What if oversalted sauerkraut? Practical advice

Porridge - one of the most useful methods of processing vegetables. In sauerkraut contains much more nutrients than pickled. Having learned to cook this snack yourself, you will be able to get not only the best quality, but also excellent taste. And the cost of the dish is low, which makes it even more attractive.

what to do if oversalted sauerkraut

But often during the preparation of certain difficulties arise. Therefore, today we will talk about such a common case as peresal. Our article will help to find the answer to the question of what to do if oversalted sauerkraut. Is it possible to save the product? Consider all the details in order.

If the salting is found immediately

The sooner a problem is identified, the easier it is to fix it. Try vegetables before the fermentation process begins. If there is too much salt, it is easiest to fix the matter at this stage.You will not have to wrestle with how to save salted sauerkraut, if you immediately add vegetables to the tub. Simply chop the fresh carrots and cabbage, rinse with hands and mix thoroughly with the salted part.

The easy way is to add water.

It is necessary to control the situation throughout the whole process. You can take a sample during the fermentation.

can you pickle sauerkraut

What to do if oversalt sauerkraut, but found it only when the process is in full swing? You should not worry: precious time has not yet been completely lost, everything can be fixed.

Drain the part of the juice that is released during fermentation, and replace it with clean cold water (not boiled, but preferably filtered). Salt concentration will decrease.

Unusual Egg Method

Many housewives know one small trick, which can be used for many dishes, in which for some reason the salt turned out to be a little more than it should.

If you are puzzled by the question "what to do if you have oversalt the sauerkraut," this method will help you. Carefully break the raw egg in a bowl, trying not to damage the yolk.Pour it into a permeable bag and place it in a container with cabbage for a quarter of an hour. You can use a special tea bag, gauze or cotton bag.

But here it is worth noting that this method, although reliable, is considered quite risky. A raw egg also contains microflora, which can affect the environment necessary for fermentation.

How to smooth the taste of a little salted cabbage

Well, if the problem was found only during the tasting of the finished product? How to fix the taste of salted sauerkraut in this case? Is it really necessary to throw out the prepared treat with such difficulty?

how to fix the taste of pickled sauerkraut

First, assess the degree of salinity. If the cabbage is slightly saltier than you want, pour it with fragrant sunflower oil when serving and add thinly chopped onion. This will improve the situation a bit. You can use other products with active flavors: ginger, cranberries, garlic.

Excellent results give crunchy apples sour varieties. They not only mask the taste, but also partially neutralize it. Often, slightly salted sauerkraut is quite suitable for making vinaigrette. Salt dish, of course, is not necessary.

Use of salted cabbage in cooking

If the amount of excess salt seems too large to you, so that you can just drown it with fragrant additives, it is not worth serving cabbage to the table in its raw form. Anyone who does not know what to do if he oversattered sauerkraut, you can advise the following: think about cooking cabbage soup, bigos, stews, filling for patties.

If you add a significant portion of other ingredients to the dish, the salinity will decrease. For example, for making pies, roasted sauerkraut can be mixed with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, boiled eggs, fried onions.

How to avoid salting?

how to save salted sauerkraut

Is it possible to oversalt sauerkraut? Here fat, for example, always absorbs as much salt as necessary. But with vegetables, this trick does not work. Do not calculate the salt - cabbage will be salted.

Insure against trouble in advance. Do not forget to make control samples at different stages: immediately after cutting, salting and kneading vegetables; during souring; before closing; before serving. Try to comply with the recipe, use measuring dishes.

Then at the most inopportune moment when you need to set the table and meet the guests, you will not have to save a tasty snack.

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