Does vodka increase or decrease pressure? Features of use and recommendations

It is safe to say about vodka that it is perhaps the most popular alcoholic drink in our country. No matter how the doctors warned about the dangers of alcohol, he always has defenders, attributing to him almost healing properties. Many drinkers claim that alcohol, if taken “moderately,” influences health quite positively. Therefore, people on the eve of holidays often wonder if vodka consumption increases or decreases the pressure. Doctors do not respond to it unambiguously.

vodka increases the pressure or lowers

Preamble: this must be remembered!

Many advocates of alcohol, including vodka, are confident that in moderate doses, it has almost healing properties. If you drink vodka regularly and in small doses, according to such "experts", it will help ensure the normalization of pressure and strengthen overall health.And the question of whether vodka raises or lowers pressure with regular consumption, in their opinion, disappears by itself.

Doctors are reminded that vodka, like other alcoholic beverages, with frequent use causes persistent addiction and dependence. As a result, this leads to alcoholism - a terrible disease that can turn the life of both the drinker and his entourage into tragedy. In addition, doctors say that alcohol adversely affects all the internal organs of the person: they affect the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, pancreas. No matter how well the habit of drinking alcohol, especially on holidays, has taken root in the Russian culture, one should remember the damage it causes to health.

Features of alcohol exposure

The answer of doctors to the question of whether vodka increases or decreases blood pressure can be puzzling to many. Alcohol affects people differently because each organism has its own individual characteristics. Of great importance is both the quantity and the quality of the drink. Therefore, it is impossible to say with certainty what effect alcohol will have on the level of pressure of a person.

vodka increases or lowers blood pressure

What factors should be considered?

As already mentioned, getting into the human body, alcohol has an impact not only on the digestive tract, but also on other organs. What happens to the body when you drink? Does vodka reduce or increase pressure? By itself, alcohol can not significantly affect the change in the level of pressure, but in combination with certain factors, its effect on the vessels is very strong.

It is impossible to say exactly whether vodka increases or decreases pressure in humans. Such changes depend on the following conditions:

  • the presence of stress;
  • age;
  • features of the diet;
  • medicines taken during this period;
  • frequency of drinking alcohol;
  • lifestyle.

The stage of intoxication is another factor on which the answer to the question of whether vodka increases pressure or lowers depends.

Can I drink hypertensives?

Is it possible for hypertensive people to drink alcohol, including vodka? Increases vodka pressure or lowers? Often these questions interest people suffering from arterial hypertension. Doctors say that alcoholic beverages, all without exception, increases the level of blood pressure.With increased pressure, alcohol can not drink. But where, then, did the opinion emerge that vodka supposedly has a hypotensive effect?

If you drink quite a bit

For those who are interested in whether vodka increases pressure or lowers, it will be interesting to know the following. Strong alcohol has a twofold effect on the level of pressure. And the point here, according to experts, in the first place, is the dosage. If you drink a “fire drink” quite a bit, about 50 g, the pressure may decrease, the vascular tone and blood flow through it will improve. Many may conclude that taking a small dose for each is bound to have an obligatory positive effect.

does vodka increase pressure or lower

But, according to experts, everything is not so simple. The improvement in pressure and its normalization after drinking small amounts of vodka is almost always accompanied by a deterioration in heart rate. At the same time, the heart begins to pump blood too much. It turns out that even a small amount of alcohol still harms the body. Doctors recommend avoiding vodka at all.

Why is this happening?

Doctors explain the reasons for lowering the pressure from a small dose of alcohol to thosethat the vessels after the first glass usually expand, there is a decrease in the load on their walls, respectively, the acceleration of blood flow and pressure drop. This is how ethanol acts on the vessels - a substance that is part of the alcohol.

alcohol increases or decreases normal pressure

A man, feeling better, concludes that vodka reduces blood pressure. But this state will not last long. After about half an hour, the vessels spasm and the pressure jumps sharply. This is due to the fact that the acceleration of blood flow leads to the intensification of the work of the heart muscle, which is why the pulse increases. The participants of the feast, as a rule, do not limit themselves with one glass of vodka, with each subsequent BP.

And if you drink more?

So increases vodka pressure or lowers? To know the answer to this question is necessary and for those who are accustomed to use this drink in serious portions. How does the body respond to increasing doses?

increases or decreases the use of vodka

With an increase in dose, oddly enough, the opposite is happening. If taking a small amount of alcohol improves vascular tone, then from a large dose, on the contrary, it worsens. The vessels are compressed.This leads to the fact that the blood becomes circulate throughout the body more and more difficult. As you know, this is an increase in pressure. After a certain time, everything can lead to quite negative consequences, for example, a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, doctors warn that alcohol abuse is strictly contraindicated for everyone, including hypertensives.

vodka lowers or boosts blood when you drink


The impact of alcohol on each individual is purely individual. In some cases, the use of alcohol really helps to reduce the pressure during the whole time of the feast. This happens when a person rarely drinks alcohol. But with an increase in the alcohol experience, there is a decrease and complete disappearance of this effect. Basically, according to doctors, vodka still raises the pressure.

Sometimes, a person drinks alcohol in large quantities, and at the same time feels great. And his pressure is kept within the normal range. But the day after the corporate party, there will certainly be a pressure surge. At the same time, the time during which high pressure will be maintained depends on the dose that was drunk the day before.

According to experts, the impact of alcohol on the state of the heart and blood vessels can be completely unpredictable. It is completely unimportant, according to doctors, that increases or lowers vodka pressure. The important thing is that it changes under the influence of alcohol. Everything that happens to the body in an unnatural way is harmful for it. No matter what pressure the body is inclined to, the owner would hardly wish it to make random jumps. But this is exactly what happens with drinkers.

In addition to problems with pressure, there are many other negative changes in the state of health of a person abusing alcohol: from kidney and liver problems to gastrointestinal diseases, etc. For people suffering from hypertension, liver and kidney diseases, doctors recommend abstaining from alcohol. Otherwise, the course of the disease may be aggravated.

Does alcohol increase or decrease pressure? Norms

The tradition of drinking alcohol goes back to the distant past. One can hardly hope that the hypertensive person at the feast will refuse a glass of vodka.

vodka increases or decreases pressure in humans

Doctors recommend that people suffering from high blood pressure, before drinking alcohol is necessary to measure the pressure.In that case, if it is kept within the normal range, you can afford to drink a dose of alcohol, which doctors consider safe. Such a dose for vodka is 50 g. However, according to the doctors, it is desirable to replace this strong drink with brandy or wine (200 g is allowed). If before taking the pressure in a person is elevated, he can not drink alcohol.

Experts urge to remember that in drinking alcohol must comply with the measure. If you believe the results of the research, you can drink a day without harm to health:

  • beer - 0.5 l;
  • wine - 300 ml;
  • Cognac - 50 g;
  • Vodka - 50 g

Doctors warn that even in such doses alcohol can harm the human body. Do not forget about it.

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