What do you call a boy dog

What do you call a boy dog?
Sometimes it is difficult to decide to get a puppy. However, it is even harder to come up with a nickname for your new pet. “How to call a boy-dog?” - this is the question that the owners ask themselves. The solution of this question sometimes becomes akin to the problem of choosing a name for your own child. However, everything is not so scary in fact. In this article, we will try to take a closer look at how to name a boy-dog.

how to call a boy a dog
Rules or ideas to follow when trying to name a dog:

  1. First of all, you need to consider that giving long names to a dog is not very good. It will simply be uncomfortable for you to summon her every time. Think of a nickname that will consist of one or two, a maximum of three syllables.
  2. It is better to give a name that will contain voiced consonants ("p", "b", "n", etc.). Why? Dogs, like cats, are best caught precisely by sonorous sounds, so in this case it makes sense.
  3. Try to give your new pet a nickname unlike others.If you give your dog a name common, then it is likely that not only your own dog, but also a couple of strangers with the same names will come to your call.
  4. Thinking over the question of how to name a boy-dog, try to determine his character, and then, based on this, give a name that corresponds to just such a dog's character. If your puppy likes to sleep all the time, a little lazy, then such names as Sonya, Tykhonya and others like him will do. If he is constantly active, loves to play or too tender to the owner, then you can pick up the following names: Racer, Liz, etc.
  5. Another option - the nickname of the movie. Everyone probably remembers Beethoven (not the great composer, but the hero of the movie of the same name about the dog). Maybe your puppy reminds you of some of the famous actors, or his habits and character traits are the same as any character from a certain movie? Use your observations.

name the dog
Psychological side of the issue

It is said that the name of a person influences his fate. Therefore, how the parents call their child depends on its future, character and much more. With dogs all the same.You can not believe it, but many argue that, as in the case of a person, the future of the dog, its character and how it will behave depends on the name of the dog. That is why it is necessary with all responsibility to approach the question of how to call a dog-boy. No need to make hasty decisions. It probably depends on you how your pet will live its small (compared to human) life.

how can you call a dog a boy
So, we have considered several ideas or rules, as you prefer, by following which, you can ease the task of choosing a name for your dog. You may have your own vision of how to approach the task, but what was stated above can help you find a solution. The question of how to call a dog-boy may be difficult, but quite solvable. You just need to devote a little time.

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