What is sherry? Useful properties, composition, harm and contraindications

What is sherry? How does it affect the human body? We will answer these and other questions in the article. Sherry, or sherry, is a fortified wine made from white grapes in Spain, in the triangle between the megalopolises of Sanlucar de Barrameda, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Jerez de la Frontera, located in the autonomous community of Andalusia . Depending on the variety, this drink contains from 15% to 22% alcohol. Different varieties of wine contain completely different amounts of sugar - from 0-5 to 400 g per liter of wine.

Distinctive feature

So, you already know what sherry is. What is the distinguishing feature of the manufacture of its varieties Manzanilla and Fino? These wines under the film of an extraordinary type of sherry yeast (the so-called flor) ferment the grape must.

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In some variants of sherry, this film can be observed on the surface of partially filled barrels during the entire maturation phase of the product.

Sherry varieties such as Amontillado and Oloroso have oxidative aging.In this case, the wine matures in a barrel, in contact with air (flora is absent). Today the word "sherry" means the brand name of wine, controlled by pedigree.


Many are trying to figure out what sherry. Among the aperitifs, this wine occupies an honorable royal place. Drink so began to be called because of the strong tonic qualities. Another positive feature of sherry is that it does not overlap the taste of even such foods as fish and smoked meat. Therefore, this wine will always be the way throughout the meal.

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For sherry characteristic bouquet of the finest flavors with a large number of faces. You can catch it bulbous, walnut-almond and resinous tones. Chamomile and cherry-tree notes appear elegantly on their background. The taste of wine is soft, gentle and harmonious, in it you can distinguish mushroom and floral shades, as well as the brilliantly salty display.

A bit of history

So what is sherry? For the first time this drink was made in the 17-18th centuries before the birth of Christ. Andalusia - the homeland of sherry - was often conquered by the Romans, the Moors, the Carthaginians, the Phoenicians and the Vandals. Such a frequent change of nations led to the fact that in the annals of clear information about the pedigree of this strong wine is not preserved.

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However, there is evidence that in this Spanish region, the Palomino grape variety grows superbly and brings many fruits. The local Mediterranean climate and limestone soils are ideal for ripening grapes. For the manufacture of the best wines used grapes, ripened on the hot earth, that is, grown without props.

Blended blends and medium sherry are obtained from Palomino, which is grown on barros sandy gray soils with a low calcium content. On red sandstones (poor nutrition and poor), called arenas, they cultivate grape varieties Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez. The crop of these varieties is processed into raisins, and then used to make concentrated juice for sweet wines and final blends.


Many people ask what kind of drink is sherry? Each sherry begins its life with dry wine, which fermented completely. The grapes are harvested in the early autumn by hand. Then, in the oak barrels, the wort is rapidly roaming. Further, during the entire winter period, the drink is self-lightening. Each barrel in the beginning of spring is sampled, on the basis of which the wines are typified and then fixed.

The info category includes the lightest ones, distinguished by the fragrance of purity. The surface of such wines is protected by a yeast solid film from contact with oxygen during the entire maturation cycle. As a result, the drink retains a light color and lightness. The rudimentary sugar is processed by the yeast, which gives the wine a savory special bouquet and makes it dry.

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Now you understand what kind of drink - sherry. To oloroso (another category of sherry), are wines with a surface covered with flora in part, as we wrote above. They have a strength of 17%, while the yeast disappears and the wine is oxidized in the process of aging. As a result, the sherry is fragrant and dry with a dark amber color, a sticky consistency and a nutty flavor.

Non-aromatic and heaviest wines are classified as gauhas. Basically, they are distilled into alcohols, from which brandy or vinegar is made.

Sherry sweet varieties perfectly in harmony with desserts. Coffee amazingly accompanies a more mature drink. Sherry has a beneficial effect on digestion, so it is great as a digestif.

Celebrity Opinion

Sherry is an amazing drink. Shakespeare sang it in his Falstaff.He wrote that good sherry is doubly useful, because, rushing into the head of a person, it accelerates all pairs of stupidity, rudeness and gloominess accumulated in the brain, inspires thought. That is why everything that flies from the language turns into an apt word.

Shakespeare argued that sherry, in addition, warms the blood, because if it pulses weakly, it becomes very pale, which is always a sign of cowardice and weakness. And now, the hordes of vital forces gather around their leader - the heart, and it, having become fierce, dares for any feat - all this is sherry.

British King Henry I offered Barter to the inhabitants of Bordeaux: to exchange wine for British wool. Al Idrizi (Arab geographer) in 1150 for King Roger drew a map of Sicily. She saved herself at Oxford in the Bodlian Library and in 1967 helped to settle the first legal proceedings against the English Sherry, thus proving the wrong use of the brand “sherry” for wines made outside of the Sherry region.

The sherry grape stalks at that time for the kingdom turned into a source of wealth. King of Castile Henry III in 1402 promulgated a decreewhich forbade the destruction of the vine and even came up with the placement of hives near the plantings of grapes so that the bees could not damage the fruit.

Useful qualities and composition

Photos of Spanish sherry like to consider anyone who is not indifferent to this drink. Sherry in the 19th century, through the efforts of British pharmacists, was introduced into universal use. In those days, doctors advised to drink pure sherry in small portions daily. In addition, this drink was used to extract medicinal components from herbal potions.

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Today, the benefits of sherry tell the Spaniards. Their scientists have proven that this drink has some useful qualities of red wine. So, sherry can protect the heart and prevent the occurrence of its ailments. The polyphenols that are in the composition of sherry, delay the appearance of stickiness of bad cholesterol and its sedimentation on the walls of blood vessels.

Scientists believe that the use of sherry in small doses increases the production of beneficial cholesterol, which helps to transfer harmful cholesterol from the blood vessels to the liver, and then remove it from the body.

Contraindications and harm

Like any drink that contains alcohol, sherry in excessive doses destroys the human body.It can affect the liver, central nervous system, brain, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, immune and cardiovascular systems, and other vital organs.


On the Spanish sherry reviews people leave very interesting. Many claim that this wine does not produce, that it is born. And it is born only on this earth. Often people complain that in Russia the cost of Spanish sherry is 5-10 times overestimated.

Some, planning a trip to Spain, the first thing they want to immediately try sherry. Many of them, taking the first sip, immediately say that this is an amazing drink! Often travelers, staying in Spain, consume sherry daily. They like to learn to distinguish between the main seven types of sherry:

  • Fino.
  • Pale Cream.
  • Manzanilla
  • Amontillado.
  • Oloroso.
  • Palo Cortado.
  • Pedro Ximenes.

They try them all and then say that they are all just great, have great taste and delicate aroma. Some say that Pedro Ximenes is the best sherry. They are surprised that this drink has a black color, although it is made from white grapes. They say with confidence that this is a true masterpiece. Indeed, it is a moderately sweet wine without the addition of sugar, velvety, with a rich taste of fresh dried fruit, not comparable with anything.

And tourists also like the fact that sherry wines are closed not with a stopper, but with a screw cap, which is very practical and convenient. They say that in Spain, sherry wines cost about 4-6 euros for a 0.75 l bottle. They like to enjoy the sherry as a snack to use ham - Spanish dry-cured ham, which is a national Spanish delicacy and delicacy.

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