Where is Lake Alabuga?

Chelyabinsk region is unique in its own way. More than 3700 lakes were formed here. Most of them belong to the reservoirs of small and medium size. Only 53 lakes are recognized as large, since their area exceeds 10 km². What is interesting: among this water diversity often come across objects with the same names. For example, the name “Lake Alabuga” is repeated three times on the map of the Chelyabinsk region.

In this article we consider the origin of the name, a description of all three reservoirs, as well as their location.

alabuga lake

The origin of the name of the reservoir

Presumably the name "Alabuga" refers to the Bashkir language. Translated, this word has the meaning "perch". However, the toponym can be formed from the male name Alabuga.

Lake Alabuga (near Uvildy)

It is a very small reservoir, relatively close to Chelyabinsk (the diameter of this reservoir is about 0.5 km, and its area is 0.25 km²). The average depth of Lake Alabuga is about 6 m. The maximum depth is 9 m. However, the lake is popular with fishermen, because the water in it is fresh and clean, and as a catch you can get chebak, ruffs, pikes, sticks, perches, carps.And many are lucky, and sturgeon, trout, whitefish and burbot get into their cage. It should be borne in mind that fishing is paid. At night you can stay in houses, tents or right in the car. Fishing is possible only from footbridges or piers. Also for fishermen right on the lake there is a comfortable gazebo for fishing.

Alabuga lake in the Chelyabinsk region

The shores of the reservoir are overgrown with dense mixed forest. Pine and birch prevail here. The terrain is hilly.

For reference, let us specify: from Chelyabinsk to Lake Alabuga (near Lake Uvilda) - approximately 90 km. From Ekaterinburg - 230 km in the direction of Karabash. On the shore of the lake is the village of Burlak.

Pond Alabuga (near Kasli)

Next Alabuga is a lake in the Chelyabinsk region near the town of Kasli. The shape of this reservoir resembles a drop. The catchment area is almost 34 km², and the area of ​​the reservoir itself is 8.76 km². The depths here are quite small, the average is less than three meters, and the maximum is about five meters. However, this did not prevent the lake from being assigned to the main commercial lakes of the Chelyabinsk region. Basically, the fishermen are satisfied with the catch at Lake Alabuga, the feedback is often positive, although many complain of scammers trying to charge extra for fishing.

Alabuga Lake in Chelyabinsk

The basin of the reservoir has an erosion-tectonic origin. The coast is gentle, swampy. The lake has a steady water regime and is considered flowing. There is a channel connecting Lake Alabuga with the Big Casley pond. And from it follows a small rivulet, which flows into Karbolka.

From Lake Alabuga to the city of Kasli is only 5 km. Numerous fishermen come here for roach, chebak, carp, perch, burbot and other species of fish. Fishing is also paid. The banks of the reservoir in places are not only swamped, but also overgrown with cattails. Most of the bottom is muddy, but there are sandy areas. The surrounding landscapes are mixed forests and forest-steppe.

If you go from Ekaterinburg, then the distance to the object is 120 km. The direction of movement - in the direction of Chelyabinsk, highway M5. The main thing - do not miss the turn on the tube. Not far from the lake, the Izumrud holiday village was built.

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Alabuga - a reservoir near the village of the same name

And finally - Alabuga, a lake in the Chelyabinsk region, or rather, in the Krasnoarmeysky district. The area of ​​this reservoir is 7.4 km², and its depth is no more than 5 m. The water is very clean and clear. Fishing on Lake Alabuga, near the village of the same name, is completely free.

Until recently, the lake was artificially stocked with whitefish. From aboriginal species, perch, ruff, pike and others are caught here. In this case, fishermen claim that perch are caught quite large, weighing up to 2 kg. Fishing is possible all year round. In the summer, fishing is carried out from the shore or from boats, and in winter, after the reservoir freezes, it is carried out all over the mirror.

alabuga lake

From Ekaterinburg to Alabuga go almost 230 km. Follow the M5 highway in the direction of the city of Chelyabinsk. At the turn to Kunashak you should get off the road and get to Muslyumovo. After the river Techa, turn left, go about 20 km, then turn left again, drive through the gas station, and then turn to Alabuga.

All three lakes of Alabuga in the Chelyabinsk region are known to experienced fishermen. They come here and families, and companies, and one by one. Due to the high fish productivity, you can get a good catch, relax and swim in the crystal clear water.

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