What do women think about men?

And what else can I say to women? Of course, the most important thing in their lives is about men! You can not imagine how many people talk about and think about men! There are as many opinions as there are women in the world. Everyone has his own thoughts, addressed, more often than not, to one, the most important man. There are several areas of these thoughts, only so, perhaps, you can name the main topic of talking about men.

There are no real men

Real men are out! - women think. Do at this time, she is a very different things - carry bags, repair the cabinets, put tomatoes on the dacha, roll 3-liter jars, even put asphalt on the roads. And at the same time they, gathering with friends, discuss how they find it difficult to live in the world. How to be a man, if women took away from men almost everything that previously weak sex was not available. Yes, men do not all know how to make stools, repair plumbing, sing serenades under the window of a loved one and beautifully give gifts. Many can not earn all the expenses of the family. And there are individual specimens that have succumbed to the green snake. Here you really want to ask, was not there such before, in the 20th, in the 19th century? Were there not any weak, stingy, stupid, drunkards? There were, of course. A noble knights was not a great many? Yes, just like now, their units! So it turns out that the peasants are not extinct, they are the same as always. Just women have become smarter and more discriminating, they have learned to formulate their claims, write books and blogs. So conversations became more, and men - as well as always.

They are all ladies' men

It is also believed that women think aboutmen, that they are ladies' man. All the men are breathing unevenly when they see long legs, short skirts, and already on the first date they dream of sex. This is not just a woman's opinion, this is taught to all the girls of their mother, in order to prevent the most terrible thing that can happen to their daughters. Well, who told you that they are all like that? There are, of course, men with disabilities, but mostly men are just as embarrassed to give the girl attention, they are as afraid of rejection as the female sex, they also dream of pure and bright love. Just ways of expressing their feelings in women and men are different. Men are more mean to emotions, they are more silent than girls, more experienced in what is happening, which is often sick. And all looks at skirts and legs are caused by a simple interest in the opposite sex.

They need models

By the way, another myth that men lovelong-legged, lean, blond, with a large ... rich world in front. A huge mistake! All men can not be the same, and very many of them like women lush, slim, but with shapes. If a man loves his chosen one, he does not care 60 cm at her waist or 65, the third one has the size of her breast or the first. And about the huge breasts in general are very often expressed negatively. A loving man can be fascinated by a woman's smile, eyes, ability to support and understand. But about the stomach and the way to the soul of a man - the truth. If a man is full, then he will be more willing to work in the household. He will never go to a restaurant where he can meet his wife's charming rival who does not know how to cook.

They like silly

And the most abominable misconception of women is thatmen love fools to seem smart on their background. It is worth remembering the bright women who moved their men to brilliant creations and discoveries. For example, who would Salvador Dali be if he did not meet a very clever Russian woman named Gala?

Men's opinion

And no less interesting, what men think aboutwomen. They believe that women need from them only money, that they do not understand and do not leave in peace, inventing more and more new things. But this is also a big mistake! Women have more than men's vitality, ability to survive. And while men think, women do everything to make the family live better. And if you add a large vocabulary and the number of words that nature intended to talk to them per day (which is much more than a man's), then everything that men call "she got me completely" will turn out.

And in general it is difficult to list everything that is about menwomen think. Men talk about women very different things. But they both can not without each other! After all, we are two halves. And in these contradictions and arguments, love is stronger and passion is stronger!

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