Voronezh City: description, attractions, entertainment, tourist reviews

Voronezh is a city located 523 kilometers from the capital, founded in the 16th century. It became a millionaire quite recently, in 2013, but there is no large gathering of tourists here. The city is distant from the famous Golden Ring of Russia, does not attract pilgrims and is not a seaside resort. However, there are many interesting sights and entertainment.

Short description

Voronezh, located on the banks of the river of the same name, is considered the cradle of the Russian Navy. It was here that Peter I built his first fleet and went on the Azov campaign. In addition, the city of Voronezh is famous for the courage of citizens during the Great Patriotic War. They not only did not surrender, but also threw the enemy far back.

Today Voronezh is a beautiful southern city, attracting tourists with its temples, museums and monuments.There are plenty of good restaurants, entertainment for children and cozy hotels. All this can be viewed by flying just an hour and a half on a plane from Moscow.

Religious landmarks of the city

One of the most beautiful buildings in Voronezh is the Pokrovsky Cathedral of the 17th century. The buildings were not erected immediately, but gradually - this explains their stylistic fragmentation. After the revolution, the structure passed from hand to hand, which affected its appearance and interior decoration. Today, the Pokrovsky Cathedral underwent several restorations and was revived.

Voronezh city

The main temple of the city is the Annunciation Cathedral, whose construction was completed in 2009. The temple got its name from the cathedral at the Mitrofanovsky monastery that was lost in wartime. Today, the Annunciation Cathedral is one of the highest Orthodox churches in the world.

Being in the city of Voronezh, you should see the Kazan Church, the Alekseyevo-Okatov Monastery, the Tolshevsky Savior Transfiguration Monastery and the Assumption Admiralty Church.


The city has a large number of museums on various subjects that will be of interest to people of all ages.

You can start acquaintance with Voronezh from the local history museum, which reveals the city from different sides. The exposition will tell about the history of the region, starting from ancient times. Here you can see a collection of weapons, and a cast from the face of Peter I himself, and personal belongings of the famous Lev Durov. The doors of the museum and its branches are open to visitors from Wednesday to Sunday.

museums of Voronezh

Museum of forgotten music in the city of Voronezh surprises with ancient musical instruments from around the world. Some of them are recreated according to the drawings and works of art. Each exhibit can be held in your hands and even play on it.

The museum of theatrical puppet works at the theater only 12 years old, but its exposition is quite impressive. Playwright A. Veselov gathered here a collection of end-of-life dolls. The number of exhibits has exceeded 4,000; among them there are also rarities from other countries: Bolivia, Italy, Indonesia.

Monuments of Voronezh

Many tourists, coming to the city, wonder: what to see in Voronezh? Attractions are not only temples and museums, but also monuments. So, on the Prospect of the Revolution, a monument to the White Beam, the hero of the tear-tearing story of G. Troepolsky, is erected.The figure of the dog is cast in life-size stainless steel. The paw and the right ear are made of bronze.

monument to Bim

At the railway station, you can see the rare locomotive and the cars used to transport coal. Now it is restored and has a quite presentable appearance.

On the outskirts of Voronezh is a giant sculpture of a horse. Its height reaches 3.5 meters. And although the appearance of the monument itself causes controversial reviews and ridicule, everyone agrees on one thing - it symbolizes the power of the city.

Also on the streets of Voronezh, you can see a monument to a stranger, Peter I, a kitten from Lizyukov Street, and even the lead singer of the famous rock band Kish, Mikhail Gorshnev.

Heritage sites in the city

The objects of cultural heritage of Voronezh include ancient residential buildings of previously known people. The most notable of them is the House of Gardenin. He erected in 1735, its owner was the manufactory Potap Nikitich Gardenin. Until 1820, the family owned the building, then the hospital, the house for the disabled, and the poorhouse were located here. Today, in the oldest building in Voronezh, there is the most common residential building. And he is in disrepair.

Interesting for the tourist house is S.Schwanwich, built in 1844. A retired colonel handed him over to visitors, and the hotel was considered the best in the city. Now the building is also a residential building.

Voronezh house

The house of I. Kligman was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a sample of the building in Art Nouveau style and is interesting for tourists.

What entertainments in Voronezh are interesting for children?

Tourists with children will not be bored in the city. The first popular vacation spot is the aquarium. It is considered one of the largest in our country. Here you can see rare fish and animals: Japanese moray eels, spider crabs, eels, tiger sharks. For lovers of thrills at 18:00 is feeding the sharks. Animal lovers should visit the Voronezh Zoo.

Amusement park "Grad" offers young guests different types of entertainment, from quiet and slow carousels to rather extreme ones. The circus and the aquatic center "Parnas" will also please the children and their parents. The local planetarium is popular with tourists with children.

Voronezh aquarium

Older children will have a great time in Einsteinium and the rope park.

Cultural life of the city

The cultural life of Voronezh is in full swing: lovers can visit several theaters, galleries and a philharmonic society. In addition, interesting festivals take place here every year.

In June, the city hosts a large-scale festival, named after the famous writer of the 20th century who was born here, the Platonov Festival. On the sites throughout the city for two weeks are various theatrical performances, concerts, lectures and meetings with people of culture.

In the fall, the city hosts a jazz festival founded by L. Vintskevich. "Jazz Province" is the only traveling festival in Russia, which participants are musicians from different countries.

Folklore festivals are also popular here; lovers of authentic art enjoy its sounds in spring and autumn. In addition to musical performers, artisans and masters of arts and crafts come to such events.

The Japanese animation festival takes place every year in the center of Voronezh in late spring or early summer. Fans of anime and cosplay strolling in their stunning outfits, trying to outdo each other.

festival in Voronezh

The program also includes film screenings, music performances.

What do tourists say about Voronezh?

Most Russian tourists speak of the city with warmth, talking about the friendly local population, well-developed infrastructure and convenient location.Guest reviews about Voronezh include the praise of hotels, restaurants and the availability of recreation with young and older children. They also note nearby areas, where in summer you can relax on picturesque rivers and lakes, since the climate allows. Tourists and Voronezh shops are noted, many people like to shop here.

The capital of the Chernozem region is always ready to receive guests, but still the best time to visit is the off season. In the summer it is dry and hot here, but in spring the weather is wonderful! It is in the offseason that almost all local motels are filled with visitors. The winter in the city is warm and mild, but in January tourists rush to the ski resorts near Voronezh.

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