Where is Kursk? How to get there? What to see tourists?

Kursk, only 10 years ago, received the title however, is not an unknown city in Russia. Although at the mention of his name, the majority recalls the Battle of Kursk, the city is famous not only for the brave feat of the locals during the Second World War. For almost a thousand-year history of existence, the city has collected and retained a considerable number of objects, and now with joy and pride it shows them to tourists in the form of sights.

Geographical position

The area where Kursk is located is located on a hill (200-250 m above sea level). Here the two rivers, the Kur and the Tuskar, merge into a single channel, flowing into the San River. Geographical coordinates correspond to 51 ° 39 's. sh. 36 ° 11 'in. d., and the total area of ​​the settlement is 188.75 km. sq. The central part of the European region of Russia, where Kursk is located, is bordered in the west by Ukraine (Sumy region).

where is kursk

The city is the political, economic, geographical and cultural center of the same name area. Its distance from the capital of the Federation is about 530 km.If you mentally draw an imaginary line from Moscow to the coast of the Azov Sea, then just on it there will be a point to which the city of Kursk will correspond.

How to get to Kursk?

In the region where the city of Kursk is located, an extensive transport system has developed. Trains, buses, planes fly here.

The Nightingale train (No. 105) runs from Moscow to Kursk. Through the regional center there is a regular international railway communication with Kiev and Kharkov, long-distance connections with Sochi and Anapa, and also regional with Orel and Belgorod.

where is kursk

The region where Kursk is located is served by Vostochny International Airport. The terminal accepts regular flights from Moscow all year round, in the holiday season from St. Petersburg, Anapa and Sochi.

The bus service from Kursk is laid on all four sides of the world. The leading highways link Moscow and Kiev, as well as Moscow and Simferopol. The Kursk bus station accepts and sends international and long-distance routes, and the Severnaya bus station also serves commuter flights.

where is the city of kursk

What to see in Kursk?

The Victory Memorial has recently become the visiting card of Kursk. Located at the entrance to the city, the memorial complex “Kursk Bulge” includes: an alley of military equipment, the Triumphal Arch, the Church of St. George the Victorious, the Eternal Flame, and other memorable facilities. In the area where Kursk is located, the same high attendance of this attraction is noted by both residents of the city and tourists. People come here to honor the memory of the heroes of the war years, to get acquainted, take pictures with the exhibits, and just walk along the artfully designed boulevard.

The history of the region, where the city of Kursk, reflects the exposure of the regional museum of local lore. Here are regularly held exhibitions and excursions, highlighting the chronology of development and features of the region. Among other exhibits: rare books and items of numismatics, collections of stuffed animals and birds, master classes and various events are organized, for example, “Museum Night”.

where is Kursk

Pilgrims note

In the heart of the ancient city is Znamensky Cathedral, significant for the residents of Kursk and interesting for guests. The temple was repeatedly ravaged, rebuilt, even used as a cinema.Today the cathedral has been completely renovated, and, as 200 years ago, continues to impress with the magnificence of architecture, the grandeur of the bell tower.

Not far from the main square of Kursk, stands atypical for the city building - the Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is made in neo-gothic architectural style, curious from the outside, informative inside. Coming here, you can listen to organ music or church service, admire the beautiful view of the city.

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