What is a network security key? Wireless Security

Any user knows that when trying to connect to secure wireless networks, the message “Enter the network security key” is often displayed. What is the key, what is it for, how it is used, where to find it and how to determine it by various methods, then it will be considered. Actually, each user already knows what it is, but perhaps simply does not realize the true state of affairs. In fact, after reading the material below, any user will disappear all questions related to understanding the term itself and the methods used to determine such a key.

What is a network security key in general?

So, what is the understanding of this term? If anyone does not know, the security of wireless networks is ensured against unauthorized access to the network and the encryption of transmitted and received data.

Wireless network password

At the same time, the concept of a key is in no way related to the type of encryption used, but refers specifically to providing secure login. As many have probably guessed, the question of what a network security key is has the only correct answer: this is the most common access password, which is entered when you request from the router. It can consist of any set of Latin letters, numbers and symbols.

How it works?

In the question of what a network security key is, one cannot ignore some aspects related to how it works. The fact is that the request comes not from the wireless network itself, but from the router (router or ADSL modem) used.

When you try to connect to the network defined by your computer, laptop or mobile device, a request is made from the device, which is fixed on the router. In turn, it ensures the security of wireless networks and gives you a kind of invitation to connect, but with the mandatory confirmation of the access password, which in most cases, apart from using programs that allow you to calculate the key, provides protection against unauthorized connection.We’ll stop on the programs a bit later, but for now let's see how you can find out such a password in different systems and on different devices.

How to find out the network security key in Windows?

And for starters, let's look at the Windows desktop operating systems for users who for some reason have forgotten or lost Wi-Fi access passwords. What to do if a computer or laptop connects to the network without problems, but you need to access from another device (for example, from a mobile device). Where to get the network security key? This problem is solved completely elementary.

How to find out the security key in Windows

First you need to go to the properties of the established connection, using the "Network and Sharing Center". You can call it either through the PCM menu on the connection icon, or go to the corresponding section through the “Control Panel”. In the properties window, the security tab is used, which contains the network name and password. But it is displayed only in the form of points. How to find the network security key? Yes, just check the box next to the display of characters entered, and the password will appear in front of your eyes.

Why is this happening? Yes, just because any operating system, even with a one-time connection, saves the entered network names and the password to them, not to mention the connection, which is used by default.

Getting the key on the router

In principle, if such a variant of the user is not satisfied with something, you can go a longer way, using the router’s web interface to get it. To do this, you need to enter the settings through any web browser by entering combinations starting with 192.168, after which it is appended to either 0.1 or 1.1 (for non-standard models of routers, the addresses may differ quite strongly).

Security key on the router

After this, go to the section of wireless connection (Wireless), and then in the subsection of security (Security) find the field labeled PSK. What is inscribed in it is the desired key. If for some reason it is impossible to enter the settings of the router, in the command line enter the ipconfig combination and look in the field of the main gateway. This is the address of the router itself.

Android security key definition

What is the network security key, and how to find it in Windows, figured out. Now let's see how to perform similar procedures on Android mobile systems. It's all a bit more complicated.

Network security key on Android

If the password is not displayed in the normal form in the connection settings, you will have to look for it in the system files, but you need to have Root rights and any file manager to access them on the device. In the manager, successively navigate to the Data / Music / WiFi directories, and in the latter open a text document called wpa_supplicant.conf, then in the text you find the name of the network you are looking for. Next to the name and the corresponding key will be entered.

Using specialized programs

In mobile systems, you can use the free WiFi Password Hacker utility, which, after starting, scans all connections that have ever been made, and after selecting the desired network, displays the access password used for it on the screen.

Hacker passwords of wireless networks

If you need to find out the password to someone else's network, you will have to use a somewhat illegal technique called brute force. For Windows systems, the Aircrack-ng utility is most suitable, and for Android systems, WIBR. It is quite simple to use them, so it makes no sense to focus on this. But keep in mind that their use, if not illegal, then at least goes beyond the bounds of decency.

Instead of the total

That's all that concerns the consideration of issues related to the concept of a security key. Regarding the very concept, the conclusion can be made only one - this is the most common access password. As for how to recognize it, I think, and there should not be any special questions here, since in any operating system this is done quite simply. There may be problems with mobile devices if you do not have access rights to system directories, but you can use, for example, the computer utility Kingo Root, which is first installed on a PC and then installs its own driver on a mobile device, after which you will have rights superuser.

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