What is gluten in which foods?

Know what products contain gluten, it is necessary for all persons with intolerance to this compound, as well as their close relatives and friends. Recently, manufacturers have taken into account that many people suffer from such a feature, therefore, they immediately indicate on the product packaging whether there is gluten in the composition. True, against the background of this, hysteria of the opposite kind began: even those who do not cause any reactions to the compound, suddenly became afraid of him, decided that it was very harmful and such goods should be carefully avoided. This is especially noticeable when young parents choose baby food. In order not to panic in vain, it is necessary to understand what gluten is and what danger is associated with it.

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General view

It is frankly not easy to list all the products containing gluten, because this word is incomprehensible to many - a synonym for the term "gluten", that is, the protein structure of plant origin. Cereals are especially rich in it, in some varieties up to the fifth part of the whole volume is gluten.The compound is absolutely natural, of organic origin, in industry produced by leaching of cereal starch components from crushed into flour.

The usual, familiar and familiar dough is elastic due to the presence of gluten in it. Gluten determines the quality of bread and other flour products, pasta. With a high percentage of this compound, the food is tasty, fluffy, attractive, retains its taste and flavor for a long time, does not spoil for a long time, does not get stale.

Turns and Passwords

The list of foods that contain gluten, always begins with a variety of cereals. These are rye, wheat, barley grain, oats. Any food caught from such raw materials is rich in gluten. In abundance it is present in flour, baked products, porridges.

The list of products, which contains gluten, complements cheeses and dairy products, sausage, pies and sauces, ice cream and sweets. The compound has received such wide distribution due to its low cost and safety for humans (with the exception of cases of individual intolerance), as well as the qualities of a thickener.Gluten is widely used in industrial food production processes. As a rule, it can be seen in the list in the composition on the package. Knowing the sensitivity to gluten behind your body, you need to carefully examine all the components before purchasing food so as not to encounter an unpleasant reaction of the body.

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Vegetarians, be careful: what foods contain gluten

The list of foods rich in this compound includes the most common ingredients for cooking in a vegetarian environment. For example, rarely gluten free special sausage costs for those who do not eat meat. You also need to pay attention to Seitan - made from wheat analogue of meat for vegetarians. In fact, this product is pure gluten, somewhat diluted with spices, and water. Seitan is prepared by many people at home, using wheat flour as the source material, but you can buy the finished product in the store. Seitan is especially widespread in America, Asian and European powers. Shop product is completely ready to eat.

Accordingly, in case of gluten intolerance, to adhere to a vegetarian diet is not an easy task, since all products with its content will have to be excluded.

Who can not?

To know where gluten is contained and how it is harmful, should those whose digestive system can not handle the processing of this vegetable protein, as well as their relatives, if the food is organized at the same table. Unfortunately, speculation has recently begun that is associated with the potential harm of protein to the human body — suggesting that this is due to the benefit for companies promoting gluten-free products. The primary fashion for such a diet was born in America, where from 2005 to 2010 the demand for products increased from two to ten percent.

But if the human digestive system really does not cope with the processing of this protein, then you need to know where gluten is contained, and carefully avoid these products. Congenital pathology - celiac disease. As a rule, its first signs appear in infancy, and no special treatment has yet been invented. The only way out for patients is to avoid gluten carefully.At present, approximate estimates of the frequency of occurrence of pathology - from three to a dozen people for every thousand population of the planet.

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And what about the rest?

All other inhabitants of our planet may or may not know where gluten is contained — this does not affect the quality of life. If there is no intolerance, vegetable protein will not bring any harm to the body, since it does not provoke negative reactions or pathologies. Gluten delivers protein, essential amino acids, which are so essential to humans. Products made from gluten, belongs to the category of healthy food, recommended for many diets. A good example is the above-mentioned wheat meat. Although initially it was created specifically for vegetarians, it is now widely used as part of medical nutrition programs.

Who is recommended?

Know what cereals contain gluten, and use them in cooking should be those who have chosen for themselves a diet low in carbohydrates and elevated protein concentration. Only 100 g of gluten wheat powder is already a source of 75 g of pure protein. But the fat in this volume - no more than two grams.Carbohydrates are estimated at 18 grams per hundred gram portion of gluten. Caloric content of this volume - 370 kcal. In short, the real find for a full-fledged diet. In addition, gluten quickly saturates.

No gluten

Since gluten is contained in cereals, in case of intolerance to this compound, you must be very careful about the choice of food. It is recommended to create a menu with the following products:

  • buckwheat;
  • pshenka;
  • rice cereal;
  • quinoa;
  • corn.

which foods contain gluten products list

And if not cereals?

You need to know not only what contains gluten, but where it is not. For example, among non-slabs, when a strict diet is necessary, it is better to give preference to such products as:

  • potatoes;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • dairy products of natural origin;
  • oils extracted from plants;
  • legumes.

It is recommended to include nuts in the nutritional program - there are no gluten in them, but there are a lot of useful components and vitamins. Nuts - almost indispensable product, recommended for any program of healthy nutrition.

Gluten free: interesting features

If gluten is contained in porridge, it is impossible to notice to taste: the protein simply does not have it.When water is added, the component becomes tacky and becomes gray. Incidentally, this is especially noticeable in the popular gluten-rich oatmeal.

Gluten is a complex structure formed by two proteins: glutenin, gliadin. To identify the concentration of gluten in flour, you can make a small test: mix water and flour in proportions of 1: 2, leave for half an hour, wash off the starch discharge. Gluten itself is not soluble in water, so sooner or later a certain percentage of the initial test will remain in the hands, after contact with which the water will be absolutely pure. This is pure gluten. After that, you can squeeze the substance and measure the weight.

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What is rich in gluten?

Knowing what contains gluten (the list is already listed above), you can fill the diet with useful substances, because it is through gluten that the human body receives in excess vitamins from class B, magnesium and phosphorus. Gluten helps to deliver iron, calcium, calcium, tocopherol to the cells of the body. All these compounds are vital for the human body, the functioning of cells without them is simply impossible.

It is known that gluten binds a number of minerals, other components, which leads to normal digestion. True, this applies only to healthy people.In the case of intolerance to the connection, the harm can be very serious - even fatal.

Celiac disease: features

For patients with this pathology, it is vital to know what is gluten, and where it is not, in order to choose a safe menu. The term is called an autoimmune disease that can be inherited. The peculiarity of the state of the body is the following: immunity perceives gluten as a foreign agent, which provokes an active struggle. Leukocytes produce cytokines, proteins negatively affect the intestinal mucosa. The villi located here disappear, the gastrointestinal tract does not cope with the functions set by nature, the useful components from food are not adsorbed. Each new intake of gluten in the body is accompanied by a more powerful immune response, so the symptoms become heavier with time.

Not so simple

To know what is gluten, to avoid these products need not only suffering from celiac disease. It is known that the body of some people can not digest wheat protein, but the mucous membranes remain intact. Intolerance is expressed by abdominal pain, increased gas formation. Peripheral nervous system may suffer, skin rash, including dermatitis.Against the background of gluten ingestion, myalgia, arthralgia can develop, articular pains, numbness of the legs bother you.

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Some patients whose body is unable to digest gluten are diagnosed with depression disorders, a tendency to a sudden change in mood. Possible abnormal liver function, abnormal stool, hair loss and headaches, osteoporosis, hormonal problems. There are cases of chronic stomatitis and weakness of the immune system. In some severe cases, children do not physically develop. With the regular intake of gluten in food with protein intolerance by the body, serious consequences can develop up to autism, dementia.

How to suspect celiac disease?

This disease is inborn, so parents should notice it even in the first year of a baby’s life. Usually the problems are manifested by anxiety of the child, crying, inadequate mental state. Many children with this disease from birth do not show interest in life. This fact attracted the attention of the scientific community. As part of the experiment, colored pencils were distributed, and all patients with celiac disease steadfastly chose to use only black color, on the basis of which psychologists concluded that the condition was abnormal in pathology.

If a child has celiac disease or gluten intolerance, it is necessary to conduct a monthly experiment, completely eliminating gluten-free dishes from the diet. Information derived from observations of the patient, allows us to reasonably conclude that is present in a particular case. If we are talking about an allergic reaction, celiac disease, the negative symptoms will soon subside. On sale in pharmacies there are special tests on the basis of which you can determine the presence of an allergic reaction.

where is gluten contained and how is it harmful

What to do?

If the observations and tests suggest that the cause of the poor condition is gluten intolerance, celiac disease, you should seek help from a qualified doctor. To confirm the diagnosis prescribed special testing to determine the individual characteristics of the gene structure. The diagnosis is confirmed if, during laboratory analysis, it is possible to detect a gene that encodes information about celiac enteropathy.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, you can not independently try to cure the disease. The doctor will give certain recommendations regarding drugswith the help of which it is possible in each particular case to alleviate the patient's condition - these can be, for example, vitamin complexes or minerals. Celiac disease is currently not treated, so you will have to follow a strictly limited diet until the end of your life.

Proper nutrition

Nutritionists recommend to comply with the standards of gluten intake in food. To follow such recommendations, you need to know in which products it is, and where it is not at all. Normally, with gluten intolerance per day, up to 20 g (according to European rules) or up to 50 g (according to national standards) can be consumed. The above-mentioned cereals, bread made on their basis, and other carbohydrate-rich products, in the production of which gluten was used as a preservative, completely disappear from the menu. Gluten is almost always used in the manufacture of mayonnaise, ketchup and similar products. In the composition it can be indicated not by the usual short word, but by the long phrase “modified food starch”.

gluten is contained in cereals

Bulgur and pearl barley will have to be excluded from the nutrition program. You can not drink juice, cocoa, powdered coffee.Prohibited all sweets, which include licorice root extract (licorice).

What else can not?

It is necessary to completely exclude drinks containing malt. This imposes restrictions on drinking beer. Patients are forced to abandon products, which include food additives:

  • E 150;
  • E 160;
  • E 411;
  • E 637;
  • E 636;
  • E 953;
  • E 965.

Many pharmaceutical products are also manufactured with gluten. It is in the composition of the popular means "Festal", "Valerian" in the form of dragees, some vitamin complexes. If you know gluten intolerance, before taking it is important to carefully study the instructions of the drug, so as not to face adverse reactions of varying severity.

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