What are sequins and how to sew them?

What are sequins and why are they so attractive that they do not go out of fashion for more than one season? They can be found on dresses, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, skirts, trousers. They are decorated with bags and belts, hairpins and bijoux. These little sparkles can change any thing beyond recognition and make it a real work of art.

Not every girl will be able to boast the ability to embroider with sequins. The case is laborious and laborious, requires perseverance and concentration of attention. But the result is worth it. It is easy to learn, you just need to master the technology.

What is a sequin

These are small multicolored circles that decorate clothes and accessories. You can also find shoes with sequins.

blouse with sequins

Such elements differ in:

  • size (up to 3 cm);
  • color and coating (matte and shiny);
  • form (embossed and flat);
  • structure (rounded and multi-faceted).

Each circle has a hole through which it is sewn. It can be located in the center or closer to the edge.

So what is a sequin in practical application? Perfect replacement for rhinestones and beads. You can create incredible patterns and images with multi-colored circles: three-dimensional, textured, and shaped.

A large number of paillettes does not make clothes heavier, but, on the contrary, gives the fabric additional properties: the fabric becomes more rigid, its plastic changes.

Appearance history

multi-colored sequins

It is believed that monists are the progenitors of sequins in the modern sense. Four thousand years ago, women decorated their clothes with shiny circles.

They come from the Middle East and India. The beauties of these countries are still distinguished by their love for richly decorated dresses.

At first, sequins were made of gold and silver. In India, insects were used to make them, in particular, gold beetles, the dark green elytra which optimally imitated emeralds. Decorative items made of liner. They were neatly cut and given a round shape.

It is not surprising that in ancient times the sequins were incredibly expensive, and only the wives of very wealthy men could afford them.

Embroidery Tools

Creating patterns from sequins is easy.Before embarking on embroidery, you need to prepare all the necessary tools. You will need:

  • Needle. It should be the thickness to match the width of the hole sparkles and fit the type of fabric.
  • Threads. It is better to take reinforced, they are stronger. A good choice is transparent.
  • Sequins. Their choice should be taken very responsibly. It is better to give preference to elements of plastic without coating, since it tends to fade with time. It happens unevenly, and as a result, the thing does not look quite neat.

It is also worth thinking about a place for embroidery. It should be light. Ideally, if the table behind which the master will work, stands at the window or illuminated by a bright lamp.

Skillful embroidery with sequins (on the photo) will bring originality into the interior, and give originality and uniqueness to things.

magic pattern

How to sew

How to sew sequins? Sequins can be fixed in several ways. The main differences are in the number of stitches and their length, as well as the direction of the needle.

Do not rush to not have to redo everything. When embroidering, according to all the rules, the decorative elements should not be displaced or bent, if you pass your hand over them.

Also, embroidery with sequins cannot be ironed or steamed. This deforms the pattern.

Fastening with 3 or 4 stitches

The most popular and sturdy type of sewing. Embroidery is not distorted by washings.

The procedure is as follows:

  • attach the sparkle to the product and insert a needle with a thread through the central hole from the inside;
  • make a few stitches from the middle to the edges;
  • then next to attach the next element and sew through the center and so on.

Thus we decorate the whole product with sequins.

If desired, you can decorate with beads or beads. You can dial them on the needle in several pieces.


First you need to decide on the color and size of the beads. First, whether they will be the same color with sequins, or contrast. Secondly, the size should not be too small, since the beads are necessary to hold the sparkles. But too big beads will look ridiculous and close the circles.


  1. Attach the sequin to the fabric and through the center from the inside out to stretch the needle with the thread on the front side.
  2. String the beads and pull the needle back through the center to the wrong side.
  3. Next, we apply another sparkle on the left and repeat the actions until the work is completed.

This hard work requires special care.The thread must be tightened so that the decoration elements are not loose. If the tension is too strong, the fabric will wrinkle and the product will deform.

Back needle

This is the easiest option for attaching sequins, which are fixed with two stitches. It is worth considering that the seam will be visible, so you should thoroughly consider the color of the thread: monochromatic and inconspicuous or contrasting.

The work is carried out from right to left:

  1. A needle with a thread to withdraw from the inside out on the front side of the fabric.
  2. String a sequin on it and fasten it, making a stitch to the right.
  3. Attach the tinsel to the left and pull the needle through its center.
  4. Secure it with a stitch to the right.
  5. Continue until the work is completed.


It resembles the previous method, but the sequins are fastened with two stitches and are held much stronger. The threads will also appear on the general review, so they should be selected in color.

When sewing sequin stitch is done first to the right. Then the needle must be removed to the left of it and again make a stitch to the right, entering it in the center of the sequin. Only now you can attach the next element on the left and sew through the center.

Glitter must be placed close to each other.

Secret stitch, or "fish scales"

This way of embroidery looks very impressive and draws attention to itself and the owner of the dress. It's all about the unusual arrangement of sequins, which are not placed in a row, but overlap one another, like scales on a fish. Hence the name of the technology.

Glitter put overlap and sew similar to the method of "back to the needle." The picture looks like a single canvas, and the way the circle is applied to the circle hides the threads of attachment.

What is a sequins and how to sew them, you can look at the video in more detail.

the cloth

The fabric with sequins looks very elegant. It is chosen to create models of simple cut, as additional decorations in the form of ruches or flounces will look ridiculous and ridiculous. Glitter will add brightness and will become the main accent in clothes of simple cut and simple silhouette.

fabric with sequins

However, working with such a fabric is complex and has its own characteristics.

  • In the process of cutting, spangles falling under the scissors blade may fall off. Therefore, under the bottom it is desirable to put a paper or film, which subsequently will help simplify cleaning.
  • A cut sequin can bounce out from under the scissors and get into the eye. Is it dangerous.Therefore, experienced seamstresses recommend wearing safety glasses.
  • Also, for safety reasons, it is better to place the fabric downwards.
  • The cloth needs to be cut strictly in one direction, gently and slowly, but confidently working with scissors. The minimum seam allowance is 2 centimeters.
  • Hard sparkles quickly blunts the scissors, so it is advisable to open up a few tools before cutting.
  • In the joints of parts of the sequins stick up. When they are worn, they can scratch or even cut. Therefore, at the end of sewing, they are carefully cut with a special scissors with a thin nose.

Application of sequins

picture of paillettes

The world famous designers and couturiers are not afraid to experiment and create new, rather unexpected collections, skillfully decorated with sequins. With their help, it will be easy to come up with the image of a fatal beauty or an avid party girl. Small sparkles can decorate almost any thing or accessory.

The most important thing, according to stylists, is a sense of proportion. Clothes, embroidered with sequins, can be used in a variety of ways, but it is good as a separate element in the created image. It is best combined with things that are restrained in color and style.For example, a handbag or clutch, richly sewn with sparkles, will suit a laconic dress or sundress of a fitted silhouette. Strict matte pumps perfectly complement the look. Or vice versa, if you take a cocktail dress with sequins, then the best option for its addition will be discreet shoes and a handbag.

dress decorated with large sequins

Dresses that are decorated with sequins in the form of fish scales look very impressive. Girlfriends and colleagues will be amazed and will surely show interest in fashion items. But here lies one nuance. When creating an image, you must be restrained, otherwise there is a risk to be similar to the ennobled fish. Therefore, going to a party, instead of a dress it is better to choose a top and combine it with leather trousers.

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