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With the development of technical thought, the beginning of which was the creation of the Internet, our life has radically changed. And it is not at all difficult to notice. In the lexicon of modern man terms appear associated with various networks. They are not always clear, give a thought about their meaning. One of these concepts is the "account".

What is an account?What is a google account?In the everyday world, it is a certain account, personal page or profile of a person in any system. It can be said to be the person’s network “I”, which displays information about it. The emergence of this system was inevitable, because the Internet is a mass product, and therefore all participants need to be identified, regardless of the subsystem.

Constituent concepts

Login is part of the account - this is the name of the person or his nickname. Also login information is stored in the user. It is needed for a system in which a person is registered with this login. This information may be presented in the form of personal data, information about its property and so on. But that’s the question of what an account is, not exhausted.Most often, a password is attached to the login, but there are other security systems, for example, phone or e-mail binding, a certificate.

what is an account

Some thoughts

The question of what an account, you can think long and hard. For example, why the system of accounts is presented in this form, why did it appear, is it possible to come up with something similar to it? And no one will ever give an exact answer to these questions. But you need to think. Most likely, a personal page is a reflection of human behavior, but only in the virtual world.

The Internet is developing every day, but the systems of accounts do not stand still, there are mechanisms that help to manage their whole bundles. With the advent of the account, the problem of its protection arose. At the moment, there is a lot of work in the network for the manufacturers of account protection systems and for attackers. Take, for example, a gmail account. It contains a lot of useful information about something needed by an attacker, but only a password is used to protect this account. Of course, you can use the support service, but this is another story ..

gmail account

What is a google account?
Today, it is not needed to work with all Google services, but, as a rule, most users on the Internet have this account or will appear in the near future. Usually, when you register a Google account in the appendage, you get a postal address ending in @ gmail.com, but this may not be the case. Recall that mail security currently exceeds all its other characteristics. Google account was not affected in vain, because it surpasses absolutely all other services. Many may say that the security of a Google account is not so important, because in most cases it does not contain any useful information. But let's say that most often accounts are hacked using programs that select passwords from special dictionaries. Then they go on sale to spammers (known for what purposes). Therefore, safety is still important! Hopefully, we were able to answer the question of what an account is.

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