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The word "advice" is used in Russian quite often. This is because it has many different meanings. Some of them are used more often, others less often. In this article, we learn what advice is and in what sense the use of this word is possible.

Instruction or help

So, the first and fairly common meaning of the word "advice" is an indication or instruction.

"Do not despise anyone's advice", "I did not obey clever advice" Krylov.

In everyday life, people very often both give and receive instruction or help. Interestingly, the word “advice” itself has a rather positive meaning. In other words, one person is trying to help another. What advice is well known to those who have many relatives. It is in family relationships that instruction is extremely common. For example, parents give advice to their children on various domestic issues. In general, it should be noted that assistance can be obtained by asking someone about it.However, there are cases when, for no reason at all, people try to give instructions to others. From the outside it does not look quite ethical.

What is a tip

There are many forums on the net, where you can both get advice and give it. Sometimes strangers are much easier to ask about something, and for this reason such sites are very popular. It is very important that a person is aware that the responsibility for making a decision rests solely with himself. So, taking advice into account or not is a personal choice.

When and who should be given advice

It does not seem strange, but in fact many people like to give advice very much. In this way, they can manifest many feelings. For example, when one person is worried about another, he will certainly give him advice on how to act in a particular situation. It is very important that this kind of help does not grow into morals. So, to the question “what does the advice mean?” It should be answered that this is verbal assistance, which is not obligatory, but recommendatory in nature. That is, having received advice, the person himself has the right to decide whether to apply it or act in his own way. This should be understood as a person who accepts the advice, and the one who gives it. Often people are offended by the fact that they do not heed their advice.It should be remembered that too obsessive oral help can worsen the relationship between the interlocutors. This is especially true when a person did not ask for advice, but was forced to listen to instructions.

What does the tip mean

In fact, helping other people is very important and necessary. You just need to know how and when to do it. So, in order not to spoil relations with the interlocutor, you should give unobtrusive advice. In addition, you must make sure that he really needs them. According to psychologists, one of the best tips are those in which a person talks about his past experience. So the source will be sure that he is not only listened to, but empathized with him.

Family Council

We have already mentioned that the word “advice” is very often used in relation to relatives. But if in that sense, verbal help was implied, now it will be a matter of collective discussion. In this case, all participants in the event can give each other recommendations and instructions. The word "advice", the meaning of which we will now consider, is very often used for the names of meetings. So, in some families there is a mandatory collection.It addresses spiritual and material issues. This collection is called "family council." Of course, the participants in it are all family members. Such a meeting is held to resolve conflicts and prevent them in the future.

Scientists have found that the family council can solve many issues. Children should be invited to them, even if they still attend kindergarten. They should see and understand that this is a rather important meeting, which should be attended by all family members. In order for the child to be also interested in family council, you need to touch on the topics that concern him. For example, what a tasty dish to cook this week or what toy you can make money.

Board value

Discussion of important issues

This word has another meaning. Quite often, various meetings and gatherings are called "council." In this context, the word is used much less frequently. For example, before a holiday corporate all employees of an enterprise gather for a council where they decide how they will celebrate it. Practically in any team such meetings can take place.So, for example, questions about the educational process are solved at the school council. To this word in this sense, you can pick up the following synonyms: congress, meeting, conference.

Collegial bodies

When a certain number of people often get together to discuss any issues together, this can also be called the word “advice”. The value of the meeting itself is determined by the people who are present at it and the issues that are being decided. For example, in some schools there is a system of student self-government. One of its forms may be the "Council of Leaders". So, it includes all class elders and teacher-organizer. Or, for example, in joint-stock companies, the governing body is called the “Board of Directors”. It includes all shareholders of the enterprise. It is very important to note that in this context the question: “what is a council?” The definition will be: a collegial council is a group of officials or authorized persons exercising collective management.

Meaning of the word advice

Collegial advice: what is it and how is it

There are two main types of public bodies that differ significantly among themselves.The first is the advisory council, which has the following tasks:

· Discussion of issues and projects;

· Analysis of knowledge and experience;

· Drawing up recommendations on various issues.

So, the advisory council does not make decisions and cannot give instructions. Its main task is to collect and analyze information. Decisions on issues can only take the head. An example of institutions that have such a collegial body are some educational institutions. So, in them the pedagogical council has no right to make decisions, but it can influence them. Accordingly, only the director of such an institution decides all matters of settlement.

What is advice and how it happens

The second type of public council is called managerial. He not only discusses and analyzes the issues, but also makes the appropriate decisions. As a rule, such councils exist at the highest level of an enterprise and can deal with more global issues, for example, the reorganization of a company or even liquidation.

Representative body of state power

Often the word "advice" can be found in the names of some forms of political organization of society.For example, all residents of Russia know what the Federation Council is. This is a permanent body that represents the interests of the regions at the federal level and reflects the principles of the Russian state. The representative bodies of state power also include the councils of people's deputies, the village council, the city council, and the like.

What is tip definition

Accord and friendship

The word “advice” has one more meaning, which probably at least once in its life was heard by everyone who attended the wedding. “Advice and love to you” is a phrase that newlyweds hear from many guests. In fact, this is archaism, which in modern speech has synonyms: “consent”, “friendship”. Based on this, it becomes clear that newlyweds are willing to live in love and understand each other.

“Take to your beauty; take her wherever you want, and God give you love and advice! ”Pushkin.

What is the Federation Council?

Summing up, let's see this word in the dictionary of obsolete phrases. Despite the fact that in the modern world it has not lost its popularity, among archaisms it also has and has its own special significance.

TIP - decision; definition Note: joint mind, joint knowledge.

So, in the distant past, the concept of this word was not much and differed from its general meaning in our time. It would seem that all the meanings of the word “advice” that we considered differ from each other, but in fact, they are very similar. The common denominator of all these concepts is one - interaction, communication, team. This means that it is very important to listen to the opinions of others and take it into account when making various kinds of decisions.

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