What is mercy and compassion?

The manifestation of selfless care for another person has always been valued in society, even primitive. Therefore, it is very important from an early age to inculcate love of one's neighbor to a person and to explain what charity is. The definition of this word can be found in this article.

Concept of mercy

According to the explanatory dictionary, charity is a compassionate attitude towards a person, a willingness to provide disinterested help to people in need. Mercy is determined by the character of a person and his upbringing. That is why it is important from infancy to invest in the consciousness of the child an understanding of what mercy and compassion are.what is mercy

Already in the nursery and kindergarten the first social habits of the child are formed, which subsequently influence his attitude towards people. During this period, it is important that children do not feel the social boundaries between different groups of people. Otherwise, their pattern of behavior is unlikely to include compassionate actions.

One can tell a child what mercy is about fairy tales and cartoons. The compassionate behavior of your favorite characters will be an example for him in childhood.The development of such qualities as kindness and responsiveness will help the young person in the future.

Compassionate attitude towards people

To explain what charity is, whose definition everyone can interpret in their own way, you need to consider a few examples. Charity is inherent in some individuals by profession or lifestyle.what is mercy and compassion

To become a priest, you need to be able to show mercy even to those who may not deserve it at all. The ability to understand the negative actions of people and to see in them the good, that which others may not see, must be present in every servant of God. Otherwise, he will never be the one to whom people can open up with the hope of forgiveness.

It is human to err, but they must have hope that they will be forgiven. Without this hope, a person may not have the desire to correct what happened through his fault. The desire to change attitudes towards themselves must be supported by actions and find a response in the souls of other people.

How to teach love?

As you know, children copy the behavior of adults. Not only their parents, but also educators, teachers, coaches and other mentors.The pattern of behavior that they meet every day usually becomes the basis of their own relationships with people. Therefore, to teach a child to love without an example of compassionate attitude towards others is impossible.what is mercy photo

If parents are kind and responsive people who bring up children by their own example, then the child will grow up to be the same compassionate person. But it is worth remembering that the influence on the child can also have his surroundings. This does not mean that it is necessary to limit his communication with other children or adults. Such actions can lead to the destruction of social bonds and further alienation from communication with people. Prohibiting a child to interact with those children who, according to parents, are not an example of proper behavior, is also not the best option. You just need to remind children more about how other people may be hurt by their actions.

When a child does something good and kind, you need to show him how pleasant it is for others and for his parents. If you praise him for good behavior, it will give an incentive to strive to become even better.

Examples of mercy in literature

To cultivate compassion in a child of school age is possible on the example of literary works.The behavior of the characters and their relationships help children better understand how to behave, as well as deal with what charity is. The “captain’s daughter” of A.S. Pushkin is imbued with the spirit of mercy and compassion for man. The development of relations between the main characters gives an idea of ​​how responsive and kind a person can be.what is mercy definition

Typically, teachers of literature give children the task to write their opinions on the topic: "What is mercy and compassion." The writing helps to comprehend the read and draw conclusions. Teacher comments should direct students' thinking in the right direction.

Movies with examples of compassion

Many modern films are full of cruelty. This is also a kind of example of how not to act. There are some films that teach to be merciful.what is mercy captain's daughter

“Outpost” is one of the few films that show examples of compassion and disinterested help to those in need. The film tells about life in the walls of the monastery, the abbot of which organized a shelter for orphans and the disabled. The attitude of the monastery residents to other people is taught to sympathize and help people free of charge.

It is the viewing of such tapes that helps learn how to take care of people and accept them with all the flaws, as well as understand what charity and compassionate attitude are.

Where does compassion begin?

For a child, compassion begins with the love of animals. Caring for animals is an example of selfless care. And to teach for self-care for pets you need a child as soon as possible. This will help him to quickly learn to show sympathy for others, as well as pity for wounded and abandoned animals.what is mercy and compassion essay

The smaller the child, the smaller should be the pet. For example, caring for a parrot or hamster can be charged to children under the age of four or five years. There is another rule: the older the child becomes, the more complex actions he can perform.

If a child takes home sick animals from the street and tries to take care of them independently, no need to scold him for it. For parents, this may not be entirely acceptable, but such an act means that the child grows up as a kind, sympathetic person and understands what charity is.

Charitable foundations

There are organizations that provide financial support to those who especially need it. For example, to conduct an expensive operation or rehabilitation.Such organizations are called charitable, because they do not require anything in return for their help.

The sponsors of these funds are wealthy people who have more than they need. They really understand what charity is. They are called altruists. Those who are important to help people, and do not need gratitude, often remain incognito. They do not advertise their help. Others use every opportunity to become famous.

He who uses charity to promote his own name has a distorted idea of ​​what charity is. Photos of these people can often be seen in newspapers and news. Their concern for others is not disinterested. Therefore, it is impossible to call her mercy.

Those who do not have the financial ability to help others find other ways to show their mercy. Such people work in homeless shelters, for example, and try their best to provide moral support to those who need it.

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