Why do men love women?

Men, by their nature, simply can notpay attention to a woman, especially if it looks spectacular in appearance. In the dreams of every man has his own beautiful female ideal. Why men love women, how much their love justifies their need for women's warmth and affection, let's try to figure it out.

Not beautiful women do not happen

Every woman is beautiful and for every manhas its own beautiful half, the question is when they will meet. Each of us has our own preferences, for one man in a woman beauty is important, for another mind. By the same criteria, preferences are compared to chubby girls or thin. What men love in women is probably the most exciting question for any girl who wants to be at the center of male attention.

If the preference for female beauty from the sidemen we understand, as a matter of fact, what his preference for plain-looking girls means. Perhaps a girl with not very model data, just like him as a person. Yes, a person who is alive, with a kind heart and a bright heart, after all, this too often happens. It does not matter what his friends say, they will not stop the grin of their relatives. The main thing for him, the harmony inside, perhaps, this is the most real happiness.

Summarizing, we come to the conclusion that ugly women do not exist, and men like it in a woman - "their own woman." And everyone has it alone, unforgettable, not replaced by anyone.

What increases the self-esteem of men

For a man a huge role is played by his innerself-esteem and self-confidence. Sometimes a man feels uncomfortable and can be seen with the naked eye. Yet, not always a beautiful and young girl next to a man is the guarantee of an indispensable cloudless happiness. Yes, of course, women's beauty for men is an important attribute. But for happiness, men need a woman a little more than what we understand by female beauty, perhaps, quite a bit different, which is often not found in young girls. Sadness and sadness, misunderstanding and anxiety in his eyes give out the need for something else. That's why men prefer to meet older women.

It has long been no surprise that many men like women older. Why men love women older, explains the presence of simple and understandable reasons:

  • A man with this woman is just calm. She is smart, she will not blame him for using her, he will not make hysterics over dinner at a restaurant. A woman older will find 1000 reasons to justify her man and just one to blame. She will not ask him to prove her love to her, she will simply warm up the woman's warmth and feed her. For true happiness, a man needs feminine warmth and affection, peace and harmony. Almost every young girl arranges a scene of jealousy, she actively manifests herself in a relationship, tries to dominate, sometimes does not hear her man, does not feel it.
  • He is easy with her. A woman older will not come up with a cunning plan, the purpose of which is to torment the partner with her inaccessibility. She can afford to take the first step towards the man and at the same time feel happy with him.
  • A woman older always follows her externalview. For her, a young partner - as an incentive for a better life. Of course, it is like any man, he begins to admire her aspirations to remain always well-groomed, pleasant, attractive. In addition, people who are older, sophisticated, can teach a lot in bed. And also they always have something to talk about, because the views of different ages differ from each other in giving a special touch to communication.

It is completely erroneous to think thatif a man prefers older women, then he is looking for a "mommy". A vivid example of this, served by a couple of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Yes, unequal marriage and a 15-year age difference. But notice how beautiful it looks in its 48 years Demi. It's silly to argue about Ashton's desire to have a mom in the form of Demi.

A woman who meets a guy younger than her years,comes to life in the truest sense of the word. Begins to look on all of 100% without any operations and expensive creams for rejuvenation. A man who has fallen in love with a woman older than his years, begins to feel elected. Now his beloved is an intelligent and wise woman who does not need to explain something. There are just a lot of interesting topics, and an ocean of wonderful pastime.

As a rule, it is external pressure that destroysunequal relationships due to the age of the partners. But still today it is, perhaps, left somewhere behind. Age, is no longer so important in building relationships between a man and a woman.

Now you know all about why men lovewomen, what traits in the fair sex they are pleasant and what makes them really happy. This will help every woman to find an approach to a stronger sex. In turn, this situation will lead to harmony between the sexes and good alliances. We wish you love and good luck!

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