Washer tank VAZ. How to remove the washer tank?

Today, probably, it will not be possible to present a modern car without a windshield washer system. Motorists have become accustomed to the fact that by pressing just one button, the nozzles spray the liquid, and the wipers clean the dust from the road or the remains of insects from the windshield. Very rarely, but the washer fails, and then it is necessary to remove the washer tank.

How is it arranged and where is it located

The tank is a plastic container.washer reservoirIts shape resembles the most ordinary canister. You can pour anything into it. This may be ordinary water, and there may be special means for cleaning glasses.

The price for this container can "walk" in the range from 100 to 400 rubles. Such a different price is determined by the bundle. It can be equipped with a special motor that pumps fluid.

VAZ washer tank is only part of a large system. In addition to this reservoir, there is a pump in the structure that supplies fluid, a hose, a tee, windscreen washer nozzles, a fluid level sensor, and fasteners.

The container is located under the hood, on the left.You can immediately see a large white plastic canister - this is it.

To fill the tank with water, you need to open the hood, unscrew the tank, pour the liquid to the required level. The standard tank capacity is about 5 liters.

Common Problems That May Happen

Often, motorists during the seasons change have time to do everything to prepare their cars for the winter cold.vaz washer tankSo, oil is replaced, tires change. And many forget to empty the washer tank. Then frosts come, the water in it freezes, the system is depressurized, and the pump can break down due to ice. But this is only a theory. Most often there is a crack on the body of the tank itself, which in winter can turn into a large crack. There are many more different reasons why these plastic containers fail.

Replacing the washer fluid reservoir

If suddenly for some reason it became necessary to replace the tank, it is very easy to do it yourself. It does not require special skills or tools. All the work can be done with almost bare hands.

Before removing the window washer reservoir, be sure to disconnect the hose and power cables from the motor and level sensor.Then, using a 10 mm socket, unscrew the bolts that fasten the tank to the grooves. Now this item can be easily removed if you pull it up.

Do not forget to remove from the tank electrical pumps. The sealing sleeve can be easily pushed off with a screwdriver and removed from the seat. If this part is no longer elastic or has any damage, it should be replaced.

After that, you need to pull out of the tank level sensor. To do this, you must unscrew the cap and reach for the sensor. Now all the work is completely finished.

Washer reservoirs: repair

If suddenly, for unknown reasons or for known reasons, a crack appeared on your reservoir, you have several options. Either this is a repair, or the purchase of a new capacity, since its price is low. If you are on the track, then definitely repair.

If temporary measures are needed, then prepare several food bags, and place the washer reservoir in them. This will delay water leakage for a while. It is advisable that these packages are approximately the same in size with your capacity.

You can still perform simple repairs with a soldering iron. For such repairs, an ordinary soldering iron is required.It is required to clean it, but you do not need to tin. As a solder, take a food bag made of polyethylene. Twist it to make a rope 5 mm in diameter. At one end solder it below the crack, and then - slowly solder the entire crack and even slightly higher.

Pay attention that the soldering iron does not overheat. Then heat the harness until it becomes transparent, but warm gently - do not damage the tank body. After cooling, you get a reliable seam.

Washer tank "Lada Priory"

On these cars install too fragile tanks.window washer reservoirThey are made of terrible plastic. Sometimes they often crack right along the seam. Repairing it is unprofitable and much easier to replace.

The stores have many different offers. So, you can use a model for two pumps. So you can ensure the purity of the glass and the front and rear. This capacity has a slightly larger volume when compared with the one set by the manufacturer.washer reservoirIt is also made much better.

When replacing it is necessary to take into account that in the "Lada Priora" in the body of a hatchback and station wagon buy containers for two pumps. If you have a sedan, then this option will not work for you.

Remove the tank

At the first stage, the liquid is drained from the reservoir. Then you must disconnect the terminals from the battery. To do this, you can use the key on the 10. The rack to which the tank is attached can be unscrewed with the key on 13. Work as carefully as possible, otherwise drop the nut. After that you need to dismantle the battery. If there is air conditioning, remove the air conditioning installation block.

Before getting the pumps out of the tank, prepare a large amount of rags. Unscrew the nuts that secure the container to the rack near the optics. Now you can remove the old item and install a new one. Now you know how to remove the washer tank.

How to heat it in the winter

This is necessary so that the containers do not crack and do not have to be changed.washer reservoirsAt least $ 100 is not a lot of money, but still.

So. In order to make heating with your own hands, you need about 1 meter of a copper pipe with a diameter of 8 mm, 2 meters of the same braided hose, tank cuffs and clamps.

The technology does not require special skills and is extremely simple.how to remove the washer tankHoles are drilled in the tank lid. Our tube is inserted into them.It would be better if they give it the necessary form in advance. At the exit, it should get a horizontal position. Hoses should be connected to the throttle unit and the thermostat.

For the next technology you will need the same handset. With the help of a gas torch or a soldering iron should bend the pipe so as to obtain a coil. Secure it unconventionally. Coil soldered to textolite plate. Then all this is installed in the tank, but so as not to interfere with the operation of the level sensor.

Holes for the heating device can be done with a soldering iron.how to remove the washer tankHole size should be about 3 mm. The edges of the holes are best treated with sealant. The coil is best mounted on stainless steel screws.

The third scheme is a ready-made system - "Geyser". When coolant passes through the coil, its temperature rises. The temperature of the fluid in the tank will also increase.

Do not forget to monitor the condition of your car, and then it will work for you for a long time and reliably. Watch the fluid level in the washer, and you don’t have to change the tanks too often in the winter.

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