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Many of us have heard about this place only in a political context, but not everyone knows what kind of city this is - The Hague, where it is located, in what country, and how many interesting things are there. And after all here the residence of the royal court of the Netherlands settles down, the parliament and the government of this state sits. There are two UN International Courts in the Hague, which are often confused. It is a quiet, peaceful city, which is loved by diplomats and ambassadors. Here are located various public institutions of world importance. There are many parks, interesting architecture. In short, the topic of our article will be The Hague. Where is, and what is this city, you will know if you read this small essay.Where is the Hague


The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland.This province is located in the north-west of the Netherlands. It is the country's third largest city. More than his only Amsterdam and Rotterdam. What are the most frequently asked questions when the Hague is mentioned? Where is, in what country, in what state. The fact is that this territory of Western Europe, which is washed by the North Sea and has borders with Germany and Belgium, is often called either Holland or the Netherlands. This country consists of twelve provinces. Holland is two of them, North and South. Therefore, the country is officially called the Kingdom of the Netherlands. But in common parlance Holland is often referred to as the state as a whole. And this is not a mistake. So, when we talk about where the Hague is located, we can say that in Holland. Or in the Netherlands. In addition, this city is the actual capital of the country. Officially, this title belongs to posh Amsterdam, but the modest Hague was able to shelter all the most important state residences.Hague where is

How to get there

There is no airport in this city. There are only two railway stations, both not only domestic, but also international. Where is the city of The Hague in relation to the nearest airports? Forty kilometers from Amsterdam and fifteen from Rotterdam.From both hubs in the actual capital of Holland can be reached by train. The largest railway station in the city is Den Haag Central. It is located almost in the center. From here you can go to Berlin and Cologne, as well as to Prague. The second station is called Hollands Spoor. It is located a quarter of an hour walk from the first. Trains leave from here to Belgium and France. But tourists prefer the central station. It is big, near many shops, a shopping street. Next to it - most of the stops of public transport.Hague where in what country

What is the weather here?

When we hear about where the Hague is located, we immediately understand that the climate in the city is marine. And this means that it often rains here. But winter is warm, and the temperature very rarely drops below zero. Spring is quite long and cool, usually rainy. Summer is not hot, although the sun shines often. But the warmest months in the city are not only July. This is still August and September. At the same time in the beginning of autumn it is very dry and comfortable. Tourists are often advised to come to The Hague in September. Here you can even swim at this time. Such climate features depend on the geographical location, that is, on the place where The Hague is located.Where is the Hague story


The city was founded in the thirteenth century.Then the Dutch Count Floris the Fourth built a castle here. In 1248, William II transferred the residence of the ruling aristocracy to the shore of the lake, which was called the Court Pond. The new castle was a real palace - with towers and a gilded roof. Nevertheless, the surrounding village itself was not walled. This did not want strong neighbors - rich Dutch cities. And the enemies knew very well where the Hague was and what the gaps in its defense were. Therefore, during various wars, they easily penetrated into the city, and it actually lost its population. Nevertheless, it was here that the Dutch graphs preferred to have their residence. Since 1400, the stork has become the symbol of The Hague. In the seventeenth century, the ruling princes ennobled the village, built bypass channels here, but did not make it a fortress. The rights of the city of The Hague received only under Napoleon, while at that time the walls were no longer considered a necessary object of defense. At the beginning of the twentieth century there were already 200 thousand inhabitants. The most affluent of them lived north on the “dunes”. The city is constantly expanding, and so far it absorbs the surrounding villages.The Second World War was a tragedy for The Hague, but because of "friendly fire." British pilots in March 1945, by mistake, bombed one of its residential areas.Hague where it is and what kind of city


Many tourists know where the Hague is, but prefer to visit other cities in the Netherlands, such as Utrecht and Amsterdam. But there is something to see. As in other Dutch cities, there are many beautiful buildings of the seventeenth century in The Hague. Residences and residential buildings are made in the style of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. There are very interesting mansions of the 19th century - beautiful examples of art deco. Interesting and modern buildings built over the past ten years - the Town Hall and the shopping center near it, the so-called "Candy-box", the city library. Lovers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance also enjoy The Hague. Where is the Museum of the Inquisition? In the former prison Gewagenport. You can visit the Riddersal Tribunal building, the royal palace and the castle in the middle of the lake - Binnenhof. And what museums are here! We mention at least two of them. Permanent exhibitions of Vermeer, Rembrandt and other masters of the “golden age” are open in Mauritsheis.In "Madurodam" you can get acquainted with all the sights of the country in miniature. The city tram runs from the center of The Hague to the small town of Delft. It is the birthplace of Vermeer, and there is his house-museum.The hague court where is

Hague courts

In the last year of the nineteenth century, an international peace conference was held in this city. After it was established the International Court of Arbitration. American tycoon Edward Carnegie donated a half million dollars for the construction of the impressive “Peace Palace”. Thanks to this, another attraction appeared, thanks to which the Hague is mainly known - the court. Where is the "Palace of Peace"? In the city center, in the middle of a park area. After the war, the International Court of Justice began to work there. But the fact is that in this city there is another institution, which very quickly gained worldwide fame. This is the International Criminal Court, in operation since 2002. It is he who can consider cases not of states that are suing each other, but of specific individuals (even those in authority) if they are accused of violating human rights, such as genocide, crimes against humanity and military violence against civilians.This tribunal is the “last resort” and begins to work in cases where the states themselves are unable or unwilling to investigate such cases.Where is the city of The Hague


No matter how surprising it sounds, but a place where you can spend your vacation at sea is also The Hague. Where is the beach in this city? There are even a few of them. In the north - the chic and popular with the Dutch Schevenengen beach. And in the west of the city is located Kaykdaun. Scheveningen is more equipped, with a beautiful covered pier promenade, leaving the sea and various entertainment. And Kaykkaun more wild, with dunes overgrown with thick grass. And in the summer, and in the autumn, and in the winter you will see fantastic landscapes here. Even if you can not swim, a walk through the beach areas is guaranteed to give you pleasure. In addition, there are many good fish restaurants.


What to bring from the actual capital of Holland? People who know where The Hague is and what its opportunities are in the field of shopping are also aware that there are a lot of simply luxurious shopping centers where you can buy practically everything. For example, "Hulshof" will offer you the designer things of modern fashion designers - clothes, shoes, as well as household goods. In this mall there are good and cheap furniture stores."Maison de Bonetteri" is probably the most popular department store in The Hague, which, moreover, is located in a historic building with a beautiful facade. The prices are high, but the perfumes are very good. In this shopping center, you can just walk and eat in a restaurant. And souvenirs are bought in the numerous shops of the Haagsche Bluf shopping district. The famous Dutch cheese, deli meats, bread and chocolate are sold on Frederick Hendirklaan Street.

How to move

Another correct answer to the question of where the Hague is located will be: in the agglomeration of Randstadt. Translated, this word means "ring city." These are the four largest populated areas of the country, where, besides The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht also belong. Inside this ring is the so-called green heart of Holland. There is a high-speed tram between Rotterdam and The Hague. This type of public transport is very popular when traveling in the city and its surroundings. Buses occupy the second place in passenger traffic. They wanted to build subways in the city, but then they changed their minds, and now some trams just go through several underground tunnels.By public transport you can reach almost any place in The Hague. For example, to the beaches from the center by tram ride no more than 15-20 minutes.

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