Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear?

Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear?

  1. he cut not the ear but the tip
  2. His beloved woman threw
  3. Creative and Unbalanced nature !!! not the whole ear, but only the lobe .... absinthe to have a snack ....
  4. Van Gogh in psychiatric and psychological literature is given a huge place due to the importance of the artist, and in the light of the fact that it was, undoubtedly, a sick person. Heavy heredity of the artist is noted: his mother was exposed to unexpected outbursts of anger, Brother Theo died six months after the suicide of Van Gogh in a clinic for the insane, the younger sister suffered from schizophrenia and spent 32 in a psychiatric hospital.

    Van Gogh was prone to epileptic seizures. His constant state was nervous irritation. He did not leave the thought of suicide. With one of the artists, the Scotsman Alexander Reed, he once conceived a joint suicide. In a psychiatric clinic, during attacks of acute arousal, he was locked in an insulator for violent-mad people.

    During the attacks of illness, the artist became angry and unkind, he had visual and auditory hallucinations of a frightening character, he ate ... their oil paints, which he wrote canvases, was then impulsive, then froze in one pose.

    However, about a true diagnosis of Van Gogh's ailment, psychiatrists do not have a single opinion. Diagnoses of doctors who treated a patient differ. Some thought that it was diffuse meningo-encephalitis, others - classical schizophrenia, and finally, others suspected mental degeneration and constitutional psychopathy due to difficult life circumstances and heredity.

    It is interesting that the specialists "recruit" exactly the same data in favor of one disease, as well as in favor of another health disorder, referring to medical conclusions and analysis of the painting: for example, the visions of the epileptic fit may be visions of yellow and orange colors, which were exclusively preferred by Van Gogh in its color palette. In short, no single opinion of Van Gogh's disease has been received by the doctors.

    Nevertheless, it is noted that, whatever the nature of the artist's disorders, without them there would not have been a person who created such unusual masterpieces of a dramatic nature, sharply distinguishing this master from all other painters of the past and the present.

    In addition, medical conclusions inevitably lead us to the idea of ​​the inevitability of the artist's suicide, and also that he was inclined to such attempts all his life and repeatedly made them. For such a suicide attempt, you can take and what happened 24 December 1888 year, when the artist was found in his own bed with a severed ear.

    In one of the next crises Van Gogh directly in the field, after writing a picture in piercingly yellow tones called "The Field of Rye," shot himself in the heart (but the artist died the next day). At this time, at hand was not a knife, and a killer pistol ...

  5. agree with Anatoly ...)
  6. I wanted to eat - STRONGLY!
  7. A mad genius, with one or two ears, is still a genius. About the loss of the ear so many versions that you do not know what to believe, not one you will check.
  8. Van Gogh did not cut off his ear, it's time to know.
  9. With the psyche of the problem were with your beloved woman. In general, recently, it was said that he did not cut off his ear to himself, but his friend was an artist.
  10. Having received a telegram from Gauguin, the terrified Theo rushed to Arles. In the hospital, he was met by a physician trainee Felix Rey just on his watch Vincent and was taken to the hospital. Rey told Theo that Vincent was in for a fit of violent insanity and was placed in an isolation ward in grave condition: Vincent stomps his feet, screams, he has auditory and visual hallucinations. Sometimes he suddenly starts to sing. Dr. Rei believed that Vincent's disease was a special form of epilepsy, he also expressed this opinion to his boss, Dr. Yurpar, who headed hospitals for civilians in Arles, and he indifferently and indefinitely confirmed: Violent insanity with general delirium.

    The wound that Vincent inflicted on himself has already healed, without inflammation. Nevertheless, the patient lost a lot of blood, because the artery was hurt. Vincent cut off not all the ear, but only the lobe and the lower part of the auricle. Ray wanted to implant the cut off part. But, unfortunately, the police commissioner had too late ordered to deliver her to Ray and the operation could no longer be done could have started gangrene. Rei showed Theo a piece of cut off ear, which he had alcoholized in a flask.

    Twenty-three-year-old Felix Rae, a round-faced, with small mustache, pointed beard and hair, a hedgehog, was a very kind person. Shortly before the events described, during one of the epidemics, he showed such dedication that the Ministry of the Interior awarded him a silver medal. Rhea touched the grief of Theo, his sincere, profound love for his brother. The doctor tried in every possible way to reassure the younger Van Gogh, assured that the attack would soon pass and promised to do his best to leave Vincent. Theo can safely return to Paris. Rey will tell him everything about his brother.

    Partly reassured, Theo contacted the postman Rollen, who on these hard days proved his sincere devotion to Vincent. Rulen with the help of a maid put things in order in the house of Van Gogh.

    But Theo could not stay long in Arles. Cases called him to Paris a variety of things. Just these days he had to go to Holland to get engaged to Johanna Bonger. By the way, Theo himself could not boast of strong health: he was tired, sank, he started coughing. After charging his brother with the care of Ray and Roelen, Theo went to Paris with Gauguin.

    * * *

    Naked, whitewashed walls. High above the ceiling is a small, grated window.

    Vincent rushes through this tiny space gesticulating, screaming, raving.

    His sick, inflamed imagination carries him unknowingly to the waves of unknown seas. Ghost Ship, Mopassan Eagle From the depths of Vincent's memory reminiscent of thirty years ago pop up. Here is the pastor's house in Zundert where he was born. Here are the rooms in the house, one after another, all to one, and the garden around the house, and every bush in this garden, and the native village, its paths, and the church, and the cemetery, and in the acacia cemetery, where the nest of forty Zundert has creased! Zundert!

    The distraught Vincent moans, and sometimes suddenly begins to sing before he never sang, sing the ancient weeping of the wet nurse, Lullaby.

    At night in the sea on the nose of their boat fishermen see a supernatural being a woman whose appearance does not frighten them at all, because this is the one that rocked their cradle and cradled them in childhood. And now she comes to them again to sing them lullabies, those that bring them peace and comfort in their plight.

    But here passes three days, and strong doses of bromide preparations which register Vincent, gradually begin to calm him. For a brief moment, again deterioration occurs, but then the painful agitation subsides.

    Vincent fell silent. From the dark gloom he returns to consciousness. Apparently, the crisis has passed.

    On the sixth day, 29 December, Ray transferred Vincent to a common room. This is a large oblong room, along the walls of which there are two rows of beds, drawn by a white canopy. A kerosene lamp hangs from the ceiling under the shade. In the middle of the room

  11. This is one version, that he cut him off in a fit of violent insanity. Another - that it was made by one of his friends, with whom he quarreled. Then the artist did not disclose this story, and everyone in the minds of the version of 1.
    What is true and what is not - we do not know ...
  12. his head was not all right, he was strange
  13. there was an attack of nervous breakdown. but it's not so important to study the creativity of Van Gogh
  14. over the years he became unbalanced, what doctors call schizophrenia.
    ear lobe snapped during a quarrel with Gauguin, in the heat of emotions ..
  15. Ranshe TV did not actually advertise. Thus, he apparently attracted attention to himself.
  16. Yes, it should be determined. He cut off the tip of his left ear. As a result of her first gift, a quarrel with Gauguin arose before him.
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  17. The famous Dutch artist of the XIX century Vincent Van Gogh entered the history of painting as a genius, who, in insanity, cut off his ear. However, a new study claims that Vincent Van Gogh may have come up with this story in order to hide the truth and protect

    his friend painter Paul Gauguin, who in fact during the dispute and cut off the saber ear artist.

    Van Gogh's silence on this topic was due to the contract of two men, the so-called "Pact of Silence." Gauguin wanted to avoid prosecution, and Van Gogh tried in vain to keep friendship. Two years later in 1890, the famous artist went insane and committed suicide.
    2. A more beautiful story about the undivided, or rather unsuccessful, love of the artist for a prostitute, with the same final result. And again, remember the number of ears and beautiful, and not very, girls. About this story written books and made a film, most likely, it's a beautiful, but a terrible fairy tale.
    3. Modern medicine has contributed to this topic. According to the signs that came down to us, it was concluded that on the eve of the event, Van Gogh had an exacerbation of otitis (inflammation of the middle ear). All the symptoms of this disease he had: pain on the verge of human tolerance. In those days, really could not cure this ailment, and even more so correctly diagnose, for treatment. When you do not know what to do to get rid of suffering, you can cut off your ear. In combination with a hangover syndrome, and in addition a quarrel with a friend who threw in trouble, then everything can happen.
    4. The most basic theory is he's crazy, what will you take? A person can not do anything in his or her mind and point. It's not so simple.
    All creative individuals do not fit into the notorious norms. Write hundreds of paintings that no one buys, are on the verge of poverty and yet try to continue to work further, what will people say? Correctly! You're crazy!
    These are the main versions. Which is the right choice for you. Most likely there was a combination of several reasons why the artist lost his ear, but even this tragedy entered the history of the world of fine art in the form of paintings by the artist and various stories on this subject.

  18. According to the latest information, this was done by Gauguin.
  19. because he is a dibyl
  20. Gauguin took Van Gogh to the earlobe, on the basis of the dislike of the absinthe that arose after the joint drinking.

    Ordinary people.

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