Where is the moon?

The moon is a heavenly body that is a companionOf the Earth. It is also the second brightest object after the sun in the night sky, and it is almost always visible from almost anywhere. There is a Moon in orbit, which has the shape of an ellipse with a semiaxis about 400 thousand kilometers. This path is located around the Earth, its heavenly body passes for the synodic month (where 29.53 terrestrial days). Together with the Earth, the Moon also revolves around the Sun.

Location Calculations

For a long time people have tried to calculatelocation and movement of the Moon in the sky. Maps and charts were made, but still these data of ancient scientists were very approximate. Modern astrologers can calculate the motion and orbit of the celestial body to within a centimeter, taking into account such factors as the rotation of the Earth, the attraction of the Sun, the annual removal of the Moon from our planet. By the way, according to modern data, the orbit of the satellite is, rather, a very slowly spinning spiral.


For a long time people were interested in this phenomenon,as phases of the moon. From the point of view of physics, they are the simplest optical effect. But at different times they have invested the deepest sacred meaning. In fact, everything depends on the sunlight reflected by the moon. The heavenly body passes during the lunar month a full cycle, on the days of the new moon, coming too close to the Sun, becoming between it and the Earth, turning to us by the dark side. Therefore, it can not be seen. Then the moon "grows", reaches the full moon and "decreases." This phenomenon is usually called phases.

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