Why was the seahorse on the verge of extinction?

The origin and types of seahorses

Scientists have shown that sea horses lived on our planet 13 million years ago. This conclusion is confirmed by the fossils of the most ancient representatives of these creatures known to science. According to one theory, this genus arose as a branch of the kind of fish-needles in those prehistoric times, when extensive shallow waters with an abundance of algae appeared as a result of tectonic processes.sea ​​HorseSea Horse (Hippocampu) - a representative of the genus of bony sea fish from the needle family - the inhabitant of tropical and subtropical seas. Studied and described several dozen species that differ in size. Some species have very small body sizes — only 2 cm. However, skates are found in the world's oceans, reaching a maximum length of 30 centimeters. All types of these sea creatures share common features: the shape of the body resembling a chess horse figure,abundance of thorns and leathery outgrowths, anatomical features, providing a vertical position when swimming, as well as a unique reproduction method.

How do seahorses live and breed?

The way of life of this creature has nothing to do with what the hero of the computer game "Sea Horse of the Abyss" does. Skates actively move only during the hunt for shrimps and crustaceans.seahorse in aquariumAll the rest of the time, these small sea creatures try not to become prey to a larger predator - the sea crab, for which they twist the tail around the algae and change their color, merging with the general background. Are there any living beings in the world, whose offspring are bearing a male individual? The answer is affirmative: it is the seahorse-male that makes it for four weeks. For such an important mission, he has a special bag into which the female throws eggs in the mating season. It should be noted that the horse is characterized by fertility. Sometimes there can be only a few eggs in a bag, but more often their number reaches hundreds, or even exceeds a thousand pieces. The hatching fry are completely independent. In some species, the babies remain at the place of birth, in others, with the passage, they go to new habitats.The maximum age that a seahorse reaches is 5 years.

Why is the number of skates reduced?

One of the explanations of the sad fact that almost all the studied types of skates are listed in the Red Book as being on the verge of extinction is the mass capture of these exotic animals that have an attractive and unusual appearance.seahorse abyssResidents of a number of states in the Pacific region consider these marine inhabitants to be suitable material for making souvenirs. Moreover, the eyes and liver of these bony fish are used to prepare delicious dishes, the taste of which is very much appreciated by gourmets. It does not contribute to the increase in the number of fish-skates and the newfangled whim - a sea horse in the aquarium. Unhappy creatures that have recently become popular are massively trapped, handed over to pet stores, where they are acquired by people keen on marine aquarism. The owners of huge reservoirs go to all sorts of tricks, so that these exotic animals for some time can exist in artificial conditions that will never become their relatives.

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