What is shoze-ah? Attack of passion

For quite a long time, the Internet has been teeming with Japanese cartoons and comics. Manga (comics) and anime (animated series) are an integral part of Japanese culture, and since 2010 this genre is tightly ass in Russia - thousands of teenagers discuss the news of the anime world and participate in cosplay parties designed to reproduce the images of famous characters and bring together brothers to the spirit. In this article we will focus on one of the genres of this cultural trend, because manga and anime are whole Universes, infested with heroes of all kinds and types.

what is shojo ah

What is shoze-ah?

Sidze-ai (from Japanese - “love of girls”), or in another way yuri (from Japanese “lily”), or GL (from English Girl Love - “love of girls”) - anime and manga genre that depicts women's homosexual relations . These works are distinguished by sexual overtones, but without any serious explicit scenes. For those who are interested in what Szej-ai really is, these are romantic stories, mostly of a school nature, in which the heroines torture each other with their complex feelings and create an atmosphere of light tension.In Shozhe-ai, everything is limited to “hugs” and kisses, quite innocent relations between the characters.

Interesting Facts

It is noteworthy that the word of the Japanese origin “yuri” (“lily”) is often called newborn girls, it is believed that such a name is able to bestow a girl with femininity and attractiveness in the future.what is shoz ah anime series

In 1971, the editor of the Barazoku magazine, Ito Bungaku, for the first time called lesbians with the same word "legal". Later this name began to appear frequently in the yurina and hentai manga and anime.

Also, the Japanese term "yuri" is used to refer to any kind of relationship between girls in the entertainment industry: both romantic and sexual, which, in fact, explains what Shojo-ah is. The latter term is not welcomed in Japan itself, there it is considered to be surplus, so “yuri” is considered to be a more acceptable term in Japan itself, however, for western countries and Russia it is better to adhere to the term “shou-ai”. The list of anime works in this genre is quite limited, since this concept more accurately expresses the essence of these relations without extraneous material, which usually pops up in the search after the introduction of the word “yuri”.

What the hell is this? Sexual identity in manga and anime often depicts not the sexual preferences of the characters, but the ways of their interaction with others, something like a certain therapy of accepting one’s own “me”.

Popularly about what Shozhe-ai is: anime series, manga

In general, the works of this genre are aimed at a male audience, the guys are just delighted with the female characters with whom they for some reason get used to associate themselves. It can be said, this is a certain way of self-learning for a pickup truck - to plunge into the girl's world, only with erotic-romantic content.Sodze ai listMany male representatives say that they come to a fierce delight at the sight of lesbians, which encourages the authors of this genre to continue their work.

However, taking into account the specifics of the juridical genre, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages that annoy all the guys.

The disadvantages of the Szej-ah genre

So, the list of cadzi-ai flaws and problems, according to the guys:

1. Excessive "snotty."Sodze ah anime list

2. The main characters are almost always schoolgirls, which, in fact, determines the permanent place of action - the school and the schoolyards.

3The plot of such works seriously "suffers", many say that reading is unbearably boring, and the actions are developing with the speed of a tortoise.

4. Relationships are developing in a weird and muddled way: they did not have time to get acquainted, but already “unintentional” kisses and hugs are coming.

5. The banality of such works rolls over: you can foresee the answer of the hero, everything is built on the beaten patterns.

6. Sodze-panache is difficult for perception, and the flow for the narrative is also not a fountain.

Changes require our hearts

Many guys are outraged that the genre of yuri, supposedly intended for them, is often drawn by girls and for girls. But in order to interest the male audience, the authors need to work on the following points:

1. Remove the "snot".

2. Move the development of relations into the background and slightly reduce the speed of their development. It turns out that the guys do not particularly like to watch bed scenes with girls (in some strange way it turned out that it is rather the prerogative of the girls - to ask the authors to increase the number of intimate scenes, while the guys arrange and kisses).

3. Change the filing style - add drive, action and adventure.

4.Make the plot as diverse and original as possible.

Rating manga and anime in the genre Sej-ay from fans

To the bone marrow, yuriyshchiki consider the following manga as their favorite:anime in the genre of Sodze ah

  1. “Citrus” - even if the plot suffers from the unchanging school background, the characters are schoolgirls again, but, as they say, the level of humor, and drawing makes you look at the details, the author works the details so beautifully. It is considered to be the best of the genre of law. Does not contain erotic scenes, there is a light cute flirt.
  2. “Paradise Lost” - is considered the most beautiful manga of the genre of yuri, of course, the plot let us down, but harems with gorgeous girls compensate for the lack of events. Well, there are not so many juridical moments, unfortunately.
  3. Among the serials of the genre of szej-ai, they single out “Lost Girl” (Lost Girl). Fans of the genre say that the series is simply breaking with action, there are many beautiful lesbians, the plot is a bit weak, but the series have more advantages than minuses.

Many lovers of Sodze-ai complain that they lack quality material for viewing and reading. It is not surprising that now even Russian people create amateur parodies of the Japanese brand.

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