What to do if the cough does not pass?

If a cough does not go away for more than three weeks, then they talk about a chronic disease of the lungs or respiratory tract. After the cure of the disease, the symptoms will disappear and you can breathe easily, ceasing to finally suffocate at night.cough does not pass

Causes of prolonged cough:

  1. As a rule, a long cough does not go away after a viral illness. If it is not fully repaired, the symptoms will persist for a long time due to the proliferation of bacteria in the airways. The cough may stop for a while, or rather, become smaller, but soon begin with a new force. At the same time, sputum does not go away absolutely, which worsens the patient's condition. Attacks can be observed mainly in the night and morning.

  2. Smoker's bronchitis is another reason why a cough does not come. It is worth noting that if the patient refuses cigarettes, then at first he may have a cough, which is quite normal. So come out all the toxins accumulated in the lungs.About a week later, the cough will stop.

  3. Deviations in the work of the cardiac system and benign tumors can also be the causes of chronic cough. At the same time heartbeat becomes frequent, wheezes appear, the voice can be gone. Often the disease is accompanied by headache and severe fatigue.

  4. Tuberculosis and lung cancers will be accompanied not only by a prolonged cough, but also by other symptoms - lethargy, apathy, severe pain. The phlegm is excreted in the blood, and the cough leads to vomiting.

  5. Asthma causes allergic or chronic cough. In this case, the patient's condition may deteriorate very quickly, leading to suffocation and difficulty breathing.dry cough does not pass


If a dry cough does not pass more than one and a half months, then it is worth undergoing a full examination. You will need to take x-rays and pass general tests. So you can see the blackouts in the lungs, as well as their dynamic change. The specialist will put the patient on the account for regular monitoring of his condition. If the cough is accompanied by other symptoms - nasal congestion, runny nose, sputum, heaviness in the chest, then a full examination will be required.

Folk treatment

If the cough does not go a month or more, then treatment should be comprehensive. Medication therapy and steam inhalations are indicated. An effective remedy is herbal treatment. Various charges can breathe and take them inside. Well help camphor alcohol and honey. But without the appointment of a doctor to use folk remedies is not recommended. You must first establish the cause of the protracted cough, only after that to carry out therapy.

cough does not pass month

Drug treatment

When a cough does not pass for a long time, then drugs are prescribed that bind sputum and eliminate lung spasm. For allergies, antihistamine medicines or antibiotics will be required. The main thing is not to delay the treatment and follow all the doctor's instructions. With a sharp deterioration in the condition shown stationary observation. Cough should be treated, otherwise you can bring the condition to asthma, which will accompany the patient throughout his life.

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