What makes Elvira Nabiullina

This is not a joke. Do any of you understand what kind of game Nabiullina has been doing in recent months? Apart from those rumors and scandals.
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But it was possible to expose their subordinates to the forefront, to temporarily go into the shadows to put out the negative. But no, Elvira with maniacal persistence gives grounds for an informational shooting.
And her statement yesterday that the Central Bank will be even more tough. Like, it is necessary to control inflation, raise interest rates.
Guess what smells?
But recent experience suggests that money will start to withdraw at a breakneck pace, demand will drop significantly, domestic production will decline and, as a result, investment will stop.
The alarm was beaten by almost all participants of the Russian economy. From liberal Gref and Titov to ordinary bankers.
Why does she turn everyone around into enemies? Speeding up your retirement?
Well, if you are tired of holding the position of head of the Central Bank, can you not just give a signal to the Kremlin and fly with a golden parachute towards European resorts with inflated handsome men, as Skrynnik has already done? But no, our humble servant does everything in orderto compete for the title of "Evil of the Year-2018" with Mikhail Mishustin.
The most "joke" is that the decline in the market after the interest rate increase will lead to the very least Nabiullina inflation, to its next jump.
It's just some kind of anecdote, when a person is swimming in a leaky boat and is trying to scoop out water with a teaspoon for speed. Given that it is clear that he will get tired sooner or later, he will slow down and flood the boat.
Well, in the end, she will achieve that not only officials from the economic sector, but also the entire banking system, will turn against him, and in one step - the clientele of these banks, which will lose their profits.
And who will we blame for the economic downturn?
Naturally, the Government and the leadership of the country.
And what is it? Can anyone clearly explain the actions of the head of the Central Bank of Russia?
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