What is ipad, and what is it for?

Our century differs simply crazy speed of technology development. We did not have time to get used to one new product, how the next one appears, and behind it another one ... So it was with smartphones, iPhone and ipad. Only understood and accepted iPhones, how smartphones appeared. A few months later, the media was full of messages about the new gadget - the iPad. What is ipad, consider in more detail. You need to know what it is about, and what it is.

What is "ipad"

what is ipadIPad (ipad) - a tablet computer or, as they say, a tablet. This is a cross between a laptop and a smartphone. It is a large screen in an aluminum case. The button is only one and it performs the same functions as on the iPhone. The rest of the user's communication with the gadget takes place via a touch screen that supports multi-touch (recognizes touch at several points on the screen, i.e., you can type text with several fingers, work from the menu, etc.).

Ipad features

The iPad has the size of a standard A4 sheet (24x19 cm), its thickness is 13.4 mm, it weighs from 600 to 700 grams. And such a baby has a number of possibilities.It can be used for the following operations:

  •  where to buy ipad 2Internet surfing;
  • check email;
  • photo demonstration;
  • watching movies in high quality;
  • playing audio files;
  • games;
  • reading electronic books.

Also, the iPad has two built-in cameras that make it possible to both take photos and use them when communicating via Skype or other networks.

What is iPad2

But ipad is not the last novelty. There are already ipad2 and 3. These are new modifications of the device, which gradually conquers the world. And this, despite the rather high price of the gadget. Today, the iPad is used not only by young people, but also by older people. Moreover, the ipad2 features are even more impressive, and the functionality is even wider: the ability to work on the Internet via a 3G data network has been added, the list of supported languages ​​has been significantly expanded, a slot for a Micro-SIM card and built-in GPS have appeared. If you are interested,ipad2 specificationswhere to buy ipad 2 - in any specialty store or online store. The choice of models is already quite wide.

Advantages and disadvantages of ipad

The main advantage of the iPad is its small size and weight combined with a fairly wide functionality.If you need to carry a gadget with Internet access, this device clearly benefits when compared with the same laptop. But you just need to have nerves of iron to process or create a document on a touch screen of decent size. Reading it is quite comfortable, like pages from the Internet, but correcting or typing is a pleasure below average. Convenient to view and photos or movies: the viewing angle is just great. Almost from any place the picture looks bright and contrast. This is a necessary thing for those who often travel a lot: the battery is designed for 11 hours of work without recharging, but at home there must be either a PC or a laptop, otherwise the processing of large files will become a problem. We hope you now understand what an ipad is and what it is for.

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