What is cardio training and what is it for?

Many people consider any intensive exercise to be cardio-training and get very upset when for some time they have not managed to lose weight. This article will clarify and explain what cardio training is, and also help you choose the necessary exercises for effective weight loss.

what is cardio training

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Having set out to learn what cardio training is, it is necessary to obtain input data on the intensity of the load, without which it is necessary to do in the process of training. This is done so that each person can see the difference between the loads and understand how efficiently his fat is burned.

High intensity training is considered the most effective among other types. It gives a short-term surge of energy in the human body, forcing the heart and metabolism to work at the maximum pace. Naturally, this leads to intense fat burning.However, after this surge, the body quickly gets tired, and it takes time to normalize the processes in it.

Low intensity at a constant pace affects the human body more loyally. But you should not count on fast fat burning, and the organism itself can adapt to such a load.

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Relationship with the pulse

As you know, for each age category there is an individual cardio training program. The fact is that with age, the human heart weakens and becomes more sensitive to stress. Therefore, the concept of "MP" (maximum pulse) was introduced, which was calculated using the formula: 220 - (age). For example, a person is 40 years old. Then his maximum heart rate will be 220 - 40 = 180 beats per minute.

Conducted numerous studies around the world boil down to the fact that in order to burn fat in the human body with a low intensity of training, it is necessary to keep the pulse rate within 60-75% of the maximum pulse. Burning fat at high intensity is faster, but it puts the work of the heart at risk, because it should work at a frequency of 75-85% of MP.

What is cardio training?

Exercises that cause the pulse rate to increase, as well as those capable of maintaining a given pace, are called cardiovascular exercises. Naturally, a lot of exercise, and each of them has a different impact on the heart. It does not necessarily have to be running, swimming, cycling or skiing. Cardio training for burning fat may well be even a builder who needs to lift 50 bags of cement to the ninth floor of the stairs. Any exercise that causes the pulse rate to increase, taking the body out of rest, is called cardiovascular training.

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Useful tool for those who want to lose weight quickly

Calculate the effective pulse for cardio will not make any special problems, but to raise it to the desired frequency and hold in the process of performing the entire exercise is impossible without an accompanying tool. In such cases, the athletes will help the heart rate monitor, whose task is to determine the frequency of the heartbeat. The device is not too cheap, but in everyday life is very practical. In addition to calculating the frequency of heart rhythms, the device is able to give a signal to the owner if the pulse has dropped below or has risen above the established thresholds.An expensive device can be replaced with a regular stopwatch, but complexity can arise with precision calculations. However, it is still better than performing a cardio exercise and not knowing your own pulse.

Cardio utility for the body

Having found out what cardio training is, you need to understand how useful it is and whether it makes sense to spend your time on it. In the media, a lot of controversial feedback on the effectiveness of loads on the heart. For example, strengthening the cardiovascular system and reducing the risk of a heart attack is questioned by many research institutes in the world. Indeed, according to statistics, the mortality rate among older runners is high during a run.

But the effect of burning fat through cardio and low-calorie diet has been described in many scientific papers and is not questioned. Also, all practitioners have improved their overall well-being, sleep has become stronger, and the body needs less time to recover.

cardio training for weight loss

About running

About how useful running, written many articles and filmed a lot of documentaries. However, many people who started running in the mornings or evenings, after a few months of daily workouts, may have noticed the absence of any fat burning effect.What is the matter, because everyone around them assures that running is the solution to all problems. Maybe you need cardio training in the gym because of the presence of special devices?

There are actually several problems, and they all depend only on the runner himself. First, the intensity of the workout. Light jogging at a fast pace (6-8 km / h) in the first days of training will cause the pulse to increase to 60-70% of the MP, but over time the body will get used, and the load on the heart will decrease significantly. Secondly, the lack of motivation. To get up for a jog in the morning is an effort over yourself, but you also need to force yourself to create inconveniences for the body, running with acceleration or over rough terrain.

What kind of sport to prefer?

Why not combine a pleasant activity with a useful one - at the same time to lose weight and improve your physical fitness, learn to dance or fight, generally achieve some results in sports. After all, so do the general complexes appear in the media, the purpose of which is cardio training for weight loss in boxing, swimming, bodybuilding and other popular sports. The main thing is that any training session should include intensive exercises for at least 40 minutes. It is also not recommended to engage in more than one hour, because the body must also rest.Do not rely on the effectiveness of one or two lessons per week. At a minimum, the gym should be visited 3-4 times a week.

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Power training

Strength training rooms have a great popularity among the population, because it has been proven that joint cardio and strength training make fat deposits burn as efficiently as possible. The fact is that it is in the muscles that the process of burning fatty tissue occurs - the more muscles and the load on them, the more effective the process of losing weight. However, most athletes look massive and have body fat, the reader will notice. Yes, this is so, athletes in the race for muscle mass consume too many calories, but if they go on a diet, and excess fat will go in a very short period, however, the set of muscle mass will stop.

Cardio training for girls in the power room will also be interesting. After all, working with iron will cause their body to secrete hormones that are responsible for muscle growth, albeit in small quantities, but they are enough to create body relief and burn off excess fat.

Treadmill - the solution to all problems

It is the treadmill installed in the gym, is considered the best solution for any athlete.Cardio training for burning fat on such a device is achieved by the specific features of the mechanical device, which are not possible during a regular jog in the park.

The treadmill can change the angle of lift from 1 to 15%. This is quite enough to even with a quick step to maximize the pulse for yourself. The speed of the running belt is also regulated - you can adjust the speed from 0 to 15 km / h up to tenths. Treadmills are equipped with a heart rate monitor, which is controlled by the load. If there is no treadmill in the gym, it does not matter! Perhaps there is an elliptical trainer or bike. They are quite suitable for training.

cardio training in the gym

Cardio at home

Many people who want to lose weight and who do not have the opportunity to visit gyms will benefit from cardio training at home. Come to the aid of exercises from triathlon, which instantly capable of raising the pulse rate and not lowering it until the end of classes. Bench press from the chest - the first basic exercise - is replaced by push-ups from the floor, which must be performed with high intensity.Barbell squats are completely interchangeable with ordinary squats - this exercise can remove a lot of subcutaneous fat. Many fitness trainers recommend replacing stanza with an exercise from boxing called “frog”. It consists in the following algorithm of actions:

  1. From the starting standing position, you need to squat down, fixing your palms on the floor.
  2. Holding your hands in place, your legs need to push off and, straightening your back, move your socks back to the maximum distance. Hold for a few seconds in this position.
  3. Then return to the original position by performing the reverse action.

Static cardio exercise

And if cardio training, exercises for which were discussed above, became ineffective at some point, it means that it is time for static exercises. At first glance, static seems very simple, and it is hard to believe in its effectiveness, but when you start classes, many will be forced to admit that static exercises are much more complicated than dynamic movements.

Static exercise "plank" refers to one of the classic yoga poses. Exercise involves all muscles in the body,constant voltage which can cause an increase in blood pressure, and accordingly, and start the process of burning fat. To adopt the base position of the plank, you must lie on the floor, placing emphasis on the socks and forearms on the floor. The body should be straightened, and elbows should be placed strictly under the shoulders. At the initial stages of more than one minute, hardly any of the newcomers will stand in this position. But this exercise is enough to switch to time with dynamic movements.

cardio training exercises


Having found out what cardio training is and what exercises with its help will allow you to quickly get rid of the fat layer, you can safely proceed to the intended goals. The main thing is to always remember that any load on the body also affects the cardiovascular system, which in no case should not be overloaded, otherwise you can get another by getting rid of one problem.

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