Why not start the scooter? Causes and possible failures

Owners of scooters are happy owners of a fashionable and comfortable vehicle that will easily fit into any stream and help you get to the desired point even in the face of tough traffic jams. But sometimes any driver is faced with a technical problem that can happen to anyone - the scooter will not start. What is the reason?

Principle of operation

Why not start the scooter? The reasons for this can be many - from a small engine failure to a serious breakdown.
A moped is different from other types of vehicles in that it is an economical mode of transport. A typical medium scooter has a 50-cubic engine that is unable to burn too much combustible while driving. This explains the fact that he cannot develop very high speeds. The maximum that he can - move at a speed of no more than 60 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the safety of the driver of the moped is under threat, since no side safety arcs, like on full-fledged motorcycles, are provided here.But the reliability and simplicity of the design of this relatively cheap transport is so convenient in everyday use that the scooter has always been, is and will be popular among the people.scooter won't start reasonsBut even the most unpretentious technique sooner or later begins to act up and fail the owners. And then one day you are confronted with the fact that the scooter does not start. The reason for this may be negligent treatment, and the lack of timely inspection, as well as objective extraneous causes, the consequences of the accident and the like.

Probable causes of breakdowns

Why the scooter does not start? The reasons here can be covered very different. You take him to the track to start and leave for work or a walk, but the starter does not respond. Often a scooter starts up badly after an accident or a long downtime.
Possible reasons for the silence of the engine are as follows:

- battery discharge;
- breakdown of the fuel distribution mechanism;
- getting soot on the spark plug;
- curvature and deformation of the belt in the design of the motor;
- wear of the piston in the engine, the wear of its components.scooter won't start upEach of these causes requires careful consideration in order to solve the problem. The scooter sometimes does not start because of a factory defect.In this case, the repair will be meaningless, because it will take a lot of time and require money.

Low battery - typical problem

You are trying to turn on the engine, but the scooter does not start - there is a spark, but to no avail. Turning the ignition key, turning on the light, working the signal — all of this can be checked manually. If there is no reaction, then there is reason to assume that there is no charge in the battery. With a discharged battery, it is simply impossible to start the engine, even such a small motor as that of a scooter.


This problem can be solved in two ways. For example, use a kick-starter located on the left side near the engine. Clicking on it will activate the remaining energy in the generator, and this small dose of energy will start the battery. Enough of this charge for a short time, but will allow you to get to the place of the nearest opportunity to charge. Anchor and generator brushes store enough energy to reanimate the battery. But this is not the only way to "save" the battery:

- if the scooter does not start (there is a spark, there is gasoline), simply charge the battery for several hours.The level of current should be similar to the amount in the battery. Otherwise there is a risk of the battery burning.

Problem with flammable composition

If the scooter does not start, there is a spark, there is gasoline, but there is no movement, this is a very serious breakdown. Is he with a working starter, but nothing helps? Perhaps the problem lies in the fuel and distribution mechanism. It is better not to repair such breaks with your own hands - here you need hands and eyes of specialists.the scooter doesn't start the spark is thereIf you have money, it is better to send a scooter to a service station. There is special equipment that can re-flash the built-in chip of the injector (if it is not a carburetor engine).

Problem with carburetors

If the scooter does not start and there is a blockage in the jet - what to do? Fortunately, everything is easier - you can blow the carburetor with a conventional pump for cars. Insert the pump valve and nozzle into each other, but you can solve the problem without these measures. The carburetor is removed, disassembled and washed in a solution of gasoline. This always removes the problem of turning on a scooter or moped engine.

Cleaning the spark plug

A scooter is also badly wound up if soot accumulates on the spark plug.It is a product of combustion, which is gradually formed on the parts due to the constant combustion processes in the engine. This moment occurs if the balance in the ratio of used oil and gasoline is disturbed. This is most common with scooters with two-stroke engines.scooter does not start wellWhen the engine is four-stroke, the source of the problem is most likely only in gasoline. It is necessary to use fuel with a higher octane number - from 80 and above. You can clear the candle by burning it. This element is unscrewed from the cylinder and its basement is burned in a flame of fire. In the end, this part is rubbed with a very weak sandpaper with fine grit, screwed into place. After all these activities, the moped should begin normal operation.

The motor belt is damaged.

The scooter does not start - there is a spark, there is gasoline, but there is no reaction. Another source of the problem may lie in the deformed belt in the design of the motor. This technical element makes a huge amount of turns during the day. It is located on the same side as the kick-starter, under the engine cover.scooter does not start spark there is gasoline thereThe belt itself is a consumable replaceable element of scooters, so sooner or later it needs to be replaced. It cannot be restored, it only remains to buy a new one in a store with accessories for motorcycles.At the time of purchase of this part, it is recommended to pay attention to the overall diameter of the belt and the thickness of the rubber layer - they must match the model of the scooter and its configuration. Otherwise, it will not work on your moped.

Piston problem

The scooter will not start for this reason. Very often, problems may arise based on the deterioration of the piston complex. The internal combustion engine (two-stroke or four-stroke - does not matter) consists of several parts: a cylinder, a piston and its finger, as well as piston rings. Wear and tearing of parts lead to the fact that the engine loses power, then finally breaks. It is not necessary to buy a new cylinder, as the old version is completely subject to restoration or boring. It can be made higher than zero. This saves money.
All components of the new piston when replacing it is desirable to purchase in one set. This is necessary in order to wear in the future occurred evenly, and not in parts. The piston, like rings with a finger, should work synchronously.Then the probability of damage to your vehicle will be significantly reduced.why the scooter does not startAny failure in the case of an inexperienced driver can seem catastrophic, especially if we do not see any explainable reasons for what is happening. However, a minimum of knowledge and skills will help to identify the reason that prevents to start a scooter and lead a full life cycle. Contact a specialist in a car repair shop or try using the above recommendations - any problem can be solved.scooter won't startNow you can stock up with the information received and find out in time the reasons why the scooter does not start, and take the necessary measures to reanimate it in the private garage or under the supervision of an experienced friend.

So, we have found out the main causes of moped failure and how to eliminate them. At this the main question of the article "why the scooter does not start the starter" can be considered closed.

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