What is kigurumi - fun clothes for children and adults

Many are interested in what Kigurumi is, this is an unusual word for a Russian person. Translated from the Japanese language, it means "growth doll." In other words, we can say that these are clothes sewn in the form of a costume for an animal or a cartoon character intended for wearing by a person. People who wear such clothes are also called "kigurumi".

Costume history

The first Kigurumi costumes were invented by rational Japanese, who after a busy day of work preferred to take off their discreet office suit and put on comfortable and spacious clothing for relaxing. Fun parties in pajamas, outdoor recreation or at home watching TV or reading a book - that's what kigurumi is. Especially popular doll clothing has become in the circles of lovers of cosplay - a costume game with dressing up in masquerade costumes of animals or famous characters from animated films.

What is kigurumi

In 1980, residents of Canada, the United States of America and Europe became interested in Kigurumi suits. In 1994, the first website appeared on the Internet, on which models of doll costumes and masks from designers who designed anime-style clothing were posted. Five years later, the Sigma studio was created, which became the absolute leader in the production of masks and costumes in Japan, and in 2005 the well-known doller (lover of doll clothes) Wuy Ri appeared in the kigurumi market, creating a popular collection for the American and European kigurumi movement. Since 2008, this movement began to develop in Russia.

Costume Features

If the first kigurumi were used as costumes for animators, then later young women began to wear such clothes on the streets of Tokyo. Today in London, New York, Minsk or Moscow you can meet the "golden youth" dressed in a panda costume, dinosaur, dog or Hello Kitty.

Classic kigurumi for sleep, home recreation or pajama parties sew from pastel-colored fabrics in moderate sizes. For these models are characterized by button closures, cuffs on the sleeves and legs, hoods with a soft lining.

Kigurumi Pajamas

Suits became so popular that they began to be worn over outerwear by lovers of snowboarding and skiing. For outdoor activities using fabrics of bright colors, which are clearly visible on the background of white snow. As a rule, such Kigurumi have wide leg, which can be easily pulled on a ski boot, as well as mittens, worn over gloves. In order to provide quick access to the pockets, the fasteners are made in the form of stickies.

Funny costumes for children

Baby Kigurumi can be considered a real find for parents. This is not only comfortable pajamas for sleeping or clothes for the house, which the kid will wear with pleasure, but also a warm suit, designed for exploring the city or for outdoor recreation. Kigurumi is perfect for a matinee in kindergarten, as well as a costume masquerade ball at school. Addition to the suit will be slippers-feet on a special sole complete with mittens.

Kigurumi for children

Children like such clothes very much, as they personify their favorite cartoon characters. If you want to dress your baby brightly and outside the box every mom can. To do this, you need to find a pattern of a suitable product on the Internet and sew a costume yourself.When buying a kigurumi for children, you need to pay attention to the fact that there is a zipper in the back of the suit. In this case, it will not need to be removed if the child wants to use the toilet.

How to choose a suit?

Kigurumi pajamas are available in different sizes, so you can always easily find a product for a child or adult. Choose a suit is very simple. The main criterion by which to buy an outfit - he must like his owner. Kigurumi have no masculine or feminine variant, they all belong to the unisex style, therefore they are suitable for both women and men.

Kigurumi children

Particular attention should be paid to the specified size of the product and height, so that, when buying kigurumi from a photo in an online store, instead of free clothes, not to get one that fits the figure. It should be remembered that in different countries adopted a different scale of sizes.

When choosing a suit, it is necessary to take into account that Kigurumi are produced in summer and winter versions, therefore, it is better to buy summer clothes as pajamas even in the heating season. A warm version of Kigurumi is suitable for the period of battery disconnection and for walking in the fresh air in the cool season.

What sew kigurumi?

Knowing what kigurumi is, one can easily decide on what fabric a costume should be sewn from. Traditionally, home clothes are sewn from flannel, fleece, velsoft, velor or soft polyester. The fabric should not interfere with proper thermoregulation. It is necessary that it does not interfere with the evaporation of excess moisture, and the skin at the same time "breathed". If the suit is designed to stay on the air in the cold season, it is better to purchase a product made of fleece or velsoft. Such material will perfectly protect snowboarders or skiers from the wind when descending the mountain.

When choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account that velsoft is cheaper, but it electrifies more and wears out faster than fleece. As a pajamas for sleeping it is better to use kigurumi from the flannel. The main requirement that is placed on a suit is that clothes should be free and comfortable, therefore finishing elements in the form of amusing muzzles on the hood, horns or tails should not interfere with sitting or lying.

Why do I need Kigurumi?

The one who knows what kigurumi is, without embarrassment, will put on a pajamas not only at home, but also for a country walk or a friendly party, because it will allow:

  • to spend any holiday, birthday or hen party fun and creative;
  • keep warm and protect membrane clothing from dirt and getting wet while skiing;
  • thanks to the bright colors it is easy to find a skier or snowboarder who has flown off the track;
  • Do not lose sight of the child while walking.

Kigurumi photo

Anyone who does not know what kigurumi is, it is safe to say that this is a bright fairy-tale world, capable of giving smiles and positive mood in this difficult time.

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