Where is the restaurant "Fish at the Dacha"? Photos and reviews

Over the past years, the restaurant business has rapidly begun to gain popularity. Today, on the territory of large and small cities of the Russian Federation, there is a huge number of places where anyone can try dishes from different cuisines, try drinks and just have a good time. Today, we’ll just be transferred to the city of Sestroretsk, which is not far from St. Petersburg, in order to talk in detail about one rather interesting institution that has been working there for several years.

"Fish in the country"

“Fish at the Dacha” is a top-level restaurant, which is part of restaurants owned by restaurateur Aram Mnatsakanov. This establishment has a modern interior, high-quality cuisine and a chic location, and right now we will discuss this restaurant in detail, find out all the useful information about it, and also talk about the most interesting. Go!

basic information

The Fish in Dacha restaurant currently operating in Sestroretsk is the best country establishment. If we talk about the main features of this place, then it is definitely worth noting the presence of a chic children's room, where your children can have a great time while you eat and rest. In addition, the average bill here is about 2,000 rubles. That is really the minimum amount for Leningrad valuables. It is also worth mentioning the presence of a wireless network that works perfectly, so you can always stay online.

"Fish in the country" (restaurant)

By the way, as you understand, the main task of any restaurant is to feed the client. Therefore, it is definitely worth mentioning which cuisines are served here. So, on the territory of this institution you have the opportunity to try Italian, Russian, Caucasian and mixed cuisine. In addition, the waiters are ready to offer you several menus at once: seasonal, children, lean, diet, grill and fitness. In general, it is quite logical that you can definitely choose the best dish just for yourself, because there are really a lot of options.

Schedule and contacts

Do you already dream of visiting the restaurant “Fish at the Dacha” in Sestroretsk? Then you probably should write down his work schedule, and later in this article we will provide you with an address where you can find this restaurant. So, this institution works every day without breaks and weekends from noon to 23 o'clock at night.

By the way, here you can hold a variety of events in honor of the wedding, birthday and other holidays. To do this, you need to talk with the manager of the institution, and you can contact him at once by several phone numbers that are listed on the official website of the institution. You can call at any time in accordance with the previously mentioned work schedule.

Where is the restaurant "Fish at the Dacha"?

To visit this gorgeous establishment, you need to know its address. If you are ready to go to this restaurant, then pay attention to the fact that it is not located in St. Petersburg, but in the territory of a small town called Sestroretsk.

"Fish in the country" (Sestroretsk)

So, if you are ready to find out the exact address of this institution, write down the following information: Russian Federation, city of Sestroretsk, Primorskoye highway, house 319.In addition, so that you get to the address, please note that the restaurant is located about forty-one kilometers along the previously mentioned highway.

Main meal map

Are you interested in what dishes this restaurant is ready to offer? Then pay attention to the fact that there are really a lot of food categories here, so you will be able to choose the most ideal cooking masterpieces for yourself and your loved ones.

So, the main map contains salads, soups, appetizers, seasonal dishes, fish and meat, side dishes, pizza, children's dishes, as well as a large number of other modern culinary masterpieces.

And now let's discuss several sections of the main course card in more detail, in order to find out which customers prefer to order here!


Want to eat in this place? In this case, you definitely should order a salad, and not one. In this case, the order is available salad "Olivier" for 320 rubles., A vegetable salad with sour cream and olive oil, "Caesar" with chicken or shrimp for 450 or 680 rubles, as well as a large number of other culinary masterpieces.

Restaurant "Fish in the country" (Sestroretsk)

In addition, the restaurant’s chef is also ready to offer you an octopus salad, which costs only 990 rubles.By the way, the greatest number of positive reviews gets a salad with cheese and duck, the price of which varies within 590 rubles. In general, now you should choose the most suitable dish and rather come to this restaurant to taste it and enjoy this unique taste.

Fish and meat

Do you prefer meat dishes? If this is true, then you definitely should pay attention to the section where the dishes of this category are presented. So, here you have the opportunity to order a duck leg with cabbage for 890 rubles, mashed parsnip with beef for 1,200 rubles, a Ribeye steak, which costs 590 rubles for 100 grams.

In addition, if you want to choose more interesting dishes, order chicken with adjika for 690 rubles, a special burger from the establishment for only 590 rubles, as well as tuna steak for 950 rubles, Murmansk flounder, which will be cooked on a grill and worth only 890 rubles, as well as a grilled steak steak made from salmon, which cost 950 Russian rubles.

"Fish in the country": photo

As you can see, the choice is really very big, so in any case you will be able to choose the best dish for yourself.


And how do you feel about Italian cuisine? Restaurant "Fish in the country", the menu of which is really very extensive, is ready to offer you a large number of Italian dishes. For example, you have the opportunity to order several varieties of such an interesting dish like pizza at once. So, the following options are available to order:

  • Margarita for 390 rubles;
  • pizza with burrata for 690 rubles;
  • “Four cheeses” for 690 rubles;
  • pizza with mushrooms and ham 690 rubles;
  • pizza with salami for 590 rubles.

In addition, in this case, it should be noted that, at the request of the client, the following ingredients can be added to any selected pizza: rucola for 199 rubles, mushrooms for 130 rubles, ham for 200 rubles, mozzarella for 200 rubles, parmesan for 150 rubles rubles, as well as others. Here you will also be able to choose the perfect dish that you enjoy and will be one of the most beloved ones.


Who would have thought that the chef of the Fish in the Country restaurant, a menu that is simply chic, would provide for desserts not just a separate section on the menu, but a whole menu where only sweets would be presented. Now let's talk about desserts that you can try in this place.

"Fish in the country": menu

The dessert map presents a variety of culinary masterpieces, some of which have an incomprehensible name, because they originate from other countries, therefore we will single out only the most common desserts.

If you come to the restaurant "Fish at the Dacha", be sure to try the hot chocolate cake, which costs 350 rubles. By the way, this dish is served with vanilla ice cream. And how do you feel about the traditional cake "Honey cake", the price of which is only 320 rubles? In addition, you can try homemade truffle for 110 rubles, tiramisu for 350 rubles, apple pie for 390 rubles and a large number of other culinary masterpieces that will delight you. Additionally, it is worth noting that fresh fruits are available for order, for example, pineapple, sweet cherry and strawberry.

In general, whatever one may say, the restaurant “Fish at the Dacha”, the photo of which is presented in this article, is really very interesting, so you and your children will be comfortable here, and this indicates that you need to come here as much as possible. rather, to have a great time in a cozy atmosphere.


Representatives of the Fish in the Country House, the address of which you can find in the middle of this article, also highlighted a separate menu for drinks, so now we’ll talk about them in more detail.Representatives of the institution offer to try cocktails, champagne, wines, liqueurs and digestives, whiskey, cognac, rum, gin and tequila, lemonades, water, tea, hot drinks, coffee, juices, beer, vodka, tinctures, world hits, Italian classics, also a large number of other drinks.

For example, if you want to try cocktails, then in this case you should definitely highlight such drinks as “Mojito” for 450 rubles, “Long Island Dacha” for 550 rubles, “Kir Royal” for 450 rubles. and the "Aperol Syringe" for the same amount.

The choice of drinks is also very large, because there are really a lot of them, and for both adults and children. This indicates that you can come here even with your children, who will also be able to pick up delicious food and drinks to have a great time in a comfortable atmosphere of warmth, comfort and goodness.


I wonder what people think about such an institution as the restaurant "Fish in the Dacha", which has been operating for several years and has a good reputation? Customers leave only positive feedback about the fact that they are excellently fed, cooked well and served well. On the territory of the institution is constantly working Wi-Fi,and among the additional advantages, it is worth highlighting the presence of a special room for children, where children can rest while their parents eat food.

"Fish in the country": address

Additionally, it is worth noting the modern interior of the restaurant and its luxury, because to be on the territory of this institution is really very nice. In addition, there are polite waiters who are always ready to help and do everything possible to ensure that the client is satisfied. The dishes here are cooked according to special recipes, and experienced chefs are doing this, who have everything they need to cook chic culinary masterpieces.

In general, if you still think whether it is worth visiting the Fish at Dacha restaurant, which is located at the forty-first kilometer of the Primorsky highway, then you definitely should recommend this place to spend an unforgettable time in a comfortable atmosphere. Bon Appetit!

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