Why nasolabial triangle is blue?

The nasolabial triangle (blue) may indicate the presence of completely different diseases. After all, it is in this part of the face that there are many blood vessels (both venous and arterial). In addition, in this area there are no valves in the veins, in connection with which all infections that penetrate into the wound can easily get into the brain. It is also worth noting that in this part of the face it is highly undesirable to squeeze out various acne or boils, as this can lead to the development of sepsis.

Why nasolabial triangle blue in a child?nasolabial triangle blue

Such a phenomenon often enough helps doctors diagnose a disease in children. This is due to the fact that the altered skin tone in this part of the face almost always indicates the existing pathology in the body. In order to understand why the nasolabial triangle is blue, consider the most common diseases characterized by a similar symptom:

1.Often, children develop cyanosis near the mouth in various heart diseases. If this deviation is observed in a small child, then, most likely, he has a congenital defect, which is eliminated only with the help of an operation. But if the nasolabial triangle blue first appeared in a rather adult person, then he should consult a cardiologist as soon as possible. As a rule, the diagnosis of heart disease is confirmed by ECG or listening.his lips turned blue

2. The cyanosis of this part of the face can be a symptom and coronary disease of the brain. This pathology requires consultation with a neuropathologist. The final diagnosis in this regard can be made only after an ultrasound examination.

3. If a person, along with a nasolabial triangle, has blue lips, then most likely this is due to hypoxia or oxygen starvation. Such a deviation may occur as a result of toxic gas poisoning or as a result of excessive smoking.

blue tongue

4. In rare cases, a change in the color of the skin in the nasolabial triangle may be accompanied by such a phenomenon as blue tongue.According to experts, this pathology indicates serious disorders in the cardiopulmonary or renal systems. In this case, you should consult a doctor, as it will be very difficult for a person to understand why such cardinal changes occur in an organism that is not medical-savvy.

5. Another common cause of changes in lip color, tongue and nasolabial triangle may be banal anemia. In this case, it is impossible to do without a medical examination, or rather a blood test for hemoglobin. If iron deficiency in the body really occurs, it is urgently needed to be replenished. To do this, most people use ordinary products, which include such an important element for life.

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