What are ringtones on the phone

Often, our grandmothers and grandfathers, in the days of their youth who have not yet had “clever” smartphones, tablets and laptops, ask the question: “What are ringtones and why are they on a call?” And how to answer this question correctly?

Ringtone - what is it?

So what are ringtones? We can safely say that this is a melody or any sound on a mobile phone. If you take into account the phone model, then for smartphones ringtone will be a cut-off fragment of a song or melody that plays when you call.

what are ringtones

You can use both the whole song and its cut chorus. It all depends on the desire of the owner of the phone and the capabilities of the device. Today it is considered fashionable to put songs from the music charts on the ringtone, and not only on the call, but also on SMS alerts.

What does ringtone mean?

Now we know what ringtones are. Do they mean anything? Basically ringtones are popular songs posted on the Internet and on music channels. But some people put exactly the music that they like, and let it not be popular anymore.There are mono-and polyphonic ringtones (for older models of the phone, when only a couple or one note), ringtone-realtone (music in digital recording format).


By ringtone on the phone you can learn about the character of a person. If a classical melody is played on a call, for example, the music of Bach or Vivaldi, then the owner of the phone is a creative, calm and musical nature. Young people often have popular songs on the call, as young people want to match fashion. Business-related people mostly prefer a calm melody without words.

Impulsive and emotional people have an energetic melody or a ringtone in the style of rock, metal. People busy and often solving working questions on the phone, on a call there are several different melodies, depending on the category of callers (bosses, family, outside number).

The girls often have different ringtones to call from the parents and from the second half. Thus, they show the presence of a beloved man and the importance of the family. The ringtone on the phone indicates the tastes of the person in the music and its features of the character, so it is worthwhile to listen to the melody on the call from relatives and friends.

Where to get popular ringtones?

It is easy to find a ringtone, it is enough just to search on the Internet, and a melody for every taste and request will be selected. If there is a melody on a computer, laptop or tablet, you can transfer it to your phone using a USB cable. But for smartphones there is a simpler version: the ringtone you like is simply downloaded via the Internet directly to the phone.

There is an option to transfer the melody to the ringtone via "Bluetooth" from another device.
In the app store, you can download a music compilation and set a ringtone to call from there. There is a huge variety of sites with music and its shortened variants-ringtones for just such purposes.

You can download a special program for cutting melodies and create your own ringtone from a song. In addition, it is possible to download a program to create music and write an unusual melody on the phone itself.

Nominal Ringtones

It is considered very fashionable today to install ringtones on the call. This is a great way to recognize who is calling, before you get your phone out of your pocket. Most of this feature is used by young people.Often put personal ringtones on calls from girlfriends, a loved one, parents, colleagues.

In adolescents, personalized ringtones are used, filled with a funny voice or with funny words (“cool” in teen slang). The ringtone can be attributed to an SMS message (as it usually says through - “SMS has arrived”, or “SMS has arrived”, “a letter for“ name ””).

SMS ringtone

Some mobile phone models do not support a non-standard ringtone.

The result

So let's summarize. How to answer the question: “What is a ringtone?” This is a melody or a fragment of a song set to a mobile phone call, which can be downloaded on the Internet and transferred to the phone via cable or Bluetooth. Today it is not difficult to find an unusual ringtone and make a mobile call non-standard. In addition, using the ringtone you can learn a little about the nature of the owner of the phone. Today's personal ringtones are very popular, which make it possible to determine who is calling, even without getting the phone out of your pocket.

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