What is a local network? Local Area Networks

With the help of a personal computer, the user can exchange various information (documents, programs, etc.) with other people. For this you can use floppy disks, disks and memory drives. It is not always possible that the carrier of this or that information is moved between computers, or it may take a long time. The need for quick access to information resources, printers and other devices has led to the creation of computer networks.

Simple local area network

what is a local networkWhat is a local network? This is a system that allows you to combine computers that are installed at a fairly small distance from each other (for example, in the same building or room).

Computers connected to the computer science classroom at the school, as well as other computers and printers located in other classrooms, are connected to the local network.

Networks with server

In small networks, computers are usually equal.The local network between computers allows all users to access open documents and folders. In addition, users can independently decide on which computer resources to open access to other users of this network (these can be printers, disks, etc.). After gaining access, a person working on another computer on the local network will be able to use the resources of another computer.

local area networksThe main disadvantage of such networks is a weak level of information protection from unauthorized access.

To ensure maximum information security, one of the computers operating in the local network can become a server on which all the most important information will be stored. Access to this data can be set only by one person - the administrator.

Computers on the local network running on Windows are in the Network folder, and devices running Linux are in the Network Resources folder. In Windows, clicking on the “Network” icon located on the Desktop opens a folder with computers included in the local network.

In turn, each of these computers is also a folder that contains disks.If discs, printers or folders are shared, each user on the network can use them just as they would their own. He will be able to copy them, delete and rename them, and also use the printer by printing documents on it.

Local Area Networks

What is a local network, and what equipment is required to provide it? All computers and printers connected to the local network must be with a network card. Its main function is the transmission and receipt of various information from the local network. Networks are wired and wireless.

Wired local network works through the connection of computers network cards with each other using twisted pair. Wireless networks use the access point as the main network device. In this case, on each computer you need to install a special wireless network card such as Wi-Fi.

The history of the creation of local area networks (LAN, LAN)

Analyzing the question of what a local network is, it should be noted that initially the computer networks were rather small. They connected about 10 computers and a printer. The technology used to transmit data over the network limited its size, including the number of connected devices and the physical length of the network.For example, in the 1980s, the most popular were networks that did not exceed 30 computers. The length of the cable was a maximum of 185 m.

local network throughSuch networks could easily be located on the same floor of a building or a small institution. Small companies know what a local network is and what advantages it can give. Therefore, they are currently using a similar configuration for their work, since it is perfect for them.

Local Area Network (LAN)

What are local area networks? They are a communication system that allows you to share the resources of connected computers. These can be printers, modems, disks, CD-ROM and other devices. Local area networks allow devices to be located at a considerable distance from each other (up to several kilometers). As a rule, they are connected by high-speed communication lines, while the exchange rate ranges from 1-10 Mbit per second or more. It is not excluded the connection of computers using telephone lines.

local area network between computersSuch a local network is created between the computers of some organization (companies, organizations), so it is often called corporate. Computers in this case are located within the premises, buildings or neighboring buildings.

Computer software performs two functions: it manages its own resources and exchanges them with other computers.

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