What dreams cross? Dream interpretation

For more than two thousand years, the cross has been the personification of the sacrifice that the Lord himself made in the name of the people. Since the time of the Roman Empire, it is a symbol that binds heaven and earth to people. But besides religion there are folk traditions, beliefs. People are people, they want to know not only their past, but their future. So they guess those who had to see the cross in a dream, what is the dream of such a dream.

The values ​​of such dreams are many. Maybe you have to sacrifice your interests for the sake of others, or, conversely, you yourself need help. Do not despair, you will get it, if you saw such a dream.

However, the values ​​are many. Each country has its own. Somewhere people understand this as a sign of the beginning of a new, most important stage in life. And in the neighborhood they perceive it as a message saying that you will be forgiven. Or, on the contrary, you need to forgive. The cross can look like a wooden, stone, silver, gilded. Recall the most common interpretations.

what dreams cross

If the cross stood over the grave

What dreams of crosses in the cemetery? This may be a warning to you of imminent danger.But it can be avoided. It is important who was with you at this moment. Perhaps it is from him and should beware. But in the Russian tradition there is the opposite interpretation. According to him, the person who was nearby needs to be helped. Much in the future depends on whether you do it. That is, you are required to surrender. Well, if suddenly you ran from the cross, then you will avoid what will inevitably happen anyway.

Why dream grave cross? If he was standing over the grave - you are an egoist, you need to think more about those around you, and not about yourself.

Why dream of a grave with a cross? If the symbol of faith was inside the fence, then in reality you will soon overcome the difficulties. Even better if it was iron. Someone will take care of you. A cross in flowers means happiness in the house of the one who saw him in a dream. But we must suffer. The need for patience and humility is at the heart of Christianity.

Gold to wealth

Why dream of a chain with a cross? Gold traditionally stands for wealth. Not an exception and a cross from this precious metal. What dreams of a golden cross? Have you seen this night? Well, if the dream is, as they say, "in hand."After all, this means that you have to wait for the receipt of the inheritance. Especially if he was on a gold chain. But in order to receive an unexpected gift of fate, you will have to make a choice: to help the one in trouble, or to turn away, preferring your own benefit.

what is the dream of a wooden cross

A dream to promotion

What dreams of a wooden cross? You may soon be promoted. Only it is undesirable that he was on a precious chain of gold. Then you will not avoid the envy and intrigues of your colleagues. Silver, if from it there was a cross in your dream, foreshadows the attainment of hope. Do you wear a cross, and he dreamed of you? Gather your strength, you will need them, because ahead of trouble. Be ready. Just know, if you gave him in a dream to another person, then you should not despair, because help will come from the side you didn’t expect.

Dreams of East and West

Our ancestors were not Christians. But the symbol of the cross was familiar to them. According to the ancient beliefs of the Slavs, the cross in a dream means quick success. There were a lot of them? There is an interpretation in this case. Do not turn away from your loved ones, and they will help you in any trouble. And if you were in a quarrel with them, then soon make up.Was the cross in the hands of a stranger? It would be better to remember his face, because it is this person who will tell you how to avoid trouble.

In Western Europe, the interpretation is slightly different. For example, you need to wait for help from someone who gave you a cross in a dream, especially underwear. But if you see that you have lost such a cross, then life will present a very unpleasant surprise. It does not hurt at least for two days after that to be more careful. A crucifix in the hands of a person who is older than you may warn: do not neglect the advice of more experienced people, they can help overcome the difficulties encountered. In this question only the tradition of the Muslim East is unequivocal. There it is believed that the cross in a dream does not bode well. You will have to make a choice that in any case leads to the loss of something important.


Black Cross - to joy

Why dream of a black cross? It would seem that a dream with him cannot be a symbol of something positive in life. But according to one interpretation, one such sign means only the help of friends in a difficult situation. But a lot - this is a message to you that we should not forget to do good deeds. In the future, and you will need, and someone will not pass by.No need to worry if the cross was black in a dream. In reality, then, it is not sadness that awaits you, but, on the contrary, joy and tranquility.

Vikings and the cross

Rarely some ancient legend or legend do without one of the heroes' dreams. Not among the exceptions and Scandinavia. The Vikings were superstitious people, and after the adoption of Christianity, they transferred many beliefs to the new religion. Perhaps, once one of their "kings" really dreamed of a large stone cross on his father's grave. He considered this to be a sign that he was destined to carry the true faith to the pagans. But in Iceland, where the relatives who had believed him came, no one lived. But she has since become their homeland. So it has been around for hundreds of years: you saw a dream with a big cross, you will reach the goal, but not quite the one you dreamed of. If the stone crucifix was on the grave of a loved one, the goal that you achieve will not be desired by you.

What else dreams a big cross? In general, in the tradition of Western Europe, he warns people in dreams of emergency danger.

why dream of a black cross

What Nostradamus said

What dreams cross? The interpretation of dreams is somewhat different, not only in different regions, but also in different soothsayers. Nostradamus, for example.He did not promise the dreamer, to whom the cross was wary, nothing good in the everyday sense. First of all, as he wrote, this is the forerunner of speedy trials. If the dream was exotic, with a cross in the claws of an eagle, then be more attentive to your immediate environment. Some of these people wish you evil. Got a crucifix in the church? To spiritual experiences. Holding a cross in your hands? The life path that you will need to choose will not be easy, but worthy of man. And if you remember that a circle was outlined around the cross, this is again in trouble. They may not necessarily expect you, but close relatives are unlikely to avoid them. Put a cross on your neck? Again, it is important to whom. If a friend, he will ask for help. Render it, you are waiting for losses.

More optimistic about this Wang symbol. The blind witch foretold the people who saw the cross in a dream, not trials, but not calm. By the way, if it was gold and beamed, then, in the opinion of one of the most famous residents of Bulgaria, you know how to forget the offense. Agree, not the worst quality. Prayer is obligatory for a Christian.Even if part of the dream was about how you pray near the cross, it means forgiveness from the person you hurt.

the cross in a dream what dream

Prayed in a dream? Repent

What dreams cross? The plot of the dream in which you saw it is important. Did you pray before him on your knees? Repent of the mistakes that they themselves once committed. Kiss him? Be careful. Troubles can not be avoided, but you will not give in to them, and everything will end well. The main thing is to be ready for anything. A good sign, if you dreamed not just a cross, but an order in its form. It is even better if they were awarded someone. Get good news, perhaps from afar. To cross a stranger or himself with the sign of the cross does not bode well. Ahead - sadness. You will be unhappy because of the death of someone close to you if the procession included a dream procession. The necessary and valuable, long-awaited parcel will come if you have seen how to receive baptism. The same, if baptized themselves. It is clear that you should not break old ties. They can always come in handy. This is reminiscent of a dream in which your godchildren were.

Do not lose the cross

There are few interpretations that would promise happiness and good luck to those who lost a pectoral cross in a dream.Why dream of such a dream? This may mean that you are warned: the lifestyle that you lead is worthless. Change, and then the payment will not take long. And if you have already lost it, and now you are looking for it, then after awakening, think: maybe it is worthwhile to finish the matter that someone has dragged you into as soon as possible. But if you were given it to you, then this business, even if it is progressing with difficulty, must be completed. Only if the cross was not made of wood. And what is the dream of a wooden cross? It means that it is better to be content with what you have. You will experience mental anguish due to an act that was once committed. This is the case if a cross was taken off in a dream. And if you, on the contrary, put it on, soon a favorable period will come in life.

why dream of a chain with a cross

From Sumer to the Indians

What dreams cross? Known interesting legend, preserved among the Indians from the time of ancient civilizations. It used to be that such a symbol was alien to them before Columbus. But it turned out that in one of the cultures he symbolized hope. In short, the first ancestor of the indigenous people of America saw a kind of cross when he was desperate to find the land. Then he greeted him in the night sky in the middle of the ocean.The next day he landed on an unknown continent. Since then, sleeping with a cross helps his descendants not to despair. The crosshair was known in Sumer long before the beginning of our era. A small text about him was read on clay tablets. And again, talking about a dream. He saw the builder of the capital of the ancient state. It was in that place that he began to erect fortress walls. The city then stood for more than a thousand years. Therefore, it can be said that the cross foretold happiness in those times.

Esoteric about the cross

Black almost always means quick trouble. The same with the cross. If in a dream he was black, one of the people whom you have known for a long time, wishes you harm. So say esoteric. Someone took away your cross in a dream? Nothing wrong. According to esoteric knowledge, you will be able to avoid serious troubles in the near future. One of the most famous esotericists, the founder of the anthroposophical society, Rudolf Steiner, was very serious about symbolism. For him, the cross meant a great deal, first of all, in the spiritual sense. Even if your dream was in no way connected with the crucifixion, but you were in a cruciform building, there are serious tests aheadwhich in no case should be avoided. Overcome a difficult stage in life and find happiness. In his lectures, Steiner mentioned his own experience. A stone cross on the grave dreamed of him before the death of a very dear man. This contradicts many other interpretations, but among the students of the famous mystic there were those who confirmed the loyalty of his words.

The combination of two intersecting straight lines is the oldest form of mystical signs. Almost everywhere, it is considered a symbol of fire and light. Without them, life is impossible, but they can bring pain. Hence the understanding of the cross in a dream as an omen of trials. Simply put, in order to achieve enlightenment, one must go through the fire of life tests. The Rosicrucians believed that such a thing could only be dreamed of by a person who was recognized by the highest forces as worthy of rebirth during his lifetime. If a person in a dream tried to raise a big heavy cross, then soon he will have a hard choice. It will be necessary to accept or reject what has been proposed by fate itself. You will accept, and happiness awaits you after these difficult days or years. And if you refuse, you will be unhappy by the end of life. Dreams actually always give a choice. Especially if I dreamed of a cross.Crossroads - that's what it looks like.


Dreams of Russia and Western Europe

Let's return to the plots of your dreams. To be baptized before awakening - fortunately, but not for long. Find a symbol - to your triumph. If you didn’t just lift, but held or carried a heavy cross, especially if it was a stone cross, then you will accept fate, no matter what blows you might expect. But this again means that you are recognized as worthy of the choice of fate. In the future, you will see new opportunities. The interpretation that prevailed in Ancient Russia, which only recently adopted Christianity, is interesting. Not the upcoming trials are waiting for the one who saw the cross in a dream, but only happiness. After all, this means that the angels took care of you. But if a man was crucified on him, difficulties cannot be avoided. At about the same time, the peasants of England and France feared that they would dream of a cross. And if this happened, people often thought it was enough reason to drop everything and go as a pilgrim to holy places. If the dream was repeated, they went to the monastery. They considered themselves chosen for a special life. Later, this transformed into the expectation that your choice of life partner was right.

Monk's sleep

Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud devoted much attention to dreams.However, the originality of his interpretation of dreams is no different. What dreams of a golden cross? A happy, successful life awaits you. This applies particularly to the so-called cross of St. Anthony, where the two straight lines are in the shape of the letter "T".

If you believe that dreams predict something, you will be interested in a legend from a medieval European chronicle. It says that a certain monk was burning for several nights in a dream on a cross nailed to a tree in a deep forest. He considered this a prelude to hell after death and went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. When I returned, I saw only burnt walls in the place of the monastery. The fire happened the day after he left. So sometimes dreams, as it turns out, show the future almost directly, and not symbolically. Generally speaking, a burning crucifix foreshadows danger. To believe or not to believe, everyone decides for himself, but something we still say dreams.

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