Where to rest in Anapa: holiday homes, the sea, reviews and tourist tips

Anapa is a famous resort in the Krasnodar Territory, which is famous not only for its beautiful coastline, but also for its healing springs. Every year a huge number of tourists come here not only from different parts of Russia, but also from neighboring countries. Many travelers tell in their reviews about the rest that they choose such a resort because there is a wonderful climate and pleasant prices. In addition, there is an opportunity to heal all year round. In this city there is something to see and where to go. So, where to rest in Anapa, and what are the features of rest in this place? About it further.where to rest in Anapa

Climate features

The climate in this city is very mild, marine. The air temperature throughout the summer is high - about 35-40aboutC. During the entire holiday period, which lasts from May to the end of September, guests can enjoy the maximum number of sunny days. In the case of arrival in Anapa in winter, you can be sure of the mild climate during this period.There are almost no frosts.

Very often seasoned tourists recommend going to Anapa in September. In their opinion, this time is ideal in terms of temperature conditions. The peculiarity of the local climate is that the hot weather here lasts until mid-October. Also during this period, you can do a tour of local attractions. As practice shows, during Indian summer, people come to Anapa to rest without children, as they start school in September. where better to rest in Anapa

The best hotels in Anapa

Many tourists, planning their vacation in advance, purchase vouchers for travel agencies for themselves and their families. On it, vacationers go to a previously known place, where, on a certain date, guests will receive a prepared room. However, a considerable number of tourists prefer to be settled spontaneously, immediately upon arrival in the resort town. The main problem in this case is the right choice of apartments. So where to rest.

In Anapa, local hotels and hotels are very popular among guests. Which ones are the best? Where are experienced tourists recommend to stay? Leading positions of all ratings for a long time occupy such hotels as the Grand Cruise, Anapa Lazurnaya and De Marco.In them, according to tourists, everything is arranged for the most comfortable stay of guests, and also on their territory there are all conditions for children. That is why in such holiday apartments are often populated by whole families. As for the cost, the hotel room in Anapa costs an average of 2-3 thousand rubles per day.

In the event that vacationers have a desire to stay closer to the seafront in Anapa, then they should look after apartments in the Captain of the Seas or in the Monarch Hotel. According to tourists, these are the best places to stay, which are located within walking distance from seas.

If you want to actively participate in the nightlife of the city, tourists are best located near the city center, since this is the real epicenter of entertainment.

Rest in the private sector

If they do not know where to rest in Anapa, but if they want to save some money, tourists can search for accommodation in the private sector. At the height of the holiday period, you can rent a small room in almost every house. As a rule, they can offer terms for an economy option, but they suit many.Moreover, their cost is low: about 250 rubles per person per day.

If you wish, in the private sector you can find better conditions, for example, in guest houses. Many of them have a swimming pool and flowering gardens, and the rooms have air conditioning. Accommodation in luxury apartments will cost from about 500 rubles per person per day.

Tourists who know almost all the subtleties of rest in Anapa, can recommend this option to many, since this is the way to get settled in a truly domestic environment not far from the sea.

Holiday houses

In Anapa there are several holiday homes that are incredibly popular among tourists. Their administration recommends, if desired, to pre-book a room for themselves, preferably long before the onset of vacation, as there are practically no available apartments during the holiday period. The names of such places: "White Beach", "Sun" and "Mozhzhelevovy Paradise."

Tourists who have been here, boldly argue that in such places you can feel complete unity with nature, since they are all surrounded by beautiful nature, on the shores of the Black Sea.These are ideal options for where to rest in Anapa, without spending a lot of money.

Also interesting is the design of the predominant number of recreation centers. So, "Juniper Paradise" offers tourists a comfortable stay in small houses made of wooden log. The very same, she is almost in the reserve "Utrish". It is equipped with a barbecue area, car parking, as well as all the necessary amenities. Here, as a rule, I come fan and wildlife, and a good rest in the fresh air.

As for the cost of living in such places, it is about 1-1.5 thousand rubles per day per room. Guests are usually satisfied with such a pricing policy, which they often mention in their comments, telling that if the traveler does not know where to rest in Anapa at a low price, then you need to go to rest houses. Here you can perfectly sit almost at home, complemented by the sound of the sea and the greenery of the forest.

Boarding houses

A considerable number of tourists, when the question arises about where to rest in Anapa, prefer to buy a tourist ticket to some good boarding house.On many travel sites and on social networking pages, travelers recommend some of them for living, because, according to them, they have the highest quality service, comfortable living conditions and, as many have noted, very tasty food that can win the heart of any gourmet.

Many tourists recommend arranging their holidays in Anapa "Eden", which is located almost on the coast - from the building of its main building to the coastline just 5 minutes walk. Most of the tourists in their reviews about this place for recreation say that here you have to pay for meals separately, but the level of prepared food is worth it. The cost of living in "Eden" costs from 3.2 thousand rubles per person per day.

The Anapsky Breeze boarding house is also very popular among tourists. A large number of tourists choose it for a holiday for a reasonable fee. The cost of living in it ranges from 1700 rubles per day for one person. This price includes complete meals. A huge number of tourists celebrates the excellent living conditions that are provided here.

Pension "High Coast" has earned incredible popularity due to its advantageous location: almost in the heart of the city and a five minute walk to the sea. Here, according to the residents, excellent service, a wide range of services, as well as low prices - from 1200 rubles per person per day.where to rest in Anapa reviews vacationers

Where to go with children

Where to rest in Anapa with children? In this city there is a mass of answers to such a question.

First of all, tourists recommend, together with their kids, to go to a local water park. It is here, they say, you can get a lot of impressions. Often caring parents assign their children to the entertainment complex "Tiki-Tak", which also has several interesting pools, the "Rainy Season" complex, as well as water attractions.

There is a beautiful dolphin. Children are also interested in it. The cost of tickets for the presentation is small - about 400 rubles per person, but the resulting emotions are priceless. There is always an opportunity to hold a photo session with dolphins. It is also allowed to swim with them in the same pool.

Children with great pleasure can visit the amusement park and the zoo "Balu", which is located near the famous aquarium.It is also recommended by many to visit, describing in their reviews the mass of impressions received.

With regard to the choice of place of residence with the child, then you should pay attention to places that are designed for this. The most popular hotels for families with children, judging by the reviews of tourists and ratings based on them, the best options for accommodation will be the Albatross and Sandy Beach hotels, the Imera guest house, and the Rusich hotel.

Also, tourists recommend parents to go to rest with a child in Anapa, if only because here there are reasonable prices and beautiful nature, which attracts with itself. In addition, throughout the village there are a huge number of places that can be visited with a small and adult child.in Anapa in September


Travelers of different age groups will certainly find for themselves the occupation and suitable entertainment in this city. On its territory, especially in the central region, there are a huge number of clubs and catering establishments. As for fans of nightlife, they prefer to visit "Vis-a-vis", "Mabi" and "Dancy".In them, according to tourists, you can not only dance all night long under the sound of world hits played by DJs, but also eat delicious food and smoke hookah. In such places a considerable number of young people and representatives of the middle age group gather.

Rest in Anapa (in its very center) is very active. It is impossible to get bored. Everywhere you can meet merchants who will offer interesting products, various goodies are also sold on the street. There is also street entertainment. In particular, the queues willing to line up in order to play in the glasses of virtual reality. Adults love to visit city parks. In particular, the central embankment is very popular, along which couples and families stroll every evening.

As for cultural recreation, its fans can visit local exhibitions and museums, which, by the way, are many here. A huge number of tourists annually come to the territory of the archaeological excavations "Gorgippia", as well as to the local history museum, where you can learn about the history of the city. Parents often bring their children to the Einsteinium Museum, where, in fact, they themselves learn a lot of interesting things.


There are a lot of healing springs in the city, which you can visit if you wish. There are also some excellent places for treatment and rehabilitation. In local health centers can cure cardiovascular, gynecological diseases, diseases of the throat, as well as fix minor problems with the musculoskeletal system. Local doctors use different techniques for the complete recovery of the patient, among which there are mineral baths, a gymnast, aerotherapy, and heliotherapy, as well as bathing and therapeutic mud.

Local mud springs, which originate from the Kiziltash and Vityazevsky estuaries, are especially popular. In most cases, tourists are assured that a large amount of sulphides and minerals are included in their composition, which favorably affect the general condition of the organism as a whole and its specific areas.

Vacation at sea

Travelers who arrive in Anapa in September or arrange their vacation during the holiday period are focused on spending the maximum amount of time on the beach. That is why they seek to rent a house closer to the water.

Arranging rest on the sea in Anapa, you need to know which beaches of the city are the best. So, tourists often prefer to settle in within walking distance of such a beach as "High Coast". It is covered with pebbles and there is a very comfortable, gentle descent into the water. The depth along the coastline is shallow, so that the temperature of the Black Sea in Anapa during the entire resort period is kept near the maximum mark, even if the weather changes for the worse for some time.

If you do not know where to rest in Anapa, experienced travelers recommend staying near the Cordon beach, which, unlike the previous one, is sandy. It is great for children's activities, families with small children often stay here. On this beach there is a lot of entertainment, ranging from the possibility of playing volleyball and ending with the most extreme water sports.holidaymakers in Anapa

Next to the "Cordon" is another great beach, which vacationers in Anapa often mention in their reviews on the positive side. Its name is "Small Bay". It is also pebbly. Here is a beautiful nature.It offers a magnificent view of the seaport "Anapa", which is located on the left side.

Restaurants and cafes

A large number of tourists who are in the city for the first time do not know where to rest in Anapa. In the reviews, vacationers often share interesting places that can be visited at any time of the day. Among the most popular among them are restaurants and cafes.

In the catering establishments of this city often serves dishes of cuisines of different nations of the world. In particular, institutions whose chefs specialize in cooking Russian, Caucasian, European, and Ukrainian cuisine are especially popular. Food made from seafood is in great demand.

So, the most famous institutions in this village are restaurants "La Veranda" and "Brookvin". All guests attribute them to the category of wonderful institutions, where they can not only meet properly, but also feed them deliciously. In two restaurants there is the possibility of organizing banquets, which can be held outdoors.

As for budgetary institutions, the city has a lot of cafes and bars, among which are very popular "Brodsky" and "Botanist".Here, tourists celebrate perfectly cooked burgers and french fries.

Prices in all institutions fully comply with the resort town. Here, lunch for one person costs about 1-1.5 thousand rubles.

Tips experienced tourists

Travelers who have rested in Anapa more than once are constantly sharing their knowledge and advice in the comments. So, according to them, you need to take into account some of the features of this resort city, which can, both positively and negatively affect the vacation.

First of all, tourists should remember that Anapa is a place where there are no industrial zones. Because of this, the air in this area is clean. This can be used by choosing the purpose of the visit. In this village there are many healing springs and sanatoriums, in which you can not only live for some time, but also improve your health.

Lovers of quiet and relaxing holiday near the sea is best to go to Anapa in September - during the "velvet season" in the city there are no children and schoolchildren, which provides a virtually silent pastime. In addition, during this period there is a slight decrease in heat, which will be noticeable on the general hot background.

Tourists should remember that in any resort town there are markets where homemade food and fruit are sold. Anapa was no exception. Rest on the sea can be accompanied by a favorable replenishment of the vitamin balance in the body due to home-grown vegetables and fruits. If you wish, you can also go fishing by yourself.

Advices about holidays in Anapa often say that anyone who does not want to spend large sums of money on accommodation can stay away from the center - the cost of renting a room will be much less than for central apartments. Travelers often recommend staying in a quiet area of ​​the city of Dzhemete. If you want to get into the central part of the village, you can walk along the main street - Pionersky Avenue.Anapa Beach

Rest at different times of the year

During the entire resort period, life in the city really boils. However, with the onset of autumn, activity on the streets gradually fades away.

But still, despite the change of seasons, tourists always find something to do here and where to rest in Anapa. In the reviews of travelers, it is often possible to find comments from tourists about the features of rest at different times of the year.

With the onset of autumn in the city keeps the warm weather. And it remains until November. This month the temperature slowly begins to decline. During this period, a cold snap begins to be observed at night. At this time, many visitors to the city tend to go on nature noisy friendly companies. After all, this period is ideal for barbecue and fishing.

In winter, there are no frosts on the territory of Anapa. The temperature is quite mild. During this period, there are a large number of windy days, as well as rains. However, the winter here does not last long, as the spring in Anapa is always early. With its onset, everything around is flourishing, people from different parts of Russia are beginning to come together. As a rule, such an activity as fishing is very popular during this period. Also at this time in the quiet outskirts of the city one can observe a large number of tourists who appreciate rest outside the city. The slow rise of tourist activity can be observed here since April, because at this time the earth is already completely warmed up, and the sun begins to burn with hot rays.rest in anapa itself

How to get there

It is very easy to get from Moscow to Anapa, you just need to know a more suitable route.Transportation for the trip can also be chosen absolutely any: plane, train, bus or private car.

If you take into account the trip by train or flight by plane, then in this case it is enough just to buy a ticket. However, if the plans are traveling by car, then in this case it is necessary to know the clear route of your movement. In the modern world, GPS-navigators and various electronic systems come to the aid of such tourists.

So, getting on your own car, you need to start out of Moscow and drive your way towards Rostov-on-Don along the M-4 highway. After you need to turn to Krasnodar and then follow the signs, which are on the way a lot. Tourists who travel in this way, very often in their comments, share the fact that this road is smooth and you can get there very quickly and without incidents. This trip takes about 18-19 hours. In the case of a flight by plane, the road will take no more than 75 minutes if you choose a direct flight.

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