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Where is Majorca located? This question is asked by travelers who once heard about the wonderful island resort. Being the largest in the Balearic archipelago of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Majorca extends over a vast territory, its coastline is 554 kilometers. These data may vary, since the edge of the coastal strip is highly indented.

where is mallorca

That part of the Mediterranean area where Majorca is located is called the Balearic Sea. It washes the southeastern side of Spain from Cape Benidorm to the border with France. In this part of the Spanish coast there are two major cities: Valencia and Barcelona, ​​which together with Majorca form a regular triangle.

Majorca resorts

The island of Mallorca is located at the intersection of the main commercial sea lanes connecting the Italian port of Livorno and Genoa, the French Marseille and the Spanish Barcelona.The shortest way to Majorca is by sea from the port of Valencia. The message is well established. In the Mediterranean, where Majorca is located, there is almost no stormy weather, so small pleasure boats run from Valencia to the island. For those who are used to value their time, planes fly from Barcelona to Majorca.

A bit of history

The Balearic archipelago, where Majorca is located, originated during the Paleolithic period, as evidenced by excavations of ancient burials and numerous settlements in which the citizens of Carthage lived. After the fall of the empire on the island settled pirates. However, in 123 BC the Romans freed the island from the criminal community and attached it to their possessions.

The best beaches of Mallorca

Currently, the island is one of the best recreation areas of the Mediterranean. Majorca resorts are located in two mountainous areas adjacent to the coast. Mountains rich in hiking trails allow visitors to feel like climbers. Climbing to the top of Massanella with a height of 1352 meters can be equated in complexity to the mountains of Elbrus. In this way,Majorca resorts are organically combined with the active leisure of tourists.

But all the rest more attracted sandy beaches, which are many on the island. All of them are equipped and equipped with the necessary equipment, umbrellas, changing cabins, sun beds or wicker mattresses made of natural hemp.

island of Majorca

Resort areas

The whole island is divided into 14 separate landscaped regions with its own infrastructure. These are the resorts of Majorca: Cala d'Or, Sa Coma, Paguera, Cala Rajada, Magalluf, Illetas, Can Pastilla, Arenal, Playa de Palma, Cala Mayor, Palma Nova, Santa Ponsa, Alcudia , Camp de Mar. The level of popularity they have is different. The best beaches of Mallorca are located in the bay of Palma de Mallorca, whose coastline stretches exactly 20 kilometers to both sides of the city.

Kala d‘Or resort

A popular resort on the south coast of Mallorca. You can communicate with local service personnel in three languages: English, Spanish or Catalan. Family friendly resort, well suited for travelers with children. The city is immersed in greenery, completely built up with villas and one-story houses. There is an atmosphere of well-being and tranquility.Relict pines grow everywhere, the persistent aroma of coniferous forest in the air. The streets are full of shops and shops for every taste. And the bay Cala d'Or along with the beach Cala Gran amaze the imagination with its beauty.

the best beaches of majorca

Resort Magaluf

The most famous resort in Mallorca is famous for its high-rise hotels and well-developed infrastructure. The resort is universal, suitable for youth spending time and equally for family holidays. In Magaluf, there is the largest water amusement complex, Water Park. And lovers of this golf can compete on the Poniente course, equipped according to all the canons of professional golf clubs.


A small resort area in the southwest of the island, a quiet, serene place, ideal for romantic couples and couples. Shallow lagoons with many well-equipped sandy beaches create a cozy atmosphere. Bohemians, artists and artists prefer to relax on Paguera, and the local port, located in the resort area, has become the main pier for the arrival of a rich tourist contingent from around the world. The best vacation spots in the resort of Paguera are Cape Formentor and São Vicens Bay with the purest water.


Consolidated tourist center consisting of resorts Picafort, Platja de Muro and Platja d'Alcudia. The main attraction of Alcudia is an ancient fortress, high walls of shell rock and the city of Pollentia with an amphitheater preserved from the time of ancient Rome. The rest of the center corresponds to its purpose, there are comfortable hotels, shops, expensive restaurants and low-priced canteens everywhere.

excursions in majorca


The island has a train service, which is used for excursions. One branch connects the capital - Palma de Mallorca - with the cities of Manacor and Inca. The other, longer, passes through the Sierra de Tramontana massif through the thirteen tunnels to the port city of Soller. Railway stations are combined with stops on the lines of the city metro.

Mallorca Sea

In addition to the rail service on the island ply buses and taxis. Thus, excursions in Mallorca can be organized in any direction using public transport, and in this case, each of them will be several times cheaper than the same sightseeing, but on a tour bus.The choice of the mode of transport also determines the number of trips. Excursions in Mallorca become cheaper as you move away from the capital inland.

Tourist boom

Since 1950, the world has noticeably increased interest in historical sites. Single travelers and groups of tourists began to visit interesting places, inspect famous architectural monuments, museums and exhibition complexes. Special demand resorts on the islands, as well as contemplation of the sights on them could have a good rest.

One of these resorts was Mallorca. The sea surrounding it from all sides, blue cloudless sky and a pleasant mild climate contributed to the popularity of the largest island of the Balearic archipelago. Guest reviews about staying on the resort island are very positive. Russian travelers, once visiting Majorca, return again and again. The resort has long become popular with Russian tourists.

In Mallorca, the entire month of August is spent by members of the royal family of Spain. The island was chosen by many world celebrities, including the seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, tennis players Boris Baker and Carlos Moya,the first racket of the world Rafael Nadal, top model Claudia Slate, actor Michael Douglas and many others. All these famous people built villas and mansions on the coast.

Writer and composer

On Mallorca was part of the life of a famous couple in love. George Sand and Frederic Chopin settled on the island at the end of 1838, hoping for a cure for Frederick, who was sick with tuberculosis. However, hopes were not justified - he became worse. The climate of the resort, generally favorable, had the opposite effect, the disease was even more developed. The writer has created in Mallorca one of her best creations, the novel Winter in Mallorca. After the couple left, many things remained in their apartment, which are now kept in the monastery of Valldemossa, located in the mountainous part of Majorca.

holidays in Majorca prices

The cost of holidays in Mallorca

Accommodation is the first and most important item of expenditure during your stay on a resort island. Holidays in Mallorca, prices for housing, services, food - all this interests travelers. At the height of the season, the prices for accommodation are quite high and can range from 75 to 275 euros per day, and the hotel category does not play a role in this case,since there are no places in two- and three-star hotels at this time. When the seasonal excitement is declining, rooms in a three-star hotel cost 30-50 euro / day. Hotels in a class above will cost 60-100 euros.

Middle class passenger car can be rented for 10-24 euro / day. A convertible will cost 40 euros, and a bus ride will cost 1.25 euros per person. At the height of the season, all these numbers just need to be multiplied by 0.4, that is, all prices are automatically increased by 40%.

As noted in the reviews, the food in the resorts of Majorca is not very expensive, and there is an opportunity to take complex meals for 7-10 euros. An alternative is visiting small restaurants, where a good meat dish will cost between 3 and 8 euros. Much depends on the choice of food places.

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