Who washes the toilets on the plane?

I read one flight attendant, as many passengers imagine the process of cleaning the aircraft toilets:
... an elegant stewardess in a tight skirt slowly puts on pink rubber gloves, and then quickly rushes with a brush at the ready across the cabin to her favorite toilet. Having separated the toilet, our imaginary heroine smiles languidly and wipes the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand in pink gloves ...
How is it actually and who cleans the toilets on the plane? And how does this happen?
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First, there are no cleaners on the planes, if you could notice. Brushes bring with them cleaners who climb aboard the aircraft after the passengers left. The flight attendants control the course of cleaning, make sure that they do not put an explosive device on, but in the case of the work of the cleaning service they are not directly involved in the cleaning. Although they often have to go for cleaning-managers and literally point the finger at the dirt, sometimes even persuade to rub in certain places.
As a rule, the time between the arrival of the flight and the departure of the next flight is quite limited, so there is not much time for cleaning. Therefore, often the floor in the toilets is washed according to the principle of smearing everything that was spilled there, as well as throughout the aircraft with a single mop without rinsing. Remember this the next time you want to walk through the cabin in your socks. By the way, often during the cleaning, the cleaning staff safely forget about the folding changing tables in the toilet, so the flight attendants are not advised to put the baby on them bare ass.
But not always during turning flights cleaning is carried out by cleaning services: during parking in countries where the threat of terrorism is increased, flight attendants clean the cabin themselves in order to prevent an explosive device from being carried on board. The risk zone includes, for example, France and Turkey. Naturally, the purity of the aircraft does not add. After all, the flight attendants with a maximum of what they have are gloves and garbage bags in which they can collect papers and cups around the cabin. And the cleaners, as you remember, are not on board at all.
By the way, what about the cleaning schedules during the flight? According to the regulations, flight attendants check the toilet every 15 minutes after maintenance.What is included in this check? The most important thing is to detect in time a fire, smoking, someone's bad state of health, destructive behavior or a malfunction of the toilet. In the event of a malfunction, clogging, or a strong “choking” of the toilet, the flight attendants simply lock it, because the toilet is not alone on board. This can sometimes be seen on long flights.
Know that no one will rush and clear the clog in the toilet in flight. This, even from a security point of view, is unacceptable. The maximum that flight attendants do for the cleanliness of a flying toilet in 10 hours of your flight is to remove the paper from the floor, sprinkle a freshener and sometimes pour a couple of bottles of cola into the toilet in order to dissolve the blockage.

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