What is correspondence: we understand the intricacies of youth slang

Generations change - entertainment changes. Vpis what it is, ask questions adults and representatives of the younger generation.

We will understand what is a list among young people, why it is so popular, how to get there and how safe it is.

What is a list of youth slang?

What is a list of youth slang?

The event is a youth event, so to speak, which ends with a big company overnight in one place. The word comes from the verb "fit in": fit into an apartment, fit into a party.

Now the meeting is one of the ways to have fun, just a party. Young people gather in a free apartment, drink alcohol, play, laugh, dance. In the morning, of course, everyone calms down and falls asleep in a bed of eight on a single bed. If you're lucky. And if you are unlucky, they sleep in chairs or on the floor.

Vpiska originated in the hippie movement. Constantly traveling, without money, but with a huge number of acquaintances, hippies came to a foreign city and fit in with friends at night.And then it didn't necessarily end in fun, sometimes it was just a way to spend the night.

For such holidays, as is the case with young people, there is usually no goal or reason. Sometimes the only reason for collision is that the parents left for the cottage, and the apartment remained empty. So young people are hiding from adults: no need to return home drunk, no one will scold and will not turn off the Internet.


Interestingly, there is a division of the list into types: flat, hasl, submarine. Each - with its own rules and structure. In fact, today's youth in Russia does not use these terms, but it is interesting to read about their classification.

The values ​​of the flat are contradictory: on the one hand, it’s a quiet time where young people with common interests gather, for example, to listen to music, and on the other, it’s a tough crowd without rules. The second meaning is common among non-formals.

Flat comes from the English "flat" - "flat". Perhaps this is one of the first notation of overnight parties and came to the Russian language from abroad.


A night of interests is considered a legion: the main purpose of such a meeting is to chat, play a favorite game or discuss news. This is the most tranquil of all types of whiskersIts peculiarity is that the number of boys and girls should be equal. Sometimes guys get together first, and then they call unfamiliar girls to themselves through social networks.


Types of lapels

As the name says, a submarine is an agreement with the refusal of the outside world. The company gathers in some place, in the apartment or at the cottage, and for several days does not use any means of communication. Products and alcohol have already been bought, it remains only to enjoy the people around them.


Hasl is a relationship with a huge number of people. At such overnight stays, not overcrowding, just have to sleep standing. One can only hope that the neighbors will not call the police. Now hustle is a rare phenomenon: after such a party it is difficult to return an apartment to a habitable form.


Roadparty is a party on the road somewhere. Most often it is arranged in a train car.

Sausage list

This is the name of the party, which all the invited girls have prodinami, did not come. A sort of forced bachelor party.

What can you do on the list?

Occupation on the list depends on age. Teens are going to drink. Children under 18 years old will get an incredible amount of alcohol, and this will be their main occupation. After all, they run away from adults.

The older people get, the less they drink and talk more.Students have a little conversation in the kitchen until morning, twister, maps, films. Here alcohol serves as a tool for relaxing and unleashing a tongue.

Night parties almost always include dances: the speakers are at full volume, and everyone is already jumping for the last hit.

Usually the list includes exciting night walks around the city for a new batch of alcohol. Guides the walk, of course, the most sober. It always turns into an incredible adventure: someone will fall, someone will run away, someone will not want to go anywhere. Well, if such walks are made on foot, and not drunk by car.

Sometimes there are drugs on the list. At such parties, either only yours or all strangers, it’s a dangerous business, it’s impossible for anyone to spill it out.

Are bladders dangerous?

Are bladders dangerous?

If all people are familiar, the rules have long been established, then the danger is minimal. A threat to life and health occurs only when the level of alcohol in the blood is too high. But in such situations there is always a sober person who will call an ambulance.

If the company is completely new, then there is definitely a danger. Especially if the entry is in a foreign city.On such parties it is better not to drink too much: there may be robbed and hit.

For well-known reasons, girls are not recommended to attend their meetings alone or in a foreign company.

How can I get on the list?

Friends and acquaintances are usually gathered on the list, so to get to it, respectively, you need to be someone's friend or a good friend. Often, the guest list is well-established: a long-established company is assembled by the same composition in different places.

If there are no such acquaintances, you can arrange a list yourself: you appoint the day, you gather people, you buy alcohol, and, voila, you are already on the list.

If you still do not want to clean up your apartment all day, then there are alternative options to get on the list.

  1. With the help of social networks. VKontakte has special groups for people with free apartments and without.
  2. With the help of forums and various sites. Just like in the social network: there are entire websites dedicated to night parties.
  3. Meet the avid party-goers and ask them to take with you. In such a situation, you may have to pay for alcohol or snacks for the entire company.

When searching for a small book, the most important thing is to decide what exactly is being sought: a meeting is a simple overnight stay in a foreign city, and a party with alcohol.

Rules of conduct in the company

Rules of conduct in the company

The rules of conduct depend on the form of the list If this is a night party with a huge number of people, seas of alcohol and it is not clear who is the owner, then there are no rules and there can not be. You can’t keep up with everyone, they can steal money and break a Chinese porcelain vase at such overnight stays.

It happens that the rules are set in advance by the owner: for example, to come in a suit or bring drinks.

If the company is friendly, everyone is familiar with each other, the unspoken rules have long been formed.

  1. Keep the house safe and sound. Of course, in a drunken state, you can break a cup, break a curtain, and burn a tablecloth. The owner of the apartment knew what was going on. But it's better to apologize anyway.
  2. Clean up after yourself: wash the dishes, shake out the ashtray, vacuum. Usually this is done in the morning by one of the girls.
  3. To help each other. If someone is obviously enough, they try to protect him from alcohol, if necessary - sit with him near the sink.
  4. Do not pester other guys or girls.Even the mindless state does not justify harassment to a member of an already held couple. If the young man is free and nobody likes in this company - please.
  5. The cost of alcohol and food is divided into all. If this is not a birthday, then, as a rule, each participant makes a cash contribution to the table and drinks.

Such rules are better not to break. Otherwise, this company is unlikely to invite again.

If no one in the group knows each other, then the rules of behavior are the same as in regular guests.

  1. Behave decently.
  2. Do not touch other people's things without permission.
  3. Clean up after yourself.
  4. Nothing to spoil.
  5. Nobody be rude.

Rules of conduct are strictly individual for each company. If you are not sure, you should look at the rest at the beginning of the party: do they drink a lot, what do they do, how do they talk.

How to organize a little book yourself - useful tips

First of all, you should think again. The consequences of the destruction of a crowd of drunk youth are unpredictable. You just need to be ready to clean the apartment and, perhaps, somewhere to do repairs.

If the appointment is meant with alcohol, then the following conditions will not be superfluous.

  1. Remove all fragile and dear things.
  2. Remove mats, rugs. Otherwise, they will have to be washed for a long time from traces of shoes or undigested food.
  3. Replace sheets and towels for those that do not mind.
  4. Remove small and crumbling items: if someone wants to scatter grain around the apartment - it will take a long time to collect.
  5. Offer in advance to collect the necessary amount of alcohol and snacks.
  6. Warn that you just can not touch and where you can not go. For example, to sit on the windowsill or go to the room of the parents.
  7. Ensure that all invitees understand the rules.
When the fun begins, the landlord is better not to stay sober. Otherwise, he will worry too much about the condition of the rooms, and the party will not succeed. Although…


In general, registration is just a night for a company. It can be with alcohol, and maybe just with a monopoly. For young people, attendance is not just a way to relax and hide from adults, it is a way to meet and get close.

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