What is shugaring: features of the procedure, pros and cons, contraindications

The search for effective ways to deal with unwanted body hair, brought back to the roots of history and the methods used in the ancient world. What is a shugaring, we consider in this article.

Shugaring - what is it?

Shugaring - what is it?

Modern girls have defended for thousands of years the right to be beautiful. Getting rid of unwanted hair has become part of a personal care treatment. You can refuse this unpleasant and troublesome work, but in the modern world there is simply no need.

Modern cosmetology has stepped far forward, and such unpleasant methods have been replaced by quick, and most importantly, painless procedures. One of these methods is the technique called shugaring.

You can not only eat sweets, they also give girls a smooth and velvety skin without hair for a long time.Shugaring what is it? Shugaring is the procedure for removing unwanted vegetation on the body in any part of it with the help of sticky sweet substance - caramel.

Sugar substance when applied to the hairy surface completely envelops it. Pasta has a thick texture. From the surface of the skin, it is removed by a sharp movement of the hands of the master. After removing the layer of paste on it you can find the removed hairs.

Shugaring is performed not only with sugar, nor with honey. The history of occurrence says that Nefertiti herself used this method of removing unwanted hair, and later the Queen of Ancient Egypt - Cleopatra.

Epilation of sugar paste was especially popular among women of ancient Persia. Pasta recipes were considered wealth, and her recipes were passed from one female generation to another.

The fact of the thousand-year history of using caramel suggests that this method was in great demand not only because there are no other available methods (which is not the case now), but also its great effectiveness and ease of use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Like any other method of cosmetic hair removal on different parts of the body, shugaring has positive aspects that distinguish the sugar procedure from the rest to the fore, and negative aspects that have to be considered when choosing a service.

The advantages include the following:

  • working mixture has a natural and most important hypoallergenic composition;
  • does not cause an allergic reaction and even skin irritation;
  • the practical absence of pain during the procedure;
  • elimination of thermal burn during the procedure;
  • the technique of applying and removing hair eliminates the appearance of ingrown hairs;
  • the simplicity of the recipe for cooking pasta and a relatively cheap cost.

This is the positive side of the procedure for getting smooth skin. But there are always stumbling blocks that put a choice to use the service.

The disadvantages include the following disadvantages:

  • hair length in the epilation zone should not be less than three millimeters (ideally 4-5 millimeters);
  • long time to prepare the paste before applying;
  • unavailability of the method for persons who are allergic to sugar components.

Sugar hair removal techniques

Sugar hair removal techniques

Sugar hair removal, or shugaring, is in great demand. As a result, it is possible to effectively and effectively get rid of unwanted hairs in any zone. Hair removal occurs completely, without breaking off at the base of the skin. At the same time, subsequent hair growth will be slowed down, and they themselves will become thinner.

Currently two hair removal techniques are used:

  • manual technique - when performing use only sugar paste balls;
  • banding technique - refers to the use of liquid sugar mass and its removal from the skin surface using tissue or paper rectangular stripes.

Regardless of the chosen technique of the procedure, after the session it is guaranteed getting soft, smooth and velvety skin.

Bandage shugaring

Banding technique is also called liquid shugaring. Use it when removing hair longer lengths on large areas. The expenditure of material increases by several times, compared with manual technique.

In this case, they use not only sugar paste, but also a spatula for its application, as well as fabric strips to remove the composition from the skin.

This technique is most convenient for home use. If a similar procedure is offered in the cabin, this may indicate a low level of professionalism of the master.

Manual shugaring

Manual technique is another name - “shugaring ball”. The master softens, applies and removes a layer of sugar paste from the skin surface with his hands. The ideal hair length for this technique is 5 millimeters.

Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned with a special agent from oily contaminants that can reduce the adhesion of the paste to the skin surface. The wizard uses disposable gloves.

For different zones it is common to use paste of different density. At the same time, the dependence on the temperature of the weather is traced - the average density is used in cold weather, dense in warm time.

If the paste has not previously been heated, the master softens the mass in his hands to a plastic state before applying.

Before applying, make sure that the skin does not contain moisture. To this end, talc is applied to the zone (baby powder can be used).

When using manual technique, the skin is not exposed to irritation, but this can be achieved only when the procedure is performed by a professional who has sculpted movements and has undergone a course of specialized training.

What do you need for shugaring?

What do you need for shugaring?

Shugaring is a relatively inexpensive method of hair removal. The basic set for the procedure should include:

  • sugar paste - prepared at home or purchased at the store;
  • antiseptic and degreaser;
  • means to slow the growth and soothing of the skin;
  • consumables (gloves, spatula, bandage).

With such a set it will not be difficult to perform the procedure yourself at home, but still it is better to trust a professional.

Sugar paste for work can be purchased at a specialized cosmetic store, but you can also prepare your own composition using the simplest products. People who appreciate organic foods will definitely like the second way.

To make pasta you will need:

  • granulated sugar 10 tablespoons;
  • water 1 tablespoon;
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Cooking technique:

  • The ingredients of the composition are mixed in a metal dish and put it on fire. Constantly stirring the mass for exactly one minute make fire at maximum power;
  • then we set the fire to a minimum, and cover the tank with a lid for ten minutes;
  • within the specified time the granulated sugar will begin to melt, it must be mixed and covered again for the same period of time;
  • open and mix again; bubbles should be observed in the composition; leave the container covered again for ten minutes;
  • foam starts to collect on the surface, the smell becomes caramel, and the color turns brown;
  • remove the lid, mix everything and leave for another five minutes;
  • turn off the fire and remove the dishes from the stove, carefully mixing the composition - the paste is ready for use.

The finished paste is poured into a container for long-term storage, until it thickens, it takes about three hours.

Shugaring at home - the main stages

Shugaring at home

Carrying out a salon procedure at home is currently quite possible. Shugaring belongs to the category of available procedures, and the technique of its implementation is quite simple.

Before you carry out the procedure for hair removal at home, it is necessary to prepare the site where the hairs will be removed.

The main stages of preparation are:

  • skin peeling;
  • steam skin before the procedure;
  • the use of creams and lotions before shugaring is strictly prohibited.

Skin cleansing

Preparation for hair removal must begin in advance. One or two days before the procedure, the skin in the areas of future epilation must be peeled off using a scrub. You can use professional cosmetics, and you can make a home scrub.

To do this, take the ground coffee and mixed with natural honey. You can also add a small amount of cane sugar. Such a scrub perfectly exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, making it more elastic.

As another recipe, you can use ground oatmeal mixed with a small amount of honey. The skin is not only cleansed, but also becomes soft and velvety.

Just before performing the procedure, a degreasing agent is applied to the skin surface in the epilation zone, followed by talc. The skin is ready for shugaring.

Pasta preparation

The finished paste before epilation is heated in one of the convenient ways. With a manual technique, you can not do this, then the master will have to independently warm up a ball of sugar paste in his hands to the desired state and consistency.

Choice of technology

The choice of technology depends on the skill of the employee of the salon, in which you decide to carry out hair removal. As a rule, banding equipment is used either at home and does not require great skill, or in salons on large surfaces (chest, back) in the presence of vegetation in the allotted zone.

Professional masters, as a rule, use manual technique of performance.

Carrying out the procedure

Before use, the paste is heated in a wax mill or on a steam bath to 40-45 degrees. The skin is relieved of dirt by a degreasing agent. The skin is powdered with talcum powder.

When using the bandage technique with a spatula, the sugar mass is distributed in a very thin layer over the working area. A bandage strip is applied with a trace and jerkily removed from the skin surface by a sharp movement along the growth line in the same plane with the skin surface. If hair removal has left unwanted elements, the procedure is repeated.

With the manual technique so that it is easy to separate the balls from the total mass, the paste is heated to 30-35 degrees. The mass of the container is taken from the very center, pinching off the sludge with the help of a spatula. The size of the ball depends on the size of the epilation zone and can vary from one to four centimeters.

Paste is applied with three fingers - the index, middle, ringless - against the hairline, forming a thin layer. After a few seconds of being on the skin, the paste becomes viscous and completely covers the hairs.

Removes the paste from the skin with sharp movements along the hairline along the surface of the skin. This minimizes pain and prevents subsequent hair ingrowth. After removing the paste from the surface of the skin, it again rolls into a ball, kneads and re-used in another area.

Skin care after shugaring

After shugaring, regardless of technology, the skin requires additional care. It is provided by applying a soothing lotion and a means to slow the growth of future hair. You can buy such cosmetic compositions in specialized stores.

Features of epilation of different parts of the body

Shugaring is a universal method of hair removal for all zones. Sugar hair removal on different parts of the body has its own nuances that any professional master should know about.

Features of hair removal

Epilation of the face most often includes the area above the upper lip, cheekbone area and eyebrow. The key to success in this case will primarily be the correct choice of the density of the paste.

For the face area, a paste of the softest texture is used, resembling slightly melted caramel. The procedure is performed in the same sequence as in other areas.

convenience is expressed in the fact that the manipulation takes only a few minutes, and the result persists for a long time.

The disadvantage, of course, is the fact that the hair must be at least five millimeters.

Arms and legs

Most women resort to hair removal not only the surface of the legs, but also the hands. Too pronounced hair on the hands attracts the attention of others and makes its owner feel discomfort.

The hand zone is divided into two parts. Frequently remove hair to the elbow. At the same time, a paste of medium texture is used and manual techniques are used.

After preparing the skin, a mass the size of a walnut is used. It is distributed over the surface and is removed in an appropriate way. The paste remains are washed off with warm water.

Epilation of the legs - a longer procedure. It is also performed in the manual technique with medium density paste. If not enough experience, you can use the bandage technique.

Before the procedure, it is advisable to steam the skin by taking a hot bath. This will facilitate the removal of hair and the procedure will be less painful.

To avoid irritation, the paste is applied to the same place no more than three times.

At the end of the remains of the paste washed with water. A week later, to prevent hair ingrowth, skin peeling is applied, which is also performed every week.


Features of shugaring epilation

Underarm epilation is difficult for a number of reasons, which include:

  • sweating zone;
  • different direction of hair growth;
  • uncomfortable location of the zone.

Profmaster on this area use the technique with the use of a bandage. The arm takes a special position - raised up and bent. Paste is applied with a thin layer and covered with a bandage strip. Removed after a minute sharp jerk.

It is not recommended to repeat the procedure due to the high probability of irritation.

Bikini area

The bikini area is considered the most gentle and most complex. Before the procedure, it is advisable to use local anesthetics that reduce pain.

The equipment used in this zone is preferably manual. The paste is applied in high density. Preparation for the procedure is performed according to the general scheme.

How often can I do shugaring?

The frequency of the procedures can be determined only individually, because the growth rate of hair is different for everyone.

Specialists in the field of cosmetology call for implementation no earlier than three weeks after the previous procedure. Each time the period of growth of new hair will increase.

Contraindications to the procedure

The main reasons for refusal of the procedure are:

  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • open wounds and bleeding in the epilation zone;
  • allergy to sugar products;
  • phlebeurysm.

The cost of the procedure in the salons

The cost of the procedure in the salons

If you compare the cost of shugaring with other types of procedures, then it is not as high as, for example, laser depilation.The cost of a certain zone consists of several parameters:

  • cost of raw materials;
  • master's professionalism;
  • beauty salon status.

In many salons, an attractive system of discounts is offered to perform complex epilation of all zones.


Having understood what a shugaring is, you can safely try the procedure on yourself without fear of the consequences. If all recommendations are followed, even without professional education, it is possible to achieve good results from the first sessions.

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