantly checking notifications (and consuming battery resources) is to get out of it. Even closing it with the help of special programs does not solve anything - it restarts almost instantly.

the battery on the phone runs out quickly

There is only one solution to this problem: remove the Facebook application and use the mobile version of this site.

According to user reviews, when this service works on the phone, at best, 8-10 hours of device operation are available without charging, even after implementing all the other ways to increase battery life. Under the same conditions, but without the Facebook application, the device can work 12-16 hours. This sounds incredible, but applying this simple fix gives you at least 50% more time.

And this is absolutely not an isolated example of why the phone is quickly discharged. If you recently installed an application that discharges the battery too quickly, locks the phone or tablet for a long time, or causes the device to reboot, you probably got a badly coded service. Do not save or use it on your device.

new phone is running low

Keep your brightness at a comfortable level.

In addition, you need to consider in more detail the "Brightness" parameter on your device. Displays, built-in modern devices, look just amazing, and they can be really bright. But the brighter the display, the faster the battery consumes, and the new phone is discharged in a short time.

If you set the Brightness slider in the settings of your device near the middle of the scale, it will be a great solution in most cases. In addition to saving power, it can reduce eye strain in low light conditions. It is advisable to configure the phone in the automatic brightness mode, which adjusts the brightness of the display, depending on the ambient light. This option uses the ambient light sensor on your phone, which in itself can drain the battery when making requests. But at the same time, the small amount of battery resources that this sensor uses saves the majority of users a much greater amount of battery life, compared to the constantly adjusted maximum brightness.

the phone is heated and discharged

Discard gps

Another reason why the phone is quickly discharged is the included navigation function.If you rarely use a telephone for this purpose, you probably do not need to constantly check with the satellite. Go to "Settings" -> "Geolocation services" and disable GPS.

Bluetooth signals

Sometimes the phone charges for a long time and discharges quickly due to the continuous use of the bluetooth signal. Everything is very simple here. If you are not using any Bluetooth devices, disconnect it to save battery power.

Wi-Fi (if you don't use it)

Do you use Wi-Fi at home or in the office? If you do, it’s best to leave it on, but if you don’t need it all the time, turn it off. This is also a common reason why the phone is quickly discharged.

Close applications

Not all services work as standard. Ideally, every time you press Home, your applications have a few seconds to enter sleep mode in which they are collapsed into memory until you open them again. But some of them have special access to the Internet, they are allowed to send notifications or play sound in the background. In this regard, the battery resources continue to be consumed faster, and, accordingly, the phone heats up and discharges.

All your applications can be imagined as children in the classroom.The operating system is a teacher, and everything goes smoothly until one child (the installed program) starts to misbehave. It is more difficult to control a class of 30 people than at 10, and the more children you have in your class, the greater the likelihood that someone will begin to break the rules of behavior. To prevent such a disturbance of order, it is necessary to remove the offender from the class. In the case of the phone, this means the complete closure of unused services that continue to work.

the phone takes a long time to charge and discharges quickly

There are two ways to close all unnecessary applications, but before that you should learn about one nuance that most users do not know about. When you remove programs from the recent menu, it does not close them at all, so it does not solve any problems. This action only leads to the fact that some items are deleted from the list of applications.

Easy way to close all services

Super-task-killer-150x150There is a great application that allows you to quickly and easily close all your applications at once.

After you download this service, open it, select the programs you want to close (by default, they will all be selected), and click "Remove selected applications". It does not remove programs from the phone, but simply removes them from its memory.The next time you open these applications, they will begin to download again.

The "official" way to close your applications

If you read the manual for your phone, you will find that the official way to close applications is built into the settings on your device. This is a long and long process, especially if you close more than one program.

However, you need to know about this method, because it is available on every phone by default. Select “Settings” -> “Applications”, select the service you want to close, and click “Forced stop”. When a message appears warning you about the possible malfunction of the application, tap "OK", because in most cases closing the program actually fixes problems in its operation. Repeat this process for all applications that you want to close.

What else to pay attention to?

The phone can be quickly discharged due to poor-quality or defective battery. This is often observed in cheap Chinese devices, especially in the fakes of branded models.In addition, some of the original smartphones are also equipped with a not very powerful battery, which is not designed for a long time without recharging. Therefore, carefully study the technical characteristics of the device before buying it.

Even if you bought a quality device, you should not forget about the natural aging and wear of the battery. The battery life of the phone will gradually decrease in any case.

It is worth noting that it is impossible to extend battery life, which is subject to natural wear and tear. However, if you make at least some of the above settings, you will notice a significant increase in battery life on your tablet or phone.

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