What does STFU mean in computer games

The world of computer games is full of its own atmosphere, and it is quite difficult for novice players to understand not only the game itself, but also what other gamers write to them. With some words you can still somehow figure it out. And how to recognize abbreviations, abbreviations and understand what STFU means - one of the most frequently sent messages in the game chat? An addressee can be either a novice or an experienced player.

How it all began

In online games, users constantly communicate with each other and try to reduce volume phrases that carry the most meaning in themselves as much as possible. This is necessary so that the gamer is not distracted for a long time from the gameplay. And besides, during the battle there is absolutely no time for a long lyrical correspondence. Over time, large phrases have become just a few letters that experienced users can easily understand. But how then can a novice understand what STFU means?


Shut the fuck up - this is how the English abbreviation STFU is read in full, which means “shut your mouth”, only in a very rough form.The phrase itself is an abusive expression and is blocked in most online games and on game forums. Therefore, gamers began to invent their own slang, reducing words or changing letters in places. For some time, they were allowed to write so many moderators of forums and games, but over time they began to obscure new expressions with asterisks, and even block gamers who use abuse.

What does STFU mean

Math banned

It is worth noting that obscene expressions on the Internet are prohibited only on the territory of the Russian Federation. Many users lose accounts because of their own scolding. Then they began to resort to the help of the mat of other languages, but they also became blocked over time. Then the Russian gamers decided to abbreviate the words in the same way as their foreign combat comrades. Understanding what STFU means, they introduced this abbreviation into their slang. By the way, in Europe and America it is considered that it is impossible to control the personal space of Internet users, the use of abbreviations from them is required only for convenience.

Computer Game Cuts

Each game has not only its own corporate identity, but also its own unique slang.As an example, the GTA player probably does not decipher the expression “elephant-length”, which CS: GO player will easily understand (dust_2 card, a sniper with an AVP rifle is on the longest stretch). From this we can derive a completely logical question - what does STFU mean in “KS: GO”?

What does STFU mean x

But despite the fact that the meanings of words in gameplay carry different meanings, in this game such an abbreviation is translated in the same way. Is that depending on the intonation may increase or decrease the degree of coarseness of the phrase itself.

And then what does STFU mean in DOT? No matter how strange it may sound, the difference between the obscene slangs of these two games is not much, but there are different Russian names, for example, a bad player. In DOT, this is “cancer,” and in KS: GO, it is noob. But on American servers, the word "noob" is suitable for any game.

What does STFU mean in dota

Slang in the past

Three more five years ago, the game slang was used by a limited number of users. And their conversation in the game was not so much reduced. With the development of multiplayer games such cuts have become more and more like players. They came up with new names for the gameplay itself, but mostly gamers liked to remove letters from words.

For example, players, deciding to warn about the danger in the center of the map,They talked about “agromid”, which translates as aggression on the middle. Approximately also pronounced aggressive newcomer "agronub". In online games, most experienced players do not like agronubes, as they prefer to steal any items from game veterans instead of crafting and joining alliances. Evil newbies most often receive messages "shut your mouth nafig", which means STFU (in English).

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