Waterpark in Yasenevo - a complex for the whole family

The Moreon water park in Yasenevo (Moscow) is considered to be the largest multifunctional complex in Europe. Here you are offered a completely new philosophy of a delightful vacation without a flight. Progressive technologies, 3 million cubic meters of the purest water, an artificial wave, a huge number of slides - and this is just a water park! In Yasenevo, here, you can get great pleasure by visiting the ice grotto, jacuzzi, sauna, spa resort and much more. Let's take a closer look at this paradise on earth.water park in ash

Waterpark in "Yasenevo"

Here you are invited to experience incomparable feelings on a huge number of slides. We describe some of them.

  1. "Space plate". This is a colorful bowl in which you will spin, waiting for the imminent meeting with the pool. Extremeness here is equal to 9 points out of 10, and a person can ride, whose height is not less than 150 cm.
  2. "Innertub-slide." This is 130 meters of real adventure. The yellow labyrinth guarantees you a swift and unpredictable descent on inflatable devices.
  3. "Body Slide". This is 120 meters of endless acceleration and dangerous turns.The bends of the roller coaster are so unpredictable that they will keep you in suspense from the beginning to the very end of the journey.

What else awaits the guests of the water park?

Those who want to get a portion of adrenaline and relax 100%, the water park in Yasenevo gives this opportunity. Here you will find hydromassage pools, geysers and waterfalls, rivers with reverse flow. Want to swim in the river with a calm flow? You are welcome. Would you like to experience contrasting temperatures or massage with water? This is also not a problem! Waterpark in Yasenevo just created taking into account all sorts of wishes and needs of customers.

If you are attracted by boiling water, plunge into the jacuzzi, the water temperature in which is about 35 degrees. Of course, such a pastime, though pleasant, is still exhausting, therefore, naturally, you will want to eat. On the territory there is a cafe where you can taste dishes of American and Italian cuisine, and then with the new forces “rush into battle”.water park in Ash-tree prices

Want to go to the sea?

Then you definitely need in Moreon! After all, there is an artificial sea. The wave pool will stir up the warmest and most pleasant memories of a summer vacation.Closing your eyes, you will forget that you are in the water park, and present yourself on the sunny coast, where the sound of water relaxes and pacifies.


Here your dreams keep coming true! You are pleased to visit the classic tepidarium, aroma steam baths, aero-hydromassage pools, ice grotto, room for body care. The “Moreon” complex has prepared for you a Russian bath with brooms, saunas with various temperature conditions, and a font with crystal water, a hammam, and an antique swimming pool. There is absolutely everything for the rest of the body and soul. You have absolutely no reason to fly to Turkey or Egypt. This complex was created taking into account all wishes.Moreon Water Park in Ash

Price policy

Both adults and small visitors are always happy to welcome the water park in Yasenevo. Prices here can not be called high, especially considering how much fun you get. For example, a visit to the water park for an adult will cost 2500 rubles for the whole day or 1500 rubles for 3 hours. For children whose height ranges from 90 to 150 cm, 1650 and 1100, respectively. Children below 90 cm tall will be able to frolic as much as they want, for only 350 rubles. There are also many special rates for those who prefer to have fun in the morning, for disabled people, retirees.For all categories of the population has a democratic water park in Yasenevo. Prices, as you can see, are quite reasonable.water park in ashenevo reviews

What else does the complex offer?

Be sure to visit the SPA center! Favorable style, climate, 2,500 square meters, an artificial Cote d'Azur, a park ensemble, the sun is a small vacation without long flights and tedious walks. Professionals will offer you a hydromassage, steam rooms, facial and body treatments and much more. You will plunge into the magical world of ceremonies and aromas.

Are you tired of water treatments, and you want an active holiday? No problems. Go bowling. Here you will be provided with disposable socks, special shoes, and absolutely free. Relax with friends in a cozy room, and in between breaks, have a snack and drink the refreshments offered here.

Children will be delighted with the amusement park and attractions located on the 3rd floor of the complex. These are motorcycle and auto racing, mazes, carousels, air hockey, starships and more. For the youngest visitors there is a game room.water park in ash

Visitor reviews

What do people say about such a complex as a water park in Yasenevo? Reviews indicate that this place is ideal for a family holiday or for a group of friends.Nobody will be bored here. The atmosphere is amazing, there are a lot of procedures. Everyone will find here a lesson to taste. And to relax here at 100% and visit all the entertainment, even one day will not be enough. So plan the next weekend to spend with benefit and interest!

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