Which is better - "Aquaphor" or "Barrier"? Comparison of filters, characteristics, reviews

Surely everyone remembers the old saying: "You are what you eat." The current situation with water supply, more precisely, with the quality of water itself, allows us to rephrase this expression in a slightly different way: “You are what you drink.”

what is better aquaphor or barrier

A person can not do without the life-giving moisture, but not all tap water will be useful and necessary. According to the WHO statistics, about 80% of all registered diseases of the gastrointestinal tract arise precisely because of problems with water. Day by day we drink it, prepare food and use it for hygienic purposes. Therefore, it is so important that water, which is an integral part of our life, is of adequate quality, that is, without harmful impurities and other substances that are harmful to the body.

To solve the problems of such a plan, there is one simple and quite universal remedy - water filters.They will clean the fluid properly and significantly reduce the risk of getting into this kind of WHO statistics.

Equipment manufacturers

In our country, devices from two venerable companies, Aquaphor and Barrier, are the most popular. The network has repeatedly inflamed (and will continue to flare up) numerous disputes over the advantages or disadvantages of models of one and another brand. Moreover, people from the side, looking at all these ardent discussions and a lot of facts both from one and another front, could not decide which is better - “Aquaphor” or “Barrier”. Or maybe there is no difference at all, but the whole thing is only in the personal preference of each individual user?

water filters for washing aquaphor

We will try to thoroughly understand and decide which is better - “Aquaphor” or “Barrier”, taking into account the characteristics of models from these manufacturers, as well as the opinion of experts and reviews of ordinary owners of devices.

Both companies have long been working in the domestic market and are the undisputed leaders in their field. Brand products regularly receive high marks from experts and win first places at various exhibitions and presentations.

The range of these manufacturers is very wide - from mobile to stationary and serious industrial filters that differ in design, performance, some kind of constructional features, resource elements and, of course, cost.

Before giving any estimates and determining which is better - “Aquaphor” or “Barrier”, consider the main types of equipment that these companies produce.


This is one of the most common and affordable types of water treatment equipment. Jugs can purify water from various harmful impurities. Comparing filters “Aquaphor” and “Barrier” showed that both manufacturers guarantee deep cleaning of liquids from organic impurities, as well as chlorine and iron. Moreover, such guarantees were given not just as a regular marketing move for more advertising - here we have thorough and independent expertise of third-party laboratories.

filter water jug ​​barrier

It should also be noted that some replaceable cartridges “Aquaphor” and “Barrier” (those that are more expensive) can significantly reduce the level of fluoride. This is especially important if you have a small child in your family who urgently needs the cleanest water possible.

Such filters-jugs for water from the "Barrier" or "Aquaphor" really resemble an ordinary jug with a lid. And here we have all the advantages resulting from this - compactness and mobility. But at the same time we get our own drawbacks - a modest performance (about 300 ml per minute) and a very small resource of replaceable elements. The replacement cartridge for Aquaphor or Barrier will have to be changed every couple of months, and more often in a large family. As for performance, jugs are equipment for the patient, so those who are accustomed to "here and now" should look at a different type of device.


Today in the domestic market you can see about 14 types of filter jars from this manufacturer. The volume of devices varies between 2.5 and 4.2 liters. The maximum life of a single cartridge is about 350 liters (Provence A5 model (photo below)).

replaceable cartridge aquaphor

As mentioned above, the company's jugs can purify water from organic impurities, and also remove chlorine and heavy metals. The reviews about Aquaphor are mostly positive: the equipment copes well with its task, and there are enough replaceable elements for a long time (compared to competitors).Many complain about too slow filtering, but this is a problem of such a form factor as a whole, and not just the Aquafor TM pitchers.


Filter-jugs for water "Barrier" can be counted about 16 species. As in the case with Aquaphor, the volume of products varies between 2.5-4.2 liters with a maximum resource of 350 liters. And the last indicator is valid for all filters with cartridges "Barrier" -standard.

The filter has a lot of positive feedback from users and enjoys an enviable popularity among domestic consumers. The process of water purification, though slow, is rewarded with quality, so you can forget about chlorine, heavy metals and extraneous organics.

Stationary filters

Stationary water filters (for washing) from “Aquaphor” or “Barrier” are the most efficient, productive, but at the same time the most expensive liquid cleaning system. Each separately taken model goes with own crane which is mounted in a sink and then works in the regular mode.

Such filters have several degrees of purification (as a rule, three or five), and they can be combined in different types, but from one manufacturer of cartridges (“Barrier” will not work with “Aquafor”, and vice versa).That is, you can combine your own filtering system, which will meet your specific needs.

Of particular note is the presence in the models of the reverse osmosis system, when the membrane retains high-molecular pollutants and passes only clean water, even without a hint of dirt and other harmful bacteria. Therefore, if you really go broke on a stationary filter, then do not be stingy and on such a system. It is not much more expensive, but the effect is significant, especially if the water from the tap in your area is dirty and smells foul.

Market situation

Water filters under the sink “Aquaphor” with this technology come with an OSMO prefix. The most popular models can be called "OSMO-Crystal 100" and slightly cheaper "OSMO 50". The company "Barrier" also has similar systems. Among others, there are “Barrier Expert / Standard OSMO 100”, WaterFront OSMO and “K-Osmosis”. The technology is basically the same, but there are some differences on each front, so this difference should not be discounted.

cartridge barrier

In order to determine which is better - “Aquaphor” or “Barrier”, we compare their models in terms of cost, appearance, performance, some design features and, of course, the quality of cleaning.

Cost of

The cost of jugs from "Aquaphor" and "Barrier" refers to the same price segment. The first ones can be found at prices ranging from 250 to 600 rubles, and the second ones - from 300 to 800. As you can see, in this regard, Aquaphor, although only slightly, wins.

Complete with a jug, there is always one replaceable cartridge. Immediately it is worth making a reservation that experts do not recommend using third-party filtering modules. Saving 50 rubles will negatively affect the quality of water, so buy original components.

The stationary model “Aquaphor” begins with a mark of 8,000 rubles, and the “Barrier” - from 9000. Here, again, the advantage is on the side of the “Aquaphor”.


As for the appearance, both manufacturers have enough models that will surprise users with their design and coloring. In the assortment of companies you can find both classic jugs in a strict range, as well as “fun” devices with a rich palette, therefore, it is very difficult to assess here. Choose to your taste and color.


Independent experts in their laboratories found that similar models of both brands can last about five years with proper care, and stationary filters last even longer.

But it should be understood that using such equipment at home and, for example, somewhere in a hostel is two different things. But in general, both experts and users were satisfied with the operational qualities. Therefore, it is unambiguous to answer who is better, also it is impossible

Design features

As for the filter jugs, all models are very similar to each other in their design: jug, funnel, lid and cartridge. Users respond equally well to the ergonomic component of both manufacturers.

expert standart barrier

Both Aquaphor and Barrier have models that synergize with kitchen furniture, be it a refrigerator, a stove or a wall cupboard, so it’s also difficult to say which one is better.

Stationary models of both brands are equally well mounted under the sink, and any problems with the installation was not observed. True, some users complain about the modest, or rather, not quite high-quality set of delivery "Aquaphor": fittings and brackets themselves are not the best quality, so you have to buy something more serious for normal installation.

Cleaning quality

The jugs of both companies do an excellent job of filtering tap, well, and well water. “Aquaphor” in its models uses sorbent fiber from personal developments (“Aqualene”), while “Barrier” uses the usual granulated sorbent.

aquaphor reviews

For regular cleaning, both filters are an excellent option, but due to the presence of ionized silver in the systems from “Aquaphor”, they more effectively cope with bacteria, compared to the jars from “Barrier”.

Stationary systems from Aquaphor, in particular, such as the Moriton series of DWM-101S, do a good job with water purification and, unlike other filters, are more compact and economical. Similar models from the “Barrier” - Expert or Standard OSMO 100M - have six-speed cleaning (at Aquaphor, there are five of them) and are intended for deeper filtration of liquids. The presence of an additional mineralizer allows you to saturate the water with magnesium, fluorine and calcium, that is, to remove the stiffness, unpleasant smell and add "usefulness" to it, as if you drank "Narzan". In this case, the stationary equipment from the “Barrier” looks much more attractive than the Aquafor models.


In fact, both brands do not differ much from each other in terms of the quality performance of their water purification apparatuses. If we look at the picture as a whole, and also take into account the feedback from users and experts in this field, then we can say that Aquaphor products are better than Barrier in the jugs-filters segment, but inferior in stationary technology.

Therefore, if you need an intelligent and extremely careful filtering with the installation "under the sink", then look at the model range "Barrier". Well, if we are talking about systems like “jug”, then it is better to not find “Aquaphor”. It should also be noted that before choosing any system of such a plan, it will be useful to order a detailed analysis of your water in order to select the type of equipment and the type of cartridges as accurately as possible.

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